Lil Wayne Is Featured On Kidd Kidd’s Upcoming “Street Fame” Mixtape

Sat, Aug 24, 2013 by

A few days ago, G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd chopped it up with DJ Kay Slay on his Streetsweeper Radio show for an interview. During their chat, Kidd mentioned that Lil Wayne will be featured on his forthcoming Street Fame mixtape:

“I got Wayne on a joint. You know me and homie got a lot of history, but I had to put him on there”

Most likely this is the song that the former Young Money artist and Sqad Up member recorded with Tunechi back in June. The mixtape is due to drop in the middle of September, so we should be hearing the Kidd Kidd and Weezy F Baby collaboration next month!

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  • Love Live Life

    G-Unit x YMCMB

  • rigoc


  • jamz

    yesss its about time weezy and kidd worked together again

  • Wayne Gon Kill…..Hes Already Started Killing The Rap Game…Been A Real Fan Never Doubted….I Kinda Like C4….Wait It Was Awesome Wonder Why People Hated…..Abortion??…Mirror???….How Can C4 Be That Bad????

  • Double U

    All of their songs together from back in the day went hard so I dont see this one being any different.

  • Angelo


  • Bandet

    Fuck this we need d5

  • Loyal fan

    Danny…. Wayne promised us new info abt DEDICATION 5 so wtf is going wth the delay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand the joint will be weak because during that mönth(june) Wayne ws rapping abt pussy alot!!!

  • Truth




  • Bawse

    Kidd Kidd could be on Dedication 5 too.

  • YoungTunechie

    I’m ready for this collabo.

  • dipset

    I really hope d5 will be like no ceilings!

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Shit gnna bang

  • Kidd

    I wonder if the tracklist or artwork will be released either today or next week i hope so cause i have a feeling this mixtape will be really good

  • Tellia

    Yes and I cant wait till he get off probation!!!!!

  • yez sir


  • Pop dat olly

    We might not get d5 till septimber but ill wait a lil longer

  • wayne killed megaman one my song

  • Kidd

    @yez sir actually hes not off probation until november 4th look it up

  • Molly

    How can you not like c4 with songs like intro megaman nightmares up up & away Blount blowin interlude & outro

  • Track

    As long as d5 is better than d4 ill be satisfied

  • Peace Of Mind

    STFU with this probation bulls#!t, the only good thing wayne got from abusin weed was a better rap voice, that probation don’t mean s#!t cos I can swear wayne still does his drugs n stays high

  • Alkiuris

    Yah need 2 stop bitchin C4 wasnt even that bad ….and wtf is he waiting for just drop D4 it makes no sense to make us wait if he already finished it

  • Where d5 at, you sed wait 10 days blood.. You cant be doin this to us we wait patiently everyday. Icant wait thoo that shit gonna be bananazz

  • D5

    D5 isnt going to drop anytime soon.. Stop complaining.. We all know wayne isnt going to release it anytime soon even tho we want him too. He always pushes shit back and it shouldnt take long to release a mixtape damn… So annoying

  • Rama

    Detox will drop b4 d5 does

  • baffer abraham jupiter

    waw datz awesome collabo exchange ……..datz ma luvly TUNE JR waitin for D5…love fro nairaland M.O.B YMCMB S.O.B

  • VA703

    WHERE THE FUCK IS D5 I waited 10 days DANNY!! WHERE iS D5?!? I’ma fuck someone up if I don’t get it by tonight fucKkk!!! I just want to hear D5 instead is skating and promoting dumb fuxkin skaters who rail them selfs in the nuts wayne better then that wish he would go back to them drought days FIRE EvERY SINGLE FUCKIn WEEK!!!!!! Fuck all Y’ALL where the computer geeks that know how to leak??? Ill drop $3,000 cash money!!! That’s how bad I want D5 that I’m willing to drop 3,000 serious offers ONLY!!!

  • Wax

    Y’all stop internet bashing Danny what you think he got d5 in his pocket no wayne and drama have d5 not Danny quit blaming him fore bull shit

  • Ray alien

    It’s 10 days like he said!!!! Why would he say that if he ain’t even releasing a date…. Wtf wayne get your shot together… Your losing more screws since c3

  • GetRepped

    All you kids bitching about D5 acting like because Wayne said “gimme 10 more days” that it should be out today. No, anyone with half a brain knows that it won’t and wouldn’t be out today. It’s a fucking mixtape, it will drop when it drops, get over yourselfs, honestly. Danny doesn’t have anything to do with D5 and he sure doesn’t have it, so quit your bitching. You sound like little girls waiting for your birthday present. It’s a fucking mixtape. Wayne is most likely done recording, but that does not mean the tape is done. Dj Drama still has to mix/master it and put his tags on it. Get your thongs out of your assholes and get a life, it will drop when it’s ready to drop. Holy shit.

  • Richgang

    How yall talking about “im tired of the delays”?! … No dates were ever given to begin with

  • Samsung

    I dont care how long to wait as long he give the best D5

  • d5 please,,