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Young Money (Lil Wayne, Tyga & Nicki Minaj) – Senile

Mon, Feb 24, 2014 by

Young Money Lil Wayne, Tyga & Nicki Minaj Senile

Check out the brand new single from Young Money called “Senile“, which features the artists Lil Wayne, Tyga, and Nicki Minaj.

This David D.A. Doman-produced track will appear on the upcoming Young Money: Rise Of An Empire album, due to be released in stores on March 11th.

You can listen to “Senile” below! Do you like the song better than the 2010 YM single that had the same lineup of artists – “Roger That“?

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  • Travis

    First dopeee

  • jj


  • Time

    Nope, Roger That > this song

    • Zay

      nigga u stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JKJK but foreal
      my opinion this song go way way way harder than a lot of shit thats playin

      • xgoblin

        How is he stupid? it’s his opinion..

        • Zay

          JK= Just kidding :/

    • realness

      I respect your opinion and i hope you could enjoy that track!

    • xgoblin

      Wayne flow sounded like D5

  • C5Legend

    Wayne killed that bitch

  • tunech

    a lil bit wack

  • 2unechi

    “Gettin money till I’m senile!!” Wayne killin these verses!! Can’t wait for his solo song and C5!!! Whadup 5!!

    • tunch

      i hope it be hot as steady mobbin

    • FailC5

      Nigga they have Rich homie quan on the tracklist…

      sit the fuck down with that hype shit -.-

      • realness

        The tracklist is still fake!!! Nigga cmon i think Danny has to post it so niggas finally understand it

      • Whaaa ?

      • 2unechi

        Lmao nigga the tracklist is fake mack maine and tez confirmed it. Get ya facts straight

      • WEEZY

        rich homie quan is a mother fucker all that bitch does is whine and make his voice crack on his songs. I hope he’s a quick fad that goes away asap



  • INDY


  • Lethu

    Wayne killed it fuck all who don’t agree biatch

  • Paul Pastor

    Such a sick song!!!

  • JustAGuy234

    to be honest the beat is wild annoying and the hook is shitty, something about this song is NOT pleasing to the ear, i cant be the only one. overall this song is just like… annoying.

    Wayne spit a couple dope bars and had a cool ass flow on this one tho!

    • que

      Wack wayne only thing worth listening to the beat is wacker then tyga verse

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    It was nice..Wayne’s verse wasn’t long enough tho

    • Ineye Gabriel

      This is straight toilet material. I don’t see how Wayne killed anything. Starting off the beat is so horrible and him using D5 flow oh God. Tyga sound like a retarded troll and talk of nicki damn(fucking joke). Young money is just getting bad to worse everyday . they ain’t no more .let them accept that and save our ears from crap like this .#worstRapperAlive

      • Chris Vs Christopher

        Who’s your favorite rapper? Nicki and wayne is better than them..and definitely more consistent than them over a long period of time

        • Ineye Gabriel

          Hahaha ! Talk of Wayne of now . not of Wayne’s life as a compilation . No good rapper now that I can boast of . no one is doing it as Wayne did agreed but that doesn’t justify that he isn’t toilet material compared to what he used to he . but please don’t vouch for Nicki she brainwashing y’all.

          • Chris Vs Christopher

            Shit Wayne just crashed computers with people are still’s just people like u who want Wayne from 07 to randomly pop want him to be as hungry as he was at 24 when he’s in his 30s now..the man isn’t hungry no more so it’s not gonna happen.nd nicki is the only relevant female rapper..nd better than most of these niggas

            • Ineye Gabriel

              All about the numbers that is what it is right now Wayne. Agreed he isn’t hungry no more that doesn’t mean he should make crappy music. What he should done is that previously he was dumping dozens of hits a day if he reduced it to like one or two that I would appreciated but not trashy talks. I fuck with Wayne till the end but hate to see him going down this road of Fading out .

              • Chris Vs Christopher

                I look at it like he’ll never be irrelevant. he loves making music so he’s going to continue to do it until he dies but it’s not his main focus in life nomore .he still has the craziest bars in the game to me so I’ll listen to him all depends on what you listen for

  • wiseman91

    nicki and wayne went in

  • BadAss

    ohhhhhhhhh if i hear someone saying something bad for this wayne verse, he killed ittttttttt

  • 3Peat



    if theres a reason why im listin to this its cus of weezy, nuttin else.

  • This shit sucks

    • JustAGuy234

      i agree overall its a bad song not pleasing to listen to, wayne did okay but his verse isn’t SO AMAZING that i would make an effort to sit thru this shit again jsut to hear him.

      oh well Moment will hopefully be a better song

      • Luis

        This song just killed all the hype I had got moment

      • Yep Wayne couldnt save this song

  • Luis

    Wow. Extremely disappointed. Wow

    This is the type of song where I will cut wverything but Wayne’s verse

    • wiseman91

      nah you trippin tyga maybe but nicki went in

  • Mskwayne

    this song isnt that good
    roger that is way better

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Nicki nd Waynes verses are dope

  • Julian

    after the 3rd time it’s growing on me Wayne verse was on point and Nicki’s too tyga wasn’t really tht bad

  • WeezyDBoy

    Wayne’s flow on this is crazy, he is a genius man, I have never heard any rapper that can have too many flows, and go hard

  • Shitlist

    Should have known the song was gonna be like this. Look at the cover of the album. Nicki and tyga werent shit like roger that. Wayne hyped it all up at the end and made it amazing but overall in skipping to wayne .

  • kobe

    Waste of 2 good verses from wayne and nicki smh. This is the worst beat ive ever heard

  • YoungBlood

    🙁 sigh, why do I keep telling myself that this album is fire, when I keep seeing songs like this pop up :'(… #Rap dying… I couldnt even hear weezy good :/

  • Jaz1994

    its dope but roger that was better, hoping rise of an empire anit like this :/

  • blahhh

    It’s a good song don’t compare to the original

  • Mar

    So this is the song I’ve been waiting for the beat is what throws everything off to be honest. I can honestly say that it well be the producers fault if this won’t hit

  • KingLabe

    This beat is so annoying af. But weezy killed that of course

    • Mar

      Maybe they should have asked mike banger to make senile man

      • KingLabe

        Yeah it would be way better than this

        • Mar

          Yea that’s a man,that has a ear for music

    • mortimerr2014

      This beat is hot as fuck

  • The Fact That Half Of The Album Is Already Released -_-
    We Alright, Trophies, Senile, One Time, Lookin’ Ass Nigga, Catch Me At The Light, Good Day !

  • bringout

    might aswell bring the album out now, because half of it already out :/

  • tune

    is it in itunes???????

  • Little Boss

    I wish wayne verse was longer. He killed it

    • Tony Altrudebta

      Man yea this was all hard!!

      Tyga “Can you see now? When you see a nigga don’t be acting senile”

      Nicki “Sky dweller check, Helicopter pad, dropping off a body bag, money talk I guess I got the gift of gab” “Oh you wanna beat me, how? Oh you the number one draft in league now?”

      Weezy “Take a newborn from his mama, stick a shoe in her vagina” (Bahaha WTF?) “I can make a lion say meow” (This alone is ruthless, you know how disrespectful that is to the king of the jungle?)

      Everybody bodied!

      • Sounds Like Sarcasm …

        • LP

          Lol I know, people use “he killed it” too freely these days. Not that he didn’t go hard, but I wouldn’t say he murdered the beat

        • Tony Altrudebta

          What do you mean?

  • Tyler Jenkins®

    roger that was so much better, wtf is tyga doing on this

  • John Osco

    Dope Tune
    Wayne Killed it
    thats some new style wayne’s on

    • T.D.E


      • Tyler Jenkins®

        dont disrespect no ceilings like that, wayne is my fav rapper but this track is not what i wanted. the beat sucks, chorus sucks, tygas verse was weak af, nicki had the best verse by far.

    • Miguel Mendoza

      Kant wait for C5…probably gonna be his best album bro

  • Byron

    this was supposed to be tyga single off his next album. lmfaooooo i feel sorry fot tyga fans. atleast us WEEZY FANS have a dope album to look forward to

  • Tyler Jenkins®

    so disappointing.


    Why y’all be sleeping on tyga he nice I was lookin forward to him and wayne verse

    • tony_montana

      Man, I was looking forward to all their verses, tyga just didn’t deliver. That’s just the fact of the matter bruv!


        Nah some of these niggas was just shit on him like he wasn’t good at all

  • wayniac



    Y’all might get mad cause y’all don’t like tyga but I hope he on c5

    • wayniac

      no man! please lol


        He nice tho I like em no homo

        • realness

          yep he is nice but not nice enough for C5 sorry..

  • xgoblin

    disappointed to be honest..

  • derrick

    im only supporting this album because its YM . i always buy their albums im not a big drake fan but i bought his first and latest album’s. So i’ll support this compilation album. really waiting on C5 though!!


    wayne did a fast on daymmm tune went it! tyga what the fuck?xD


    I guess I’m the only tyga fan on this site I see I only listen to him wayne and drake

  • realness

    Dont care what all these faggots say this shit goes hard!! We alright and senile are great but people always talk shit i will nevet get it..

  • 3 kray

    Tune hit that bitch with the “Wayne Train”!!!

  • wiseman91

    weezy really killed that shit



    • KingLabe


    • justin

      Carters i will always support from day 1 to forever

    • Musicanian


  • Bianca

    its the beat that throws me off. should’ve gotten a better producer. but other than that after 2 or 3 replays it grew on me


    But I do see wayne stepped up he didn’t say anything about pussy impressed

    • Bianca



        The flow sound new

    • SB

      He did say vaginas tho! Lmao

  • eric__

    DANNY do you know when it’ll be on iTunes?

    • tune

      will it be free on itunes??

  • eric__

    i like it


    I can make a Lion saying meow lol that nigga crazy

  • Mark L.

    “THA CARTER 5 IS 90% DONE” – Bryan Williams Jr.

  • Janis

    wayne >>>> nicki & tyga #byenow

  • Janis

    nicki has the same ol’ flow in every song and the same boring punchlines


    wayne did his thang fa’sho

  • JasonGreensocks

    This song is bad… like it has no “Song value” like the verses are good but the beat is so boring….I’m disappointed


    Last album they were doing there best to get fame, now that they’ve had it.. This album will be SHITS

    • you mad son?

      AW SHUT UP, DAMN YOU ACT LIKE ITS A SONG OF THE CARTER 5. its a damn compilation album nobody really taking this THAT serious

  • Swezy

    Not feeling the beat..

  • cespo2430

    not even hating, but this song just sucks. From the simple, shitty beat, to the sub-par verses. I just dont like it. I’m still hyped for moment though

  • Skenny

    We need lyrics!!
    This shit goes reeaaall haaard!!!

  • Don_Hooper19

    The beat go hard to me and Wayne killed it


    Why didn’t they use the end part of the song beat? for the whole song that with have been like a motto 2

  • Don_Hooper19

    I just wish the verse was longer

  • are you serious

    “nicki minaj can out rap everyone in young money” – a nicki stan on twitter

  • money mike

    i heard this was supposed to be a taste of what tyga’s album will be like

  • St3v3n

    Dope!!! Weezy on them hoes. #WeezyWednesday 2 in 1 day 11hrs thoo

  • Weezy

    Whoever says roger that is better than this..
    Stop dwelling on the past!

    • Godo Zilla

      Young money had everyone saying ROGER DAT, tell me what tha fuck is anyone gone say about this, this song doesn’t even stand out like Roger Dat did. Face it my nigga even Lil Wayne would say he dont even like this shit and like he said in his video, “Thank You for liking this Bullshit, so glad you all love this Bullshit” lol

      • Guest

        first of all when lil wayne says bullshit, he dont really mean its bullshit..some ppl dont understand and i understand why they dont..this is best is annoying but true honesty tygas verse was boring AF! nigga went in and weezy was flowing and it sounded old school..i was feelin it..overall it was a good track..ppl have their own opinion in music..if u dont like it then go suck a dick for some trukfit!!!
        Follow me on twitter @yungteezah

      • Aaron Mc 7

        nigga you lame as fuck. copying and pasting the same damn comment’s everywhere n shit. get off wayne dick damn 0_o
        oh and it’s SARCASM ……… it

    • Ken Cunningham

      That verse won verse of the year….

  • Zay

    ITS YOUR FAULT if you don’t like the beat
    it has a different sound .. i personally think its dope especially at the beginning of waynes verse

    • Godo Zilla

      Young money had everyone saying ROGER DAT, tell me what tha fuck is anyone gone say about this, this song doesn’t even stand out like Roger Dat did. Face it my nigga even Lil Wayne would say he dont even like this shit and like he said in his video, “Thank You for liking this Bullshit” lol

      • Godo Zilla is DUMBAS FUCK

        he was being SARCASTIC when he said hat you brain dead asshole. smh god you type these long ass comment’s to look dumb

        • C5Legend


      • wiseman91

        see cats like you are problem with hip hop in general taking everything these rappers say literally you can by his expression when he said it he was joking

  • @Official_X_

    Honestly, I fvcks with this, I think its dope
    Errbody did there thing

    • Godo Zilla

      HONESTLY YOU A FUCKING LIER, you know this shit was wack and you can tell you Dick Rider for just saying you liked this keep it real even Lil Wayne would tell you he ain’t even like this shit. Beat stupid sounding and everyone sounded like they wont even trying to make this a great song.

      • Philly Illy

        damn tf you so mad for? thats that an opinion everybody has 1 lil bitch . take the tapon stick out of your pussy and stop crying

      • BEE

        Internet gangster, keep internet banging, why cant u just make a point and b polite at dsame tym

  • Diesel

    There’s a big difference between being a fan of Wayne and Dick Riding Wayne. A lot of y’all are dick riding

    • money mike

      but how can you say that? all because we don’t agree with your opinion of this song? smfh grow up nigga

      • wiseman91


  • 6mile-ju

    who on wayne level this year

  • la’shawn

    -_________- @ karrine hyping up c5

  • GGWP

    WTF weezy’s verse/voice don’t fit the beat! pff!

  • Philly Illy

    mannnnnnnnnnnn i can only imagine how crazy this site is going to be the day THA CARER 5 drops! lmfao. comment’s going to reach 300+

  • Dillon

    Wayne’s verse 10× better than Nicki and Tyga. No disrespect to either of them but damn Tunechi be killing it hard.

  • Dillon

    Carter 5…… coming soon!!!

  • Tj

    Its a bad song forreal. The verses were good, just the beat gets annoying, bad chorus, stuff like that. The individual verses were tough though

  • Shane Flowbain Pete

    Shits kinda wack, nicki ass went the hardest, n that hook wack as fuck…….roger dat was WAYYYY betta. Rt

  • Shane Flowbain Pete

    Oms I would ratha listen to dat Fefe On Da Block n dats saying n sumthin ima ym fan but this shit is too annoying

    • Godo Zilla is DUMBAS FUCK

      bye then nigga nobody here will miss ya

  • deejaywayne

    Y’all gotta listen ta tyga shit !! He kill it lowkey

  • Guest

    first of all when lil wayne says bullshit, he dont really mean its bullshit..some ppl dont understand and i understand why they dont..this is best is annoying but true honesty tygas verse was boring AF! nicky went in and weezy was flowing and it sounded old school..i was feelin it..overall it was a good track..ppl have their own opinion in music..if u dont like it then go suck a dick for some trukfit!!! Just sayin..
    Follow me on twitter @yungteezah

  • Guest

    first of all when lil wayne says bullshit, he dont really mean its bullshit..some ppl dont understand and i understand why they dont..the beat is annoying but kinda all honesty tygas verse was boring AF! nicki went in and weezy was flowing and it sounded old school..i was feelin it..overall it was a good track..ppl have their own opinion in music..if u dont like it then go suck a dick for some trukfit!!!Just sayin..
    Follow me on twitter @yungteezah

  • YhBruh

    disappointed, sounded like they didn’t even wanna do it except Wayne at least.

  • weezyy went super hard!!!!!!….man he be killling shit since

    • C5Legend


      • Weezy

        Lol fa real!

  • joe joe

    in my opinion, i enjoy this song.

  • Little Boss

    If you won’t buy C5 then you’re not an authentic fan of Weezy. Factsss

    • hiphopfan

      Bruh your willing to give a rich person your hard earned money smh damn LMAO

      • REAL TALK___

        it’s not about that it’s called being a REAL FAN & SUPPORTING what you love ….*looks at your name & laughs*

        • hiphopfan

          And look at you and laugh yall niggas on this website is confused you’ll buy a damn lil Wayne album before u pay your rent lmao I’m a REAL hip hop fan not a dick rider like u. But don’t get me wrong I like weezy always been my favorite rapper but weezy don’t help me pay my bills sorry but not sorry

          • Little Boss

            lmfao nigga say sorry but not sorry. u seem to be lost cuz u don’t kno wer u wanna be. The only weezy mixtape u can probably say is was D4. All of the rest are good. u not a true wayne fan for free. There’s no other rapper that has different flow and metaphors as lil wayne

            • hiphopfan

              Are u stupid dumb ass eminems metaphors are some of the best, eminems flow is one of the best flows also you’re confused like I said in im a Wayne fan but its fans like you that make this nigga think its ok to say shit like “had a phone in jail thats a cell phone” or “my girl pussy is a water park” cuz he says it and idiots like ypu swing from his nuts and are willing to give your money for ahit that has no meaning or lyrics. Become a fan of music before u ride dick have enough balls to admit when your favorite rapper isn’t rapping how he should and stop being a yes man fuck nigga.

              • Little Boss

                Peace out nigga. U like to talk bullshit. I’m not an internet gangster

                • hiphopfan

                  Aint bull shit its facts little man I ain’t a internet gangster either

              • DGettn2DaMoNeY

                isee u giving props to em about his flow but let me remind u em also did say “yeah boy shake that ass” and he mention dicks alot in said “flow”

                • hiphopfan

                  And Wayne don’t rap about dicks? Ha and “I would talk about my dick but that’ll be a long story” REALLY?

                • DGettn2DaMoNeY

                  Its about his but em say “fellas grab ya left nut make the right one jealous” wtf? N he also got 69ed by a fairy at a award show

                • hiphopfan

                  Ok Wayne willingly use to kiss birdman willingly, smh I like Wayne but y’all niggas on here is just ridiculous yall hate to say you don’t like something from Wayne

                • hiphopfan is really a pop fan

                  That was mafia shit, the italians in the mob been doing that shit for years

                • hiphopfan

                  Is Wayne Italian? Is Wayne a mobster? No didnt think so dick head where I’m from thats what we call gay… U must be bi or gay for trynna make an excuse for that.

                • hiphopfan

                  Waynes not Italian or in the Mafia. Where I’m from thats called gay. You must be gay since you defending that with a stupid come back

                • DGettn2DaMoNeY

                  Only one pic was shown…..relax ur tits and how do u go to lil wayne hq but talk about him and mention eminem the crackhead who scared of live tv.

                • hiphopfan

                  Just cuz I go on here I gotta automatically suck waynes dick? Danny post waynes shit so ppl can voice there opinions about it good or bad, doesnt say before u enter the site that you gotta swing on waynes nuts. I’m a fan of Wayne thats just giving there opinion lately so far in 2014 he’s been on track with good music but before then his music was ok. Rather u like it or not

                • DGettn2DaMoNeY

                  inever said anything about u suckn wayne dikk..(guilty conscience)
                  And how u say idont lik rap music because im a wayne fan but u said u a fan of wayne also..u look stupid and wayne has been the most consistent rapper droppin a album or mixtape every year unlike em who disappeared for years leaving his fans hanging.

                • hiphopfan

                  Kid who cares about what he dropped the album wasnt good and the mix tape was the only nice shit he’s dropped in. And yea em disappears but at least he cares about his work and still puts good music out.

                • DGettn2DaMoNeY

                  FOH if he cared about his work he would drop songs on the regular instead of havin his “fans” wait and all his albums have received plaques and a few of his mixtapes have had over a million DLs.

                • hiphopfan

                  And u honestly don’t like rap you’re a Wayne fan you don’t like rap music.

            • hiphopfan

              Oh and btw I bought every Wayne album since Tha Carter 2 so u tell me who’s the true Wayne fan I’m just not a Wayne cock blower

            • hiphopfan

              This niggas crazy

            • hiphopfan

              Lmao eminems metaphors and flow and say no u dick rider

            • hiphopfan

              Lmao yall on this site is to funny alot of u are cared to take waynes dick out yall mouth and say u don’t like something of his. This is y he thinks its ok to say stupid shit cuz clowns like u will still help him sell. Like become a fan of music before u make little comments like someone aint a fan of something smh. I’m a real enough fan to admit when he didn’t do well.. “she swallow so many nuts she fuck around find a squirrel in her throat” really?

      • Little Boss

        If u truly love somebody less than $15 is nothing. Real fans buy albums

        • hiphopfan

          Dude this is why Wayne was rapping the way he’s been rapping lately cause yall buy anything like I said I love Wayne his last few songs been good but tell you one thing for a fact C5 is gonna make or break wayne

          • BEE

            Tell me a rapper big as wayne that has given out that much free music. ALL DEM CLASSIC FREE STUFF.

            • hiphopfan

              Jadakiss, Fabolous, Ace Hood The Game!

              • Tyler Jenkins®

                tru jada is the shit, he needs to be on c5

            • hiphopfan

              Want more? And not all of waynes mixtapes are good kid

              • N.Y joe

                lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sonj ust stop fucking breathing I cant take you serious after that comment

                • hiphopfan

                  Of course u cant cuz half yall niggas the type niggas to say Wayne still in his prime and say he’s better then Pac, Nas, And Eminem face it dick rider if Lil Wayne C5 isn’t as good as yall cock blowers think its gonna be weezy is done who wants to hear some shit like “had a phone in jail thats a cell phone.” nigga WHAT?!

                • Ymcmb4lyf3

                  ummm Point of dedications. To get on the fukn tape and say shit no1 would say on their albums. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh

                • hiphopfan

                  No that line is horrible bro I’m a Wayne fan and I miss the hunger like on Dedication 2! That tape lyrically was killing rappers ALBUMS! Albums bro u understand?! And that’s a fucking mix tape. Honestly Wayne hasn’t been taking rap serious.

          • N.Y joe

            lmfaoooo nigga said c5 will make or break wayne. dumbest comment ive seen n here! nigga wayne I what they call a MADE MAN in hip hop . WELL OVER 12 YERS 1 album cant hurt him look what c4 did and it wasn’t even a good album!

            • hiphopfan

              If C5 isn’t good you think lil Wayne will still sell? Maybe from the ball suckers on this site if it isn’t good sorry he’s done

            • nfs444

              C4 WAS GOOD FUCK U
              DEAR ANNE WAS THE SHIT (even tho it wasnt on it)

        • hiphopfan

          Oh yeah and Wayne love his fans but he don’t give all of us $15

          • BEE

            oh u think all his free mixtape material isnt worth $15?

            • hiphopfan

              U just said it its FREE and all of it no face it yall niggas got yall heads so far up waynes ass you cant tell his good shit from is ok and bad shit. He’s my favorite rapper but I’m gonna download C5 free first and listen to it and if I like it I’ll buy the CD if it sucks then yall niggas gonna have to face it Wayne will be done

              • BEE

                I just feel u should make up ur mind. Do u love him or hate him? If u hate him, ignore him and this site completely, if u love him then support him totally. Stop hanging on the fence, u sound like an embarrased wayne fan pretending to hate him.

                • hiphopfan

                  I’m a Wayne fan but I’m real enough to tell the truth about his rap lately and not be a yes man

                • BEE

                  I know man…especially while listening to kendrick and them hot rappers now. But u have to admit it is extremely hard to look at wayne in a negative way after following his evolution from the hot boys to 1milli a week? After seeing wayne’s brilliance (ex. carter 2) its so hard to say he isnt great!

                • hiphopfan

                  Oh definitely he’s obviously one of the GOAT’s but I feel he has nothing else to rap about besides bitches and money and skateboarding and sex. I hope the Carter 5 is one of the albums thats gonna go down as one of the best hip hop albums

                • BEE

                  I swear! I have this fantasy for the carter v, it will sell 1.5mill 1st week, wayne will win 4 grammys nxt year. World wide tour, performance at awards show… will be trukkin’ awesome. Fingers crossed tho, as for me I will ALWAYS love Dr Carter!

                • Little Boss

                  I love u for that no homo. I’ve always love weezy even during his hard times like last year. He will always be my favorite rapper regardless.

                • hiphopfan

                  Definitely possible but he needs to go to the extreme

                • Yo

                  Seriously tho that’s not gonna happen

                • BEE

                  Haha man, most likely not, but wat if he duz!!! anyway we wayne fans must have d last laugh! imma buy c5! and push for wayne as much as I can. #Wayniac #c5 #2014 #THEYEAROFYOUNGMONEY

                • Musik

                  Me to i think Wayne started to fall off after C3 cuz IANAHB was ok C4 was ok IANAHB2 sucked D5 was ok i hope C5 has more old wayne and then he makes another album w hot artist in the game like Tyler and YG

                • hiphopfan

                  C4 to me was nice its not C2 or C3 good but it is good, IANAHB2 has some good songs like the intro, I ain’t nervous, gunwalk, trigger finger, trippy, and RAF

                • hiphopfan

                  Absolutely true man but C5 needs to have more songs like 6 foot 7 foot and less songs like wowzers

                • Dillon

                  Wowzers just sucked balls. And that’s coming from an extreme weezy fan. I would say I disagree with you people claiming wayne will be done if C 5 isn’t good. Weezy has a persevering spirit. He knows that maybe C 4 want his best and that IANAHB 2 wasn’t all that, so he’ll do everything he can to make C5 a true chart topper

          • Little Boss

            He gives u more than $15 cuz u be listening to his albums for free

            • hiphopfan

              Here’s the thing not all is mixtapes are good so…. What were u getting at

  • Best

    Roger That is 100% better than this. I only like Lil Wayne’s part

  • Zay

    Danny we need a poll to vote on “Roger That” or “Senile” lol for real


    Weezy went hard!!!!!,the beat is fuckin ridiculous,This just show u that weezy can spit on any beat!!!!!

  • dre

    wasted those verses on this beat

  • MrNinoBrown

    Honestly I was expecting something MUCH better than it. I pretty the Wayne and Nicki part but I really don’t like the song. 2/10 for the song. I can’t listen to it more than twice

  • truckDworld

    The beat gave me a headache…first and last time listening to this

  • Farid Zarioh

    hahaa wayne actually made this beat sound good, butt honestly this needed that dj mustard beat to be killing , this basicly just sucks man

  • 3pac

    Tune hit this track with the “Wayne Train”!!!!

  • SkateOrDie

    N!55a$ let’s stop making excuses for YM…dey fell off hard…even Tha Carter V won’t meet the expectations…

    • Aaron Mc 7

      nigga gtfoh even drake is amping up C5 he didn’t do that with C4 . so you know he heard some shit that’s gon’ blow people minds. you’ll be eating the words you wrote when C5 is out bitch nigga

      • SkateOrDie

        I’ll pray to eat ma words…Coz I want Weezy dominating like a numerator again…it’s bn a minute YM Ruling the chards…

    • mally mal

      I better not see yo posing ass on these comment’s once C5 is out.

    • hood_boi226


    • REAL TALK___

      I’m not mad at your OPINION because we all have 1. I’m more annoyed by the fact that just because people don’t agree with the way YOU feel , we’re “making excuses” like GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT. people like YOU are petty and annoying as fuck! YM aint fall off this album was just put together shitty compared to the 1st one. NICKI, DRAKE, TYGA, AND WAYNE will dominate hip hop this year…plus i’m sure EURO,CORY, FLOW, millz and gudda will drop dope shit. we’re only about 2 month’s into the new year and you saying they “fell off” nigga fall off YM dick then

  • Lil Will B

    I give this whole album like 200,000 sells. 500,000 tops and I think that’s way too much to say.


      the fact that you actually think this album, will reach 200,000 first week makes me laugh. and im a fan of ym too don’t get me wrong

    • Dillon

      I also tend to disagree. Compilation albums generally don’t do well no matter what label its from. However I do see it coming in at the uper half of the top 10.

  • Andrew from Ghana

    We’ll kidnap the kingpin
    Like who is your supplier?
    Nigga better know the fire, nigga better know somebody
    I know niggas that’ll kill yah for a little notoriety.

    (Wayne comes back at a every shot that was fired to Birdman and him, saying that he’ll be kidnap Jay-Z.)

  • mortimerr2014

    Wayne fuckin killed it. Fuck they all did. Have high hopes for moment thug cry and C5.

  • jayjayden19

    Roger That was so muchhh better

  • Lew

    This is the problem I have with wayne at the moment. He shouldn’t be wasting his breath on this. Let the other ym artists go off. Let them sell the album. Wayne needs to chill. Release maybe 1 mixtape for C5 to get us pumped then come in with a bang. That’s why other albums did well. I look at the track list for this album and I just cba to listen.

  • It a dope track but wayne sk8 all over his verse Den he did a Sk8 trick



    • shawndrik W.

      don’t forget this 1 lol

      • Jòrdâñ Çèrćóńé

        I just puked all over my floor. She fug

    • DGettn2DaMoNeY

      Wtf she smacked mayb backk in the day she looked good not now.

    • TuneOnDeck

      Man she nasty!!!

  • boob

    idk what the fuck that nigga wayne said after take a newborn from his momma hahaha

    • Mack Maine

      stick a shoe horn in vaginas, got the coupe of yokohamas

  • Shaquan James

    Nicki killed it wayne was ok

  • Solo Prince

    nicki killed it

  • Nathan Bryant

    People keep saying Wayne on some new style, but Drake raps like this and so do other rappers on the Versace song. Stop acting brand new and giving credit where it’s not due. I like Wayne, but damn. Be realistic.

    • Tune Up

      This style was nothing like that.

  • wiseman91

    wayne verse is better on this then it was on roger that

  • ToMeWayne>Anyone

    Wayne aint gonna stop killing C5 do a drive by on you niggas make a u turn for survivors nigga Weezy Weezy Weezy Weezy (wayne finale intro)

    • Zay

      Hardest verse I heard this year breh

  • Everdaygrinding365 1/2

    This track go in y’all gotta listen to the lyrics cause the best will side track you.


    Yeah that’s. dope. But tracklist is fake. YMCMB. Is real

  • Tommy $trong

    What do yall think dis YM album gon do the first week?

    • mortimerr2014

      80-100 k

      • Tommy $trong

        Yea that’s wat I was thinking

        • Zay

          more like 500k at least
          its a lot of big names “drake nicki wayne “

    • Cespo2430


  • Yuck

    This song is so bad, not even weezy could save it

  • C-3 the BOSS

    Let us be real… Senile is not bad, but the hype was too much for an average song!! for me Roger That is better… ”We at your neck like Violin”

  • inewwiththis .

    only like lil wayne verse

  • Kidd

    Wayne killed it then nicki then tyga no ones verse was weak tho….tyga could’ve did better….but omg wayne was snapping

  • Jim

    yooooo I just heard a snippet from C5. I know someone that knows Mack. “Weezy F Baby the best rapper alive, Blunt and double cup in my hand..until I fucking Die” CARTER II WEEZY IS BACK. HIS FLOW WAS AMAXIG! HOLY SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • N.Y joe


  • Mikey D

    Tyga went hard tho, Nicki is okay, Weezy F is going towards oldschool style but still not what he was though, I dont expect him to tho… he went hard tho, but too short.

  • fewcha

    the beat is terrible

    • BEE

      HAHAHA THE EVER TROLLING FEWCHA!!! u welcome, took a while but u showed up.

  • XXX

    I can make a lion say meow. I’m in this mufucka gettin money till I’m senile.

  • Senile

    Yeah roger that way over this

  • Seniletune

    Wish the beat was good so we could appreciate how dope Wayne’s verse actually was

  • Seniletune

    Also this kinda on that good day flow/beat

  • MrNinoBrown

    Now I’m just waiting for “Thug cry” feat Rick Ross

    • mortimerr2014

      how bout Moment? and C5!!! foreal though man ive been checkin has it leaked to see if mastermind leaked yet cause i wanna hear that shit

  • wezzyfbaby

    Mannnnn tyga and Nicki sound bored AF !!! Wayne brought the energy ! He killed it

  • Wiz Dillah

    It’s a good hit! but no lie i am stuck with “we alright”!!! “cant recognize these niggas like santa cut off his beards”

  • jc_love

    This song wack im not feeling it may take min all three had catchy lines but sill didn’t blow my mind nor does it capture any moments this should be a mix tape song not a album single

  • marc hare

    Does everything these guys do has to be compared to something that was classic..yall be exaggerating wanting everything to be perfect. .its like asking ray allen to make a 3 from the other side of the court every shot..everything cant be mind blowing

    • JustAGuy234

      yes, thats how greats artists work! NO they dont always hit the mark BUT the point IS to compare to your best work to stay consistently great.

      Fans with low expectations is what cause artists to slack off/decline. (Not saying YOU just in general)

      There is nothing wrong with fans comparing work. be real, Wayne had a little slump because some “fans” swore his every breathe was godlike, NOW all of a sudden they want old wayne back. if only they had those high standards 3 years ago think of how much BETTER waynes last few releases coulda been.

      Michael Jordan said even in his prime he was still working to get better even tho he was at the peak of his game. thats how everyone with passion should be about the thing they do!

      C5 in may lets see how it goes!

  • cyclone

    this is not worth the buzz, lil whack though! 🙁 what happn weezy baby

  • tyree

    Da team went hamm ass usual #trukdaworld

  • Leo Da Great

    Why is this on lilwaynehq and not youngmoneyhq?

  • Wayne murdered this song #Fuck the haterz

  • justin

    good but more bars tune more fucking bars i know he can do it

  • tom

    please tunchi freestlye or remix im so sorry by meek mill i know you would quote…….. I get on anybody track and hit that bitch with that Wayne train .

  • tom

    please tunchi freestlye or remix im so sorry by meek mill i know you would quote…….. I get on anybody track and hit that bitch with that Wayne train…….

  • tom

    please tunchi freestlye or remix im so sorry by meek mill i know you would quote…….. I get on anybody track and hit that bitch with that Wayne train……..

  • Senile

    They all did their part on this, I’m not highly impressed YET, but some of the lyrics on here did shake me up, they put it in work on this. You can hear the new flow for all of them, it’s nice <<<<

    • Truth

      Yeah he’s right. Also some of you guys are forgetting what this song is suppose to be about. “Senile” that’s what they are rapping about. The picture of the song cover even shows you what senile is. Notice they are staying on topic the whole song, they don’t go off in space anymore, they actually rapped about being Senile!!!! Goodjob YMCMB

  • Chrizzy

    Well first things first: I really like this song and I do believe it will be played a lot in the clubs. That being said it is pretty monoton and the song becomes pretty boring until lil wayne’s verse comes on.

    A little let down after all that hype but anyway finally some new music!! 😉

  • marc hare

    Nothing satisfy yall, if I was wayne I would retire like fuck yall ungrateful asses

  • Deontre Lewis

    Can u see nileee

  • joe joe

    what is the gift of gab?
    and this song is so awesome idc how short their verses are the beat is good and they all got perfect flow.

  • Don_Hooper19

    Im so ready for Carter V man im telling you its Wayne year I feel like its gonna add to the list of classics. If C5 is anything like C3 or better tbh I shouldn’t see any more complaints from people about Wayne because that proves he is the best

    • 12j0-w0

      ppl will still hate cuz hes good. That just how it works these days lol

      • Don_Hooper19

        You right bro you right

  • Don_Hooper19

    And im not saying C4 is the best but idk why people said that sucked because it actually didn’t. In my opinion his music took a fall after C4 but I still supported because the dude is just my favorite and D5 to me was a step to the right direction. He promised his fans he would start trying his hardest again and I believe him 2014=Wayne year

    • Dj

      I feel you 100% on that.. I’m a true Wayne fan and I don’t see anything wrong wit C4. People just expect too much !

      • Don_Hooper19


  • Swaggy B

    Wow Tha Carter ^ Getting hella hyped

  • musa

    waw! nice

  • pierowayne

    I really love wayne, he go crazy over everything but I think when he sound like the motto or faded in this song, than it would be better …

  • Zay

    Dude i bet if lebron (wayne) drop 50, half of yal would’ve been like man he should have dropped 60 lol even if he hit a game winner… smh
    unrealistic expectations

  • Musicanian

    Wayne verse hot.All bullshit aside

  • iChief

    this song was over hyped smh but still pretty fye tho

  • Gudda Gudda #1 Fab

    Gudda Gudda ain’t on this song
    Mane they need the real best rapper alive on it

  • C5

    Fuck u Gudda Gudda

  • Don_Hooper19

    Smh No Ceilings still amazes me til this day

  • hey somebody explain this line–> “I could sell salt and equalizerWait, I said I could sell salt and equalize it” ….i dont understand this :/ :/

    • joe joe

      i thought he said Nicaragua like the country.
      they dont need salt there, because they dont have snow

    • JustAGuy234

      the line is:
      “I could sell salt and equalizer, wait I said I could sell salt and equalize it”

      -he is referencing drugs and making a metaphor to his hustling/selling powers:
      so, if u want to buy coke u want good quality coke obviously…he is saying could sell you salt and baking soda (equalizer) (with NO coke) and you’d still buy it) this is all a metaphor to his music, he is aware he could put out anything and people would STILL buy it. its pretty clever, one of the hidden best lines on the song.

      its the same concept as when drake said “buzz so big i could probably sell a blank disc”

  • DBOY412

    “neighborhood nice and quiet swear i saw Mr. Rodgers nigga” LMAO Wayne snapped, literally. senile flow.

  • Dj

    Dope song… Does take a couple of listens. Only thing I say is the song is wayy too short.. should Atleast be 4min but this shit not that bad ! #WayneBeKillinShit

  • lookoutnigger the klans gettin


  • YMCMB 411


  • YMCMB 411


  • YMCMB 411


  • YMCMB 411


  • This is good, but Roger That is better.

  • Ray

    Wayne will always be my favorite rapper…

  • theonlytruth

    Beat was dope as fuck but the track wasn’t what I expected. Wayne should have got a longer verse and it’s hard to understand what they saying. But that’s the producer’s fault

  • LuvTunechi

    I luvd my Roger That, but this is definitely hot!!!! #FORREALSHIT

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