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Lil Wayne Attends King Of Diamonds Strip Club With French Montana & More [Video]

Tue, May 28, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne celebrating the release French Montana‘s Excuse My French album with Montana himself at King Of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club in Miami, Florida on May 24th.

Other people who can also be seen in the clip above with Weezy F Baby and French are Birdman, Slim, Mack Maine, Marley G, and BP.

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  • 2nje

    I fucking love him

  • that “nigga i aint worried about nothin” got annoying

    it was repeated like 10000 times

  • Dipset

    Lil wayne and birdman will never hate each other

  • Duck sick

    French montana down syndrom ass really anoys the fuck outta me
    Its really unmotivating when people dumb enough to not take a shit by theirself get this much praise

    Its just sickening

  • Ballin

    LOL nigga I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’

  • Hustle

    On May 28, 2013 at 8:30 pm Dipset responded with…
    Lil wayne and birdman will never hate each other


    Why would wayne hate baby? he raised him and gave him a place out the streets

    And why would baby hate wayne? he makes millions of him

  • loveeee

    need some new wayne music instead of news of him at a club every fuckin day :/

  • taiz

    2005 wayne need to come back 🙁 mixtapes everywhere #scarface

    I support weezy baby (please say the baby)

  • maria_latina_wayne

    lil wayne and 5 star stunna looks so sexy

  • Don

    I hope he responds to pusha t real talk tho put that nigga out his misery lol Wayne need to demolish that nigga

  • LuvTunechi

    MY BABI WAYNE <3 ;+}}}

  • Lil ZeeTune

    I lov dat nigga(NO HOMO) nd dd pusha t diss wyne on a new track or yall twkng dat ludacris song?

  • best rapper alive

    Why should lil wayne respond to an irrelevant nigga,while he’s dissing wayne,kanye is calling wayne the best…wayne just needs to tell pusha t to drop an album the same day as him and u will see pusha run away like a pussy! If he’s hating he just needs some pussy…tunechi!!!

  • tony_montana

    Pusha T dissed lil wayne in a new song? What’s the song called?

  • f chainz

    luv wayne lyk

  • Khosta

    Lil wayne top 10 punchlines: 10.”shoot a nigga in his thigh and leg, then tell him catch up like mayannaise.” 9.”yeah it’s young money baby, keep the change.” 8.”looked in the face of death, and took it’s mask off.” 7.”I Kill the beat then beat the murdercase.” 6. “and I am the shit, they just poop stains.” 5. “If you got problems with I then I will fix them cataracts.” 4.”tell that pig and that cow, I go ham if it’s beef.” 3.”who runs this? Bitch nigga mwa, that was french nigga not, a kiss nigga nah.” 2.”automatic leave you dead in the living room. Get it? Leave you dead in the living room.” and “Since y’all motherfuckers so blind to the fact, to tell you the truth I don’t care who’s lookin.” 1.”real Gz move in silence like lisagna.” and “I still got the vision like a line between two dots.”

  • Kidd

    The tracklist for drakes nothing was the same got leaked only one wayne feature its called la familia with birdman too

  • Don

    @BestRapperAlive true true I just would love for Wayne str8 wreck on that dude lol

  • Wayne is the best rapper alive.. hands down.. no if ands or butt fucks about it.. weezy will always be at the top of the game. He owns it and is damn well proud to say ymcmb .. dudes smart as hell.. bringing in all of the best rappers under one name… hes got it. The rap game is his. I freestyle best when I’m high as fuck and wanna shot at meeting wayne.. telling him the story of my life. Its a chance and I’ma take it…. hmu wayne. Its Stevie Nance

  • Future lil wayne future nicki m ciara body nelly Kelly Rowland ice