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T.I. Says He Has A Single Dropping In May Featuring Lil Wayne [Video]

Sat, Apr 20, 2013 by

T.I., Kris Stephens and Travi$ Scott recently stopped by DJ Skee‘s radio show to talk about their upcoming projects. During the interview, Tip announced that he has a single dropping next month with Lil Wayne which is “gon’ be stupid”.

This song will drop right before Weezy F Baby and T.I. go on their “America’s Most Wanted” tour, so this means that they will be able to perform it live together at every show!

Spotted at HHNM

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  • @becguyzlax

    Hope it will be dope….Nepal wants a wayne concert

  • trill

    looking forward to it

  • Sie

    It. Has. Got. To. Be. Better. Than. Ball. LOL…..

  • Skiser

    That girl next to Tip be looking fine bro

  • Loyal fan

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • khosta

    T I sucks, i hate him so much, i also hate tune

  • boyznet

    i hate them too

  • gadza

    that song gon be dope@ ymcmb 4 life

  • dipset

    lil wayne and T.I eating and all u haterz doing is add salt

  • Sir. T

    Hope it’ll be dope.. Dey should add Future to add some lil’spice on de track.. YM SALUTE

  • Don

    Man it dont need to have future just let them kill by themselves

  • Don

    I hope they spit some mean bars like swagga like us

  • FuckLames

    U know khosta don’t get no pussy….at all

  • Khosta

    Fuck you boyznet, I listen to Lil Wayne only, no matter what yall say but I’ll never stop listenin to him, he’s the best!!! T.I aint bad too but he kinda fell off

  • JkJ a.k.a. YMCMB’s RaPeR


  • Fucklames

    Fuck wayne cuz he a lame too. Boyznet be my nigga, lil wayne is naive. Fuck dipset for praisin em. Fuck siege for stop hatin. Fuck Karitto, fuck Loyal fan, fuck Don for hopin for bullshit. Fine LIL WAYNE hasn’t fallen off as yet but he sucks, all he knows is punchlines like Khosta. KHOSTA raps exactly like Tunechi so fuck him, I got IANAHB2 CD in my bin!!!

  • Khosta

    I rap just like tyga I have no flow and noooo good bars………………….

  • Lil ZeeTune

    jst hopng it will b better thn ball nd yeah am lukng 4ward 2 hear it out must be dope nd ow fuck niggas tht be hating on tunechi(khosta and fucklames)

  • T.I.

    @Khosta what do you mean I fell off? May I remind you Im richier then you, you broke ass bitch!

  • Boyznet(The real one)

    @KHOSTA…Bro you really do need a job it wont make you any better of a human to change names and post senseless ish about wayne…and you definately sound like a 7 year old who is bored in a math class…Geez bro you need to go for a medical check up..Coz hatred is slowly killing you…

  • wezzyfanfoelife

    Yo Wayne u bout to kill this track bro u better then any rapper out there u kill it

  • Wayne’s World

    I can’t wait till August 10th then so I can see them perform it <3 ^___^

  • trill

    ima big fan of wayne bt he aint focused no more,all he raps abt is pussy.Tip myt b richer thn most,bt he definately fell off.i hop ths one wl b bttr thn ball

  • #4/20

    Omg dudes, bros and hoes. I’m so stoned. This day I’ve been waiting for a while now, again. Me and friends got our bongs, mixes, joints, blunts, vaporizers, purple kush, etc. Stay high. We listening heavily to Wiz Khalifa. Watching Mac and Devin go to Highschool and other stoner movies. 4-20!!!! Stay high until your face turn blue

  • Lolz

    Probably going to be sic. Have you heard trouble man by T.I.? It’s an awesome album esp the songs: Addresses, g season, wildside, the way we ride, hello, wonderful life and sorry.

  • Lil’NDOSH

    F*ck all you haters…YMCMB *Rich Gang*…get it?!?…

  • Khosta(the real one)

    You niggas don’t get it, how many times must I tell yall that I aint hatin! Some1 is using my name and talkin bullshit so that it’s like I’m sayin all that shit. To see if it’s the real Khosta you look at the comment, if it’s a good comment about Wayne then it’s me. But if it’s about fuck africa, fuck wayne, i am wack like tyga etc. Then it’s not me. Get that through your thick skull. And Lil Wayne is my fav. Rapper, listen to him to death!!!

  • droozy

    WWE wrestling is the shit john cena the champion…what yall think bout the undertaker? 🙂

  • khosta

    @droozy shut the fuck up bitch, ric flair is the bomb these days

  • gadza

    guys this a weezy fan site, pliz dont talk bout wrestling shit

  • That’s no lies am so high . U pussy ass niggers ….

  • @droozy. This aint no Cena s fan page Bitch …. This is YMCMB * wezzy F bby . All da way . Don’t talk shi* abt wrestling….. Nigger # u such a dumb dummy ther …. Snitch

  • Khosta(the real one)

    @droozy and @fake Khosta please talk about wrestling some place else not here, this is a Tunechi fan site Please respect it. And I don’t even watch that shit, it’s for kids. Anyway I hope Wayne gets a long verse in that upcomin feature!

  • this site z full of weird african people…fukk!!

  • Spain

    Not even hyped for this lol.

  • lilwaynefanfoelife

    He’s a goon yo weezy killz it he better then any one out there just like my boy Kobe Bryant better then anyone out there

  • Nkanyiso

    Weezy will also be featured in Eminem’s upcoming album which will be released in july

  • Don

    I’m ready for a No Ceilings 2

  • LC

    Yall saying yall hate Lil Wayne… On Lil Waynes website. #where they do that at

  • @danny do u know that wayne got song with caskey yet ???

  • gadza

    wat tha hell is wrong with danny , the guy aint givin us nothin these days, wake up man

  • Boyzie(The real one)

    Just how do you live with yourself knowing that you made a song as disturbing as Trigger Walked? Weezy fell of real hard…

  • Boyzie(The real one)

    Ment Trigger walk…

  • DeE

    NigGaZ why you hating?? Why do you even come here if you hate Tune if you hate him stay away from him and you know ain’t no body inthe rap game who can drop strong mad bars like wayne “who fucking with me……………… All i hear is crickets” soooowoooo if you banging mother fucker 100

  • l nino

    type L nino- how you feel on youtube
    uk talent


    just bought ianahb2 here in greece f*ck yea :p

  • Khosta

    @boyzie you love Wayne like err1 of us, I can substantiate that because you’re in this site the whole day bragging about how much you hate Tune, and there’s no song called “trigger walk” theres “trigger finger” and “GUNWALK” So I guese you made all those songs up huh? Oh yea now you’re fuckin vulnerable!!

  • Khosta (the real one)

    Fuck wayne Im a better rapper!

  • Khosta (the real one)

    I like to suck huge cocks

  • Martin Arevalo

    Wayne go harder than all yall niggas.

  • Khosta(fuckfakeKHOSTA)


  • Kidd

    I know weezy killed it

  • Khosta (fuckfakeKHOSTA)

    Fuck Tunechi I’ll make him my BITCH!

  • khosta(OG one)

    Lil wayne is the best thing ever to grabb a mic

  • Khosta

    Yea ^^ Lil wayne’s the best thing that happened to music!!!

  • Khosta

    Yeah Lil Wayne is the first one to grab dick first

  • Khosta

    Luve to my bro, no homo I walk around in my kimono suckin black pussy what you doin pussy , me im doin evry fokkin thang. Dancin with my dad and shittin around erthin

  • Khosta

    Lil wayne is one of the mai reasons i didnt kill myself

  • Khosta

    Dawg im sorry i meant: main

  • Khosta

    I need to go to school but im shittin on the toilet right now

  • i would have never listened to rap/hip hop if it was not for lil wayne.he basicly introduced it to rapper is comparative to lil wayne.his mentality is amazing,controlling his thoughts is like taming sharks,lol…lil wayne will forever be the best,greatest rapper.he is not tupac but he is the new pac.tunechi!

  • Khosta(OG 1) I wouldn’t be listenin to music if Lil Wayne didn’t exist, thank God for Lil Wayne… Now yall better know the real Khosta loves Wayne. The fake Khost above be trippin

    I got over a thousand songs in my phone and all of em have tune in em, if it wasn’t for him I wouldnt be l2m. He’s the best since breath bitch, suphocate

  • TI sucks


    R.I.P. Danny?

    • I’m fine, there just ain’t been any new Lil Wayne songs or news lately 🙁

  • saintsallday187

    How is wayne no coming to louisiana for the tour wutsnup wit dat taz

  • mahyaa

    danny what about the new song ”’shit stain”’??

  • nice

  • Lil wayne is unbeatable rapper alive.

  • LuvTunechi


  • tinaphooo

    thats a real good look!!!!