T-Pain Recalls Stories From His Lil Wayne Collaborations

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T-Pain Recalls Stories From His Lil Wayne Collaborations

T-Pain recently told the stories to HipHopDX of how Lil Wayne‘s “Got Money” and “How To Hate” songs came about. For the “Got Money” single, Pain explained that Tune beat Pitbull and Paul Wall in a bidding war to have the track on his Tha Carter III album.

With the “How To Hate” record, T-Pain mentioned that Weezy F Baby took the song off his album to put on Tha Carter IV and because Wayne has so much money, he just let him have it.

Got Money:
“Ahh, man. Oh, God… That one hook went to a lot of people, and it caused a fight. It wasn’t a fist-fight. I made it for Pitbull, but that was right in his transition when he started doing a lot of house music. His label was fighting for it, because they wanted him to at least do one more of them kind of songs. Then it went to Paul Wall for some reason. That ain’t even Paul Wall’s kind of music, so I don’t even know that how that went there. But he recorded a song to it, and then they was fighting for it over there. Then Wayne had it. And of course, ain’t nobody got as much money as Wayne, so that’s why he won. Play N Skillz—the producers of the song—they had the hook, and they took it to a bunch of people. So rap niggas had it, and Reggaeton niggas had it, and it turned into so much shit! The fucked up thing was, everybody that knew me personally was calling me like, ‘Yo bro, can you please tell them to give me this record?’ It was at least three people that called me personally wanting me to vouch for them. I was like, ‘Look man, y’all can take my hook off the shit. I don’t even want nothing to do with it no more.’ But of course, ‘Cash Money Records for the 99 and 2000, ya heard me?’ That boy came through with that hundred million for real. Yeah…you think you gonna beat Lil Wayne out of a song?”

How To Hate:
“That man took a song off my album [laughs]. I took that nigga a song… I took him “How to Hate a Bitch” for him to put a verse on it for my album. The nigga kept the song and put it on his album [laughs]. That’s why I go first, because it was my song. I’m asking him, ‘Dog, can you put a verse on this?’ And I guess he was like, ‘Yes, I can…and another one, and it’s going on my album also. So, yes.’ That mothafucker took the song quick. It was like, ‘Yeah, I got a “How To Love,” so “How To Hate” would go right with it.’ So I basically said, ‘Hey man, I ain’t got as much money as you. Go ahead and keep the Goddamn song.’ I ain’t even want to fight that nigga for that. He got too much God damn money. That would be dumb, and that’s a lose-lose situation.”

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