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Lil Wayne To Appear On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tonight!

Fri, Mar 14, 2014 by

Lil Wayne To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight

Later tonight, Lil Wayne will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for an interview. The show will air from Austin, Texas at 11:35PM EST on the channel ABC.

Most-likely Tunechi will be appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote the Young Money: Rise On An Empire compilation, but Jimmy may ask Tune about his Tha Carter V album too.

In related news, Weezy F Baby will also be taking part in his CRWN interview today!

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  • xgoblin


  • Yooooo


  • thablockishot


  • Time

    Wayne in the studio with Birdman…..must be working on LFLS2


      he is workin on c5 ,, birdman posted this pic on instagram



  • Beehive

    No point in promoting the ym album cause it won’t sell. Just promote c5

  • Two interviews in one day, weezy wee on his grind.

  • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

    Five Steps For A Perfect Weekend

    1- Wake Up
    2- Open my weezy playlist
    3- Press ” Shuffle ”
    4- Enjoy Music At It’s Finest 🙂
    5- Go To Bed

    • Grease

      tell us top 10 songs of your playlist

      • MyChoice

        1. Something you forgot – Lil Wayne
        2. I´m gonna getta – Lil Wayne
        3. Me and my drank – Lil Wayne
        4. Back to you – Lil Wayne
        5. Told ya´ll – Lil Wayne
        6. I´ll die for you – Lil Wayne
        7. Full No Ceilings Mixtape – Lil Wayne
        8. Paradice – Lil Wayne
        9. 30 Minutes to New Orleans – Lil Wayne
        10. In the morning – Lil Wayne

        • nfs444

          Everything you said was awesome. But you forgot I’m Single.

      • Tune Up

        1. Me And My Drank
        2. Demolition
        3. Best Thing Yet
        4. Hit Em Up
        5. You Aint Know
        6. Levels Remix
        7. Lisa Marie
        8. Walk it Out Remix
        9. Moment
        10. Devastation
        (All by Wayne)

        and thats just the first 10 lol

      • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

        When It Comes To Wayne It’s Top 100 instead of top 10 .. but anyways i’ll just say My Top 20 For Today : I’m Me, Tha Mobb, Hustler Music, A Milli, 6 Foot 7 Foot, BMJR, Watch My shoes, Drop The World, Sky is The Limit , Gossip, I feel like dying, whip it, best thing yet, 3 peat, bitches love me, upgrade ya, back on my grizzy, blunt blowin, leather so soft, the carter 2 intro ( fly in & fly out ).. those were my most played today

    • Anyone Ever Get The “Unplugged Album” ?

  • xgoblin

    Rise of an Empire is projected to move 30,000-40,000 copies opening week according to hotnewhiphop

  • King Weezy F

    Bet Weezy will be high AF like his last interview with jimmy lmao

  • I will be tune in abc @11:35pm est kause I m baby lionchess aka baby tunechilionchess

  • Gianluca lopetale wayne

    i love you

  • v_nice89

    Top 10 playlist……
    10.dead bodies ft. Kidd kidd
    9. sport center
    8.b.m jr rapper alive
    6.something you forgot cream paint job
    4.Playin with fire and my drink
    2.I feel like dying is the limit

  • I Think Wayne Is Finally Do A Press run For “Carter V” When’s The Last Time He Did One ?

  • Lathon D Miller

    1.back on my grizzy
    2.get over
    3.dedication 2 mixtape
    4. No ceilings
    5. Step back ft freeway
    6.we taking over
    7.demolition 1&2
    8. Lil weezyana mixtape
    9. Suffix mixtape
    10.brown paper bag

  • the future best rapper

    the bes top 10

    1- dinner time

    2-tie my hands



    5-something you forgot

    6-pray to the lord

    7-im me

    8-playin with the fire (flow insane as fuck)

    9-hustler musik

    10-BMjr/ renegade freestyle ( he killed EM and Jay)

    when we talk about wayne, we never know which song we will pick, wayne’s just amazing. others songs: mr carter , mirror, 3 peat, drop the world, how to love, hit em up, lisa marie, la la la, dr carter, this are just a few songs, cuz he got a thousand amazing songs weeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy