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Journalists Tweet Their Opinions On Rick Ross & Lil Wayne’s “Thug Cry” Collaboration

Wed, Feb 12, 2014 by

Journalists Tweet Their Opinions On Rick Ross & Lil Wayne Thug Cry Song

Last night, Rick Ross had a listening session for his upcoming Mastermind album. Some of the people who attended this session tweeted their opinions on the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced track off the project, which is “Thug Cry” featuring Lil Wayne.

The good news is that everyone seems to enjoy the song and especially Weezy F Baby‘s verse. One person even mentioned that the verse is the best they have heard from Wayne since Tha Carter, but to me that doesn’t make any sense.

Anyways, we will be able to hear “Thug Cry” for ourselves soon as the collaboration will appear on Rozay‘s Mastermind album that will be released on March 4th. Some other interesting information about the collabo is that it samples Souls Of Mischief’s classic “93 Til Infinity” record!

“A different flow by Wayne on this track. I like. This is one of the deeper tracks on the album #ThugCry” – Lawrence K. Jackson

“Wayne went silly on this ‘Thug Cry’ joint produced by @justiceLeague #Mastermind” – Kazeem Famuyide

“That’s #ThugCry ft. @liltunechi on #MasterMind is the best I’ve heard Wayne since #CarterI … @rickyrozay got a classic!” – Sam Sneak

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  • Teezy


  • Akmal Ayesh

    Weezy always killing shit

    • fewcha

      and future too

      • JayHighAss

        Bra didn’t we tell you to STOP sucking future dick ! Get out of here wit that shit

  • Derick

    That is the same sample Tyga used on 09 Until…..I’m hyped, it’s going to be a classic.

    • nfs444

      That song was the shit! “This is why I’m ill 09 until” Are you sure it’s the same sample? How do you know?

      • it is

      • bruh

        read the blog article and then YouTube it, you will hear its the same.

  • Michael

    All this hype for all these songs and Upcoming projects, I wanna hear this shit already ! YM taking over 14-15

  • Time

    Can’t remember the last time Wayne was on a soulful beat

    I know his verse is going to be deep

    • Tune Up

      Carter 4/IANAHB2

      • Sean Smith

        Tie My Hands was great. Luv it when he lets his soul bleed

    • Sam Zemilia

      all that lady

    • god bless amerika

  • Relloster

    I’m trying to find an instagram video i’ve seen today, it’s 15 sec clip weezy on this song, it’s true he went crazy on that, we’ll enjoy that

    • find it

    • Tune Up

      Look in your History.

      • fewcha

        lol i only do that to clear the porn sites

        • Relloster

          lol that’s why I can’t find it, I cleared the history

  • nigga mustn’t have heard carter 2

    • nfs444

      C3 bitch fuck C2

      • it doesn’t matter, both are better than c1

        • wiseman91


        • JustAGuy234

          C1 is amazing lyrically take another listen, to that whole album, as a wayne fan i expected more from you. C1 is one of his best LYRICALLY and has the best production of any album he ever did (mannie fresh did amazing with the production) YES c2 is obviously dope too but some people just like the tougher talk and the buzz around singles like Fireman but album vs. album you cant act like c1 isnt amazing. Honestly c1 is the most HONEST REAL version of wayne that really showed his NOLA background, c2 was a little less honest. also, whoever said c3 is best clearly doesnt know shit lol c3 is his most popular because it was his attempt to go mainstream (so many radio songs). if sales was the sole indicator good music milli vanillie would have classic albums.. ctfu

          • YMCorey

            Tha carter 1 was his hardest album… Grimy tough to the gristle album something like 500 degreez but harder as a brick house… Carter 2 was his best album lyrically.. “Them niggas tripping until them shots whistling, hear them bullets hissing like a cobra at attention” carter 3 slighty disappointed me with all the recycled verses and songs.. But the numbers made it classic..

        • YMCorey

          Nigga the carter 3 was not better than carter 1 or 2… That was just the first lil wayne album you heard

          • Sean Smith

            C3 was great though, and it was different

          • sorry grandpa

            • YMCorey

              Fuck you too

      • Exposed101

        c3 was his prime …. When he finally got main stream ….

        nigga made it

        • 3Peat

          Yea it was when he went mainstream but i dont think that was his prime, in my eyes, 05 – 07 wayne was, thats just my opinion tho.

        • YMCorey

          Wayne’s been mainstream since hot boys days.. You mean commercial??? He made it when he first signed with universal in 1997

          • Exposed101


      • beenz

        nigga r u retarded C2 is way better dan c3

  • Biggest tunechi fan

    Biggest tunechi fan here.

  • sam sneaks publivist

    Sam sneak isn’t a journalist hes meek mills weed carrier… He was onbdreamchases 3 and dreams&nigtmares

  • KingChuck

    cant wait to listen to id tho

  • Don

    Wow Wayne has so much heat coming man smh he bout to take over one again

    • Efren Morales

      I hope so

  • Don


  • zedian

    Wayne been a beast since ican remember. He reminding those who forgot!

  • Efren Morales

    As much as I love wayne still, we get hyped about a song so much and then it comes out and it’s whatever’s. I keep tellin everyone he’s gonna come back but I haven’t really gave em a real reason for them to believe me.

    • fewcha

      i guess you havent heard the my nigga remix

  • wiseman91

    im hype as fuck

  • 6mileju

    2014 wayne year he back on his god flow

    • Don

      Yes sir

  • T.D.E

    Can’t wait for this joint but whatever happened to that rocko/Wayne joint, it was supposed to drop like a month ago.

    • gavinr927

      Yeah, I’ve been looking for it too. Found out Rocko is not good on delivering on his promises. According to some of his fans

    • fewcha

      its gonna be on detox i think

  • T.D.E

    Drake tweeted Carter V yesterday and any time drake hype something up u already know its gonna be fire!!!

    • fewcha

      you’re early

  • YM

    My hoes say im amazing but I don’t listen to a lady and the bitch say I’m hot I say no bitch I’m blazing

  • fewcha

    it will leak end of this month

  • Tune Up

    Got money on my mind, pussy on my agenda
    I beat that pink pussy magenta fuck bein’ gentle
    Man I’m hard, these niggas is simple gun to your temple
    I smoke ’til I look oriental high as a window
    And I broke these niggas like pencils unaccidental
    Bitch I meant to, dick in her dimples lick it I tremble
    I swear this shit is mental, fuck it, my rent due
    I school your ass and suspend you

    Who can figure out what song this is?

    • T@

      Shit stains

  • Guest

    I was too young when Tha Carter I and II came out, imma order them now, I want all his album, Legend.

  • Malik

    This album gotta leak it’s only right, but why wouldn’t he make this a single?

  • YMCorey

    I’m not believing the hype.. Bring back carter 4 wayne & no ceilings wayne.. I’ll be satisfied..

    • Alkiuris Alvarez Rodriguez

      who the fuck wants carter 4 wayne….u got so much waynes to choose from and u come out of no were with this bull….no ceilings was good dow

  • YMCorey

    If you became a wayne fan after the carter 1,2, or 3 dropped… You’re not a wayne fan I’m sorry… You hopped on the bandwagon lol

    • Ripp.

      but stil a wayne fan.. lol

    • hiphopfan

      You had no choice but to become a Wayne fan after Carter 2

      • YMCorey

        He’s the most hated now..

      • WayneBandwagon

        Actualy Carter 3 lol

        • hiphopfan

          Carter 3 was a classic but he started to get commercial after C3, C2 was his last hood album.

          • wiseman91

            like father like son

  • xgoblin

    Drought 3 always goes over people heads…

  • TunechiGotThatFire this is the beat that they will use for this song

  • jeot

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  • Terrell Gates

    wayne been my favorite rapper since the b.g’s honestly the best Wayne album is carter 1 and i gotta mention the carter three before he had to redo it after the leaks i hope my nigga come on the carter v on just kill it for the fans that been waiting on him to go back to showing why he the best at ever doing this shit…………..please wayne fill the cd to the max like carter 1,soulful beats for god sakes that is your world other rappers just live in it,lil to no features,and leave no doubt that you da best homey

  • Anti

    He must not have heard C3