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Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber & More Wish Bria Williams A Happy Birthday

Mon, Mar 3, 2014 by

Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber & More Wish Bria Williams A Happy Birthday

Over the weekend, Birdman‘s daughter Bria Williams celebrated her sweet sixteenth birthday in Miami, Florida. Lil Wayne could not make the party, so he decided to send Bria a video message wishing her a Happy Birthday!

Other friends in the clip below who could not make the birthday bash that send their wishes to Baby‘s daughter include Bow Wow, Mack Maine, DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber – who sings her a Happy Birthday.

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  • Thecarter

    Wayne with the struggle dreads

    • ※ mAADtAi ※

      Lol he’s letting them freeform

    • Alyiah

      He just needs to get them washed and retwisted, I twist my boyfriend dreads and if I dont do it for a long time, his hair start to get that crappy look just like how wayne’s is now

      • smh

        Shut up stupid, he knows what he’s doing it’s his head ya bish

  • she is so spoiled

    • wtf

      you seem jealous….

      • JayHighAss

        He is Jelly ! He wish right now

  • Nfs444

    Gay, we want more on C5

    • Tinchiethaboss

      Oh ya let him just make up some bull shit about tha carter 5 to please where is Danny gunna cop the info from if nothing new has came out fuck boi

  • fewcha

    his dreads tho

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Where was Gudda’s message?

    • Deontre Lewis

      Lmaooo!!! Made my day

    • Nfs444

      Sadly, Gudda Gudda spends his time trolling forums instead of working on his debut album.

  • you mad son?

    damn I bet every teenage girl in the world envy tf out of bria now lol shit even made TMZ dumbass site.

  • wtf

    so called “men” on here commenting about another man hair smfh


      And muscle mass lol

  • Turn up

    Happy birthday to birdman daughter

  • Tune Up

    This nigga just woke up…

  • Cocaine Biceps

    weezy has lost muscle mass yo! I guess it’s cuz of too much workin

    • wiseman91

      thats kind of gay

      • Cocaine Biceps

        whatever son..

    • Free Mike

      He has huh? He look way smaller now. Idk if u noticed but that nigga wayne was pretty built when he got outta rikers, u can tell he was lifting weights in there but he did loose weight cuz his arms were way bigger and he was way more built. he’s even lost weight since 2013 cuz he was bigger than that when he was on tour

  • mike. l.

    OMFG first niggas was worried about the way he dress, then if he’s smoking again, then if he’s on lean again, then his hair. nah niggas worried about his muscle’s smh……………. GAY GAY GAY ALL OF YOU


      Wow lol so true muscle mass who the fuck looking at his muscle mass these people lol my niggaMan this some funny shit haven’t laugh this hard in a minute

  • mike. l.

    man we need “the moment” !!! i’m tired of replaying the snippet lol

    • Skenny

      Feel ya!

  • Pause

    I know this is kinda off topic but can yall please stop sayin weezy’s back after every single verse. Everybody already know he back, he been back ever since D5, so now that he is back, we need to focus on the future instead of the past. Yes 2010-2013 was a pretty hard time for wayne but we dont have to keep goin on and on about it. Yall wanted him back and he finally came back so just chill and get over the past and focus on the future. Leave the past where it belongs. Weezy F is back


      D5 idk that on punch line had me “i had a phone in jail that’s a ceil phone”

      • Pause

        Okay that was only 1 bad punchline such a big deal

        • Pause

          And Im not a dick rider so I will admit that it wasnt his best work but it still was pretty good especialy for 2013 wayne. He barely talked about pussy and not once about his dick except for “itchin”. So songs like dont kill, you song, way im ballin, pure columbia, still got the rock, u.o.e.n.o, levels, devestation, c.r.e.a.m, and fuckin problems make the mixtape pretty much legendary status. It was definately one of the best wayne projects in a while

          • JustAGuy234

            i was fuckin with most of what you said til “pretty much legendary” i agree those were the best songs on that tape (dont forget You Song which was easily his best verse in years) but the tape is not even close to legendary, wayne has made REAL legendary mixtapes don’t disrespect his past work by putting d5 too close to them! not hate, peace my man

        • Khosta

          no that line is dope, what’s whack about it? it’s not like “had a son on the stairs call it step son” the cellphone line makes sense therefore it is dope

      • Dillon

        Damn yall keep hanging on that on punchline. Yeah it was not even close to the best in the world but damn, it’s over and old already. Get off that shit.

      • Riz90s

        Why the fuck do haters analyze everything wayne says, they’ll be quiet when his shits hot but as soon as he says 1 bad line they start criting. WTF! As if your favourite rappers lines are all hot. Fuck dem haters


          Shit nigga I ain’t hating I love Wayne’s music I’m just saying it wasn’t like how he was back then I still fuck with him even if I think it’s ok so take that bullshit else where like you haven’t seen anyone post their opinions on here and y’all agree with them but I post mine y’all all butthurt wtf I say something positive y’all mad I say something I feel I don’t like y’all mad doesn’t mean I’m hating I still like the dude just some stuff I feel he should of did better at lease I’m not one of these dudes talkin bout his hair or body mass or if he smoking on some peddy shit.

          • Riz90s

            Haha true bruh! Wasn’t directed at you was just speaking in general, your post was just a reminder for me.yeah they ducking crazy, Fuck dem faggot ass niggas


              Oh well sorry I always have people on here talkin crazy I feel ya

    • Geo_ovoxo

      I just dont get why all ya dumbass niggas keep sayin 2010-2013 was a bad time for wayne …. Nigga wayne been winning nd he was sure winning through your made up bad time of his so just stuff and if your going to listen to him just do so if you not then dont end of story.

    • xgoblin

      Wayne been back months ago but people still fail to realize to see it..

    • flow

      how was it hard for him carter 4 was a classic and sold llike 950000 first week

  • Weezy

    U guys are the reason the man gon retire..smh

  • smh

    All y’all niggas lollypop fans, y’all know nothing about Wayne music smh

  • JustAGuy234

    Nicki’s voice is so fuckin sexy dawg, i love that bitch ctfu

    • Khosta


  • xgoblin

    Niggas on here talkin about his hair and muscle mass? * facepalm *

    • Weezy

      nigga weezy used to be homo
      U cant help but notice things sometimes

  • Khosta

    BM jr or Wasted? which one is doper

    • Weezy

      Bmjr fool!

  • Mustafa Dc SoulStar

    Happy Bday

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Why Justin Bieber Crying ?

  • The735Truth .

    Who else stopped the video after Wayne? Lmao

  • inewwiththis .

    omg Wayne so sexy and his smile

  • justicefortrayvon

    wayne an justin bieber look dead smh bieber a follower

  • LuvTunechi

    So sweet!!! Happy Bday tu my Bria Babi ♡ Yu all grown up Boo. ;+)