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French Montana Added To Lil Wayne’s “America’s Most Wanted” Tour, Tickets Go On Sale April 19th

Fri, Apr 12, 2013 by

French Montana Added To Lil Wayne Americas Most Wanted Tour, Tickets To Go On Sale April 12th

Earlier this morning, French Montana was confirmed to be an opening act on Lil Wayne‘s upcoming “America’s Most Wanted” music festival. Other confirmed acts who will also be performing with Weezy F Baby on this tour are T.I. and Future.

You will be able to purchase tickets for the shows from the official Young Money website here! They will go on sale for everybody April 12th or April 9th if you have special pre-sale codes.

Click here to view a full list of dates and locations for Tunechi‘s forthcoming “America’s Most Wanted” music festival, which will begin on July 9th in Alabama and end on September 1st in California.

UPDATE: Tickets will now go on sale next week (April 19th)!

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  • Khosta


  • swagryann


  • Fucking wackkkk

    Why the fuck do all these retarded rappers get this much xposure

    2chains future and french should be collecting foodstamps with there wack ass nonmusical skills

    Its so sicking im fuckig tired of it
    People with real talent and skills get turned down for these wack motherfuckers

  • Gee

    French montana is like the worst rapper alive, this tour is going to suck

  • f baby

    weezy needs to stop doing a tour with these washed up rappers – t.i. and french montana…..and start doing one with his own team – nicki and drake

  • Ballin

    Pic from the No Worries videoshoot??

  • peeion

    basically they go on sale in 1 week 😀



  • Crizz31424

    Why not Louisville like forreal wtf

  • Emily

    Why are some of you hatin? TI is a legend and I cannot wait to see all of them. I don’t get why people are talking shit I think it’s a great line up and personally like I said can’t wait to go!

  • YunG based god

    French? really? -__- i really wanted to go but now that french is gona perform im not so sure

  • Showiz

    French is the worst rapper alive, if he’s going to be in the tour, it’ll be the worst tour ever.

    Wake up already wayne.

  • Sir. T

    Seems like some of y’all don’ want Monte but facing de fact HE’LL BE THERE!!
    But I have to agree with @f baby. Why not a YM tour? That will make tickets sell like hot pancakes and sold out in 3days.

  • tony_montana

    Lma0 Come on now,French is not the worst rapper alive lol he sucks really bad but he’s definately not the worst though lol I mean,there’s still soulja boy and lil B and them lol but why the phuq does lil wayne associate himself with all these Wack rappers though? I think its beacause he wants to be the best rappper in his circle,that’s why he’s adding so many wack rappers in his circle…I don’t know…


    this isnt a musical tour this a chance for the wizzle to spend all his ianahb2 and c4 money on groupies with his niggas…. hope yall have a blast.

  • Khosta

    Siege is back, my favourite hater!!!

  • LP

    @f baby. You are a retard, T.I. is the king, compare his career to French Montana’s and then say that.

  • Khosta

    Sucking dick and later getting a dick up my ass

  • tRuK_d_wOrLd

    I need 2 get a ticket!!……..we bak in dis h*e!!

  • Jeff0907

    This shit is wack..French???? T.I is good tho…And Why Da FUCK does Weezy look lik a wanna be white person in dis pic…it doesnt fucking suit him at all..

  • Loyal fan

    FUCK siege and those who hate T.I. Fuck u all faggots!!!!!

  • Robert

    Fucking wackkkk I agree 2 Chaniz blows!

  • Khosta

    I put my finger in that pussy, I suck pussy, I lick pussy and I fuck pussy the whole day… Whoever said I eat dick, fuck you bitch ass nigga

  • i love weezy

  • Teddrid(BWI)

    Weezy always need to be careful in the street

  • wassup

    What’s those white patches on his arm ?

  • We killing it!

  • Whitman

    Why they keep pushing it back smh

  • fuckseigeheapussy

    Seige you a bitch a hating ass hoe

  • JTheMan

    Wayne & Drake makes great/creative music together.. They should still work on that album. Like father like son 2? We are young money V2?

  • Jr

    YMCMB all day bitch niggas I’ll B In Dallas concert

  • @.

    i wished u good luck and u gonna do that to?????????????????????

    @if u r so. smart. think. of. this.

  • @.

    non of you cared enough about me to help me. i died horribly, not loved and abandoned by everyone i THOUGHT cared about me. so i hope you all burn.
    thanks for being happy………….

    like nothing happened

  • jamed

    Tunechie not coming HOME mañ THATS fuck up BLOOD SMH NEW ORLEANS

  • Sash

    Will there be any meet & greet passes… ?

  • @tune

    Already got my tickets for the Dallas show!!

  • Thomas


  • volcomnukka

    @f baby your a fuckin retard to think t.i. is washed up. Your just mad cuz your a “never was or will be”!

  • Odd Future

    Tyler, The Creator! Tyler, The Creator! Tyler, The Creator! Odd Future! Odd Future! Odd Future! Weezy M-U-S-T add Tyler and Odd Future to the tour! Add Tyler and Odd Future! Add Tyler and Odd Future!!! Add Tyler and Odd Future!!!! There the shit. There beast. They don’t give a fuck. Add Tyler and Odd Future! It’s a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT Weezy MUST add them. If you haven’t bought Tyler, The Creator’s new album: Wolf, buy it now!!! I repeat BUT IT NOW!! Here’s the link:

  • The Truth

    Future is the worst rapper ever! I can’t even listen to his music without my ears starting to bleed from it. Lil Wayne needs to hook up with them real ass niggas like ASAP Rocky, Juicy J and Meek Mills


    I like dicks in my ass! XD

  • Kim

    LIl wayne I heard your gonna b done writing music i hope u dnt coz i luvvvvvvvvvvvvv ur music it’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEE <3 <3 <3 I luv u lil wayne much respect kepp rapping them lyrics ur da dawg say hi to eminem for me luv ya

  • RJ Kidd

    I cannot believe some of y’all dudes is hating on TI. Got damn shame! And French is a opening act so who gives a fuuuuck?! He’ll probably do no more than 5 songs. I went to a Drake concert where he had 5 opening acts in this order: French Montana who only did 3 songs, 2 Chainz who only did 3 but later came back out to do No Lie with Drake, Meek Mill who only did like two full songs and then a couple parts of some other ones, Waka Flocka who only did like 5 and then later came back out to do Round of Applause with Drake, and then J. Cole who did maybe 8 songs. So at Weezy’s concert French Montana and Future will probably go up first and only do a few songs each. Then TI will do the most out of the opening acts. Then Weezy will kill it.

    So excuse the long post but stop complaining about opening acts who will only do a few songs each and focus on the two legends that will finish off the show.

  • Weezyswife

    I don’t get y u niggas be hatin all the damn time. I mean seriously just fuckin live with wat my weezy decides to do….it really doesn’t even affect u so stay the hell out of it

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