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Mack Maine – Celebrate (Feat Lil Wayne & Talib Kweli) [Music Video]

Sun, Mar 17, 2013 by

Here is the official music video for Mack Maine‘s “Celebrate” single featuring Lil Wayne and Talib Kweli. Cameos can be seen by Birdman, Future and Jay Rock.

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  • kevin


  • ak-47

    lil wayne 4 ever

  • Wael99

    Firstttt!!! Go tunechi can’t wait for IANAHB II

  • Khosta

    I love the fact that weezy is in this song not Tunechi

  • man f*ck dat shit we want some news from weezy!
    Whats happenin with him?!

  • JP Morris

    Wayne is the best forever

  • F

    Celebrate that Wayne is better!

  • Dylan f baby

    Mack Maine is really underrated, i dont think I’ve ever heard a bad verse by him.

  • Mack Maine always try to share positive messages in his music. Much love to him for that.

  • Mack Maine verse speaks TRUTH!!!!!!! Weezy’s verse is just real. that man thought long and hard about that shit.

  • Khosta

    Mack maine is the best rapper of Ym right now

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    One of the best lyrics by lil wayne – god bless u dwaye carter!

  • Number 1 Tunechi fan

    @Danny…we wanna hear news about lil wayne instead of this (anyways its so kul tho). Buh we rather want to knw how wanye is doinq right now
    What’s his condition right now?

  • lilwayne4evver!

    ahahaha wayne sits on his chair like the boss 😀 he killed the song and the video is also dope!
    but: let’s pray for lil wayne, the best rapper alive! and if you dont think he is the best rapper pray anyway! no rapper should die liike this! we love you weezy!!!!

  • Norwaylove

    I love this song, and i like that wayne rap abuot somthing different than pussy… but i like most of them also tho…

  • how are you doing wayne <3

  • gaz f baby

    why does wayne look so tired and old in this video

    was he ill when he shot the video?

  • flystealth

    Weezy Flystealth!

  • Tahir

    Dope song ..this would be hit of the year if it was a Wayne song ..i luv it … please get well soon Wayne ,we love and need you ,hiphop needs you and the world needs you

  • Presidentz

    Future cameo is strange

  • Angel

    Awesome song and cool video.

  • Fr33styl3r

    @Number 1 Tunechi fan well if he knew, he would obviously have posed it, or sth bad happend and he doesnt want us to know D:

  • mula

    im fuckin with weezy’s swag in this….

  • Number 1 Tunechi fan

    … I just pray no’inq bad happens to him cuz I’m gonna stop playinq muzik if somethinq else happens

    #WEEZY I wish yhu pull through soonest#

  • AmanU01

    wayne killed it

  • Loyal fan

    Great track and dope vid!!!!!!#TUNECH!-RICH GANG#

  • iyke

    Weezy get better#Amen

  • Khosta

    @tahir this wil be the hit of the year


    Man not gonna lie this song puts me In a great mood. Favorite Wayne song in a minute now

  • Beast

    Beast. Mack Maine killed the whole track, he was like Eminem, just took it over. I liked Weezy on the hook, and his verse was actually the best I’ve heard in a long time. Talib Kweli verse was cool too. Frickin awesome song!!

  • Tahir

    Dope lyrics from Wayne bruh ..short but relates to us all …if you on top ,reach out for your brothers like he did for Mack,Gudda ,Marley etc

  • Jaz

    This video was shot awhile back, coz wayne dont have baked tattooed on his forehead.

  • Brother Hossein

    Man don’t care I will pray for you in my morning pray Inshaallah

  • Dave Jr

    Why y’all talkin all about Wayne in this song ? It’s like y’all didn’t pay attention to Mack maine, that nigga did his thang right there

  • Greedy

    First real song with meaning in a while.

  • xBradathan

    I like Wayne’s “Gangster” songs, but we need more verses like this from him.

  • fresh

    Great Video ! i waited and finally it dropped ! waynes verse is dopee TRUKFIT LIFESTYLE !!! waiting on more trukfit boxers to come out ! get well tune do your thang tuncchh

  • YMCMBitch

    Khosta u a stupid dumb bitch . I hope u die 2night 4 bein dat fuckin stupid

  • Nice vid for the song,got’s to run that track at this years family reunion



    Love that part,Get well my boooooooooi

  • Khosta

    @YMCMBbitch you can’t tell me ya mad cause I said mack maine is better than wayne? And this track will be the best track of the year. Mack will get a grammy for this 1, shout out to mack maine the best rapper alive!

  • Alfred

    weezy always got something under his sleeves he nailed this track right on its head i mean all of them did big ups to Mack for bringing out Talib Kweli on this mahn…………… this……………..get well soon #tunechi

  • Official_X_

    Khosta is the New Siege

    Where Seize @ tho??its been a minute

    U tired of hating?

  • michael

    Swisher rolled tight , click rolled tighter I wave my red flag like a fuckin bullfighter

  • Danny M

    RIP Lil Wayne 🙁

  • why aint their givin us infos bout wayne?
    this look like he died xD when someone famous dies they dont tell us cuz of their fuckin reasons^^
    same shit with presidents/politicians xD in real they dead but they still presidents in some countries ^^ talkin bout asian xD

  • D Wade

    This shit is wack

  • Is it true Danny???

  • LuvTunechi


  • @ danny when they going to show r.a.f video

  • Anthony

    Mack Maine is on another level….

  • Bunz

    Mack outdid himself. And this is the kinda Weezy am missing.. If this song was done this year he prolly would’ve said “I celebrate a new day with pussy in the morning”

  • Birdman

    RIP to my son Weezy

  • tony_montana

    Notice how lil wayne going to hospital got everyone back on his side again. Before the siezures everyone was going on about how wack the snippets are and how wack wayne is and shit, but now watch how many people are gonna buy the album & say its dope just coz they’re kinda feeling sorry for wayne…smh

    Dope video though,props to mack maine for a dope ass song!

    Oh and I genuinely think this Khosta kid is really really stupid hey!


  • CJ Blue

    Song’s dooopppeee!!!!! Weezy 4 life! Hope he’s ok right now, prayin for his health.

  • bish

    Lay it down beat leaked

  • Harsh reality is what I been threw

  • Khosta

    I aint hatin on wayne mahfuckers, I forgot to mention that his my fav. Rapper but mack maine is way better than him now…#fact#

  • fucking scrubs

    @kohsta are you for real?

  • fucking scrubs


    you serously are going full retard on that comment mack being better than wayne?

    Did you notice that when this song was made wayne was still spitting all those pussy verses?

    And then wayne turns around and spits a verse like this.

    No one can switch it up like wayne can that is why he is so sucsessfull he reaches to auduinces that wouldnt usually listen to him.

    please check what your writing before you hit submit, shits embarrasing to read.

  • AmanU01


  • mahya

    oooooooooohhh god he is sooooooooooooooo hot

  • Eshall

    Love the song and video. Wayne does his thang! That is also the 1st Mac Maine verse I really paid attention to. Well done.

  • Hollygrove U.S.A

    IANAHB II Coming Soon!<3

  • Khosta

    @fuckin scrubs. I know exactly what I’m talkin bout, mack maine is better than wayne. Listen to my reality, I get money and this song celebrate. Fuck yall dumb fucks wayne is in flow’s level, mack is on another level. Wayne is just above kendrik

  • volcomnukka

    mack maine sucks

  • tune92

    Dope!! lov it

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    Who r u all kidding? That shit is soft as fuck. Mainstream nonsense. I need some “I’m raw” or “bandana on the right” type weezy. That’s where he truly shines. Not this cornball shit

  • Kee

    Video released as a message. Prepare yourselves. Listen carefully. It’s goodbye.

  • Khosta

    @volcomnukka you don’t know rap!! If mack maine sucks then rap sucks

  • Loyal fan

    FUCK U KHOSTA!!!! Mack is good bt nt great. Wayne is the bst#BELIEVE DAT#

  • Young Teezy

    Im really happy to see my big bro ok dope video YMCMB X RICH GANG X THE FLAMEZ X TRUKFIT


    P.S. FUCK TMZ!!!!!!!!


    Mack goes hard but you can’t tell me he’s harder than wayne. listen to I’m raw, either demolition freestyle, BM JR, break time, rewind, alaphet bitches??? they’re all genius. long live wayne

  • Khosta

    Lil wayne was the best when he did carter 4, after that mack took over…I promice mack will get more grammies than wayne in the next 10 years. And don’t tell me old wayne is better than mack cause I aint talkin bout old wayne, I’m talkin bout who’s the best right now and it’s mack. Weezy is 2nd at the moment

  • Bez

    @Danny M
    Why can’t we see the comments on posts on the lilwaynehq app?

    • They had to be removed because they were causing the app to crash.

  • IANHB2

    IANHB2 LEAKED jus now…should I share the link???

  • dope af

  • Khosta

    Yes share the link please


    I don’t even care I love Mack and I love wayne it’s personal preference who anyone likes most. as long as it’s not retard nigs like 2 chains, then you’re wrong and I hate you

  • the music i just saw with wayne in it made me feel happy because he almost died the other day and if he dies then that means that thier will be no me and him and if its me and him were gonna take over the world. and baby would please just let me talk to girls your over here blocking my phone so i dont talk to nobody but guess what i was at club empire the other day and i saw regina carter she try to say her name was amber but i knew it was her such a shame that she would change her name and lie to me about i just hate that she cant accept the fact that your different.

    -SHROOMIES im out

  • Ravi

    @weezy4presid3nt can you give me more lil wayne songs like you mentioned earlier…….

  • justin

    @ianahb 2 your fucking lying I searched everywhere it hasn’t leaked smfh don’t fucking play like that I smoked a fat ass blunt for no reason u lucky I don’t know u I would’ve smacked the shit outta you btw Lil Wayne gonna be on big Sean ‘ tyler ‘ and tyga Album and soon off probation his reign will continue

  • Icey Lopez

    @dannyM have you ever been to a weezy concert just wondering since you live overseas?

  • Tahir

    raping this track …Weezy verse especially …replay all day

  • Khosta

    Kidnap wayne’s daughter(NAY) and fuck her till she’s tired like rims…Damn I love Reginae !

  • WeezyIzGod

    Weezy went hard but Mack killed his verse, props to da big homie #YMCMB

  • Melissa

    OMG I got goosebumps listening to Mack Maine’s verse. This song is amazing!
    Get well soon Tunechi! YMCMB #PrayForWeezy

  • What a great positive song! Weezy sounds so sweet and happy. I want him to live life everyone. #prayersforweezy Pray everything gets better, and we get the Tunechi energy we all have grown to love.

  • Mack made this song bad ass. I have to say I didn’t like it until he started..He is the BEST!!!!!

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  • best raper alive

  • please ymcmb one day come to our country we love u guys especialy weeezy u rock my world love u all ymcmb CAMP**!?…

  • our contry Tanzania

  • Melissa

    Truk Da Wurl!