Mike WiLL Made It Discusses Upcoming Single Featuring Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Future

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Mike WiLL Made It Discusses Upcoming Single Featuring Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Future

Producer Mike WiLL Made It recently chopped it up with DJ Drama on his Shade 45 radio show. During their interview at the 5:00 mark, Mike WiLL discussed his forthcoming “Buy The World (Do The Impossible)” single featuring Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and Future on the hook.

Mike WiLL Made It announced that there is another music artist who raps a verse on the song, but he wanted to keep the name quiet. However, at the 9:55 mark he accidentally lets loose that the other artist is Big Sean.

You can listen to the interview below. Mike also mentions that the track is “monumental” and that Weezy‘s verse is “crazy”. Who’s excited to hear “Buy The World (Do The Impossible)“?

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  • Daniel Son

    Damn.. can’t wait for this one!

  • Legggooooo

    So hyped to hear this

    • Jae Millz

      Jae Millz is hyped too!

      • (Original) Jae Millz

        GTFO fuck boy I was here first

        • Curren$y

          You are both obviously fake accounts so GTFO the fucking website you fucktards. Curren$y’s new album dropping soon btw. #FlySociety

  • Time

    Fingers crossed Tunechi does not let Kendrick outshine him.

    I’d rather Big Sean not be featured if I’m being honest.

    • miro

      Big chance that Sean outraps all of them tho. Sean’s verses are quite good

      • Don_Hooper19

        Ya I feel like people sleep on big Sean but I doubt he outshines Wayne

        • Paul Pastor

          Big Sean is definitely up there, one of my favorites! But i’ll always think Wayne outshines everybody!

  • Weezy

    Weezy bout to show kdot who the king still is

  • JayHighAss

    Everybody Keep Calm Weezy F Baby killed it don’t ask me how I know just Know I gotta Feelin

  • Remember when big Sean said he was going to be on c5? I bet you it was this song.

    • MrNinoBrown

      Yeah Maybe

    • Love Me

      I think so too

    • Caleb

      Thank god

  • Trizzy

    The odds of Weezy outshining them two young rappers are slim… But I still believe he the only nigga that can turn black into white in the rap game

    • Nexoduss

      I’m confused. Rap isn’t a sport like baseball or basketball where your age influences your ability. Age has nothing to do with it. It’s about desire.

      • Trizzy

        You caught the wrong impression. I never said he won’t outshine them cause he’s old… I just said the odds of him doing so are slim, as in the chances/probability, never said his age is holding him down

  • Tune Dick’Emdown Vellem

    Bitch Weezy killed every verse’s since 2014 started

    • BlackMamba


      • Truth


        • BlackMamba

          he has not “killed” every verse this year

          • JayHighAss

            You Sound Stupid !

            • BlackMamba

              cool story bro

          • mikeredshark

            Motha fukka you smokin krak Wayne on top no homo You said he hasn’t killed every verse this year where U at? Nowhere!!

      • terrence

        tf you shaking yo head at bitch? its truth!!

        • BlackMamba

          who r u again? quit actin hard on the internet

  • King Weezy F

    This shit going to drop before that “Tha Carter V” single, Fuck Tez

  • des

    I have to agree Wayne been on point alllllll year with his verses ive heard them all !!

  • fewcha

    ma nigga fewcha gonna kill everyone with the hook

    • Slateer

      Annoying but funny

  • ym100%

    The only wày Kendrick would out shine Wayne is if Wayne holds back which he proly will since he said it’ll be sellfish for him to stay on top but if Wayne goes all the Way in no holdin back Kendrick verse will be childsplay compared to Weezy he’ll proly try to hold back to put Kendrick more out there

    • ym100%

      I doubt myself on that doe on wat I juss said Lol Weezy be the Greatest of all time

  • Weezus F Baby

    My Guess Best Verses
    1. KDot
    2.Big Sean
    3. Weezy .
    Sad But Seems To Be The Norm These Days

    • mortimerr2014

      Ain’t no way Sean tops weezys verse

      • Weezus F Baby

        normally On Feats Its Just Pop That Pussy Lemme Eat That Pussy Dick In Her Pussy Call That Dog n Cat . Tunechi !

        • Kendrick not either

          I don’t think Wayne care about features no mo even doe he still don’t turn ppl down he proly get asked to hop on a song and he juss says ok wateva with no care in the world rap has change so much since he started now days ppl hear a banging ass beat and they like the song for example migos dey suck but they beats be live which is why this generation fucks wit em. If it ain’t a real lyricist or big name artist or hmu artist Wayne don’t care no mo

        • Malik

          Wayne ain’t said pussy all year except for we alright. Before that it probably was on twerk season I think

        • mortimerr2014

          There hasn’t been one FEATURE from wayne this year talkin bout that. You heard thug cry? Or nah

      • Kendrick not either

        Ain’t no way Kendrick topin Wayne’s verse either unless Weezy holds back

        • Weezus F Baby

          I don’t think he’ll hold back its just he half asses song now .

    • terrence


  • mortimerr2014

    All these new post just serve as a forum for c5 and the single

  • The Future

    How about you don’t post anything until the Carter 5 single drop?

    Thank you.

    • Weezus F Baby

      No this is new material. Which we need .

    • Time

      No I still want Wayne news, go find another Wayne site

      • The Future

        I’m not saying I don’t want Wayne news, just want that Carter 5 news first! Lol

        • Time

          But what if there is no news for a few weeks?

  • Mike Won’t make it!

    Mike Will just tweeted its on the way…which probably means nothing

    • Time

      LOL @ your name

      • Love Me

        that name’s reall funny

  • Tunechi_LEEL

    Damn! This site gets me hypinq every now and then. I hope he doesn’t tell another story next time than to jhs release th track cuz I don’t wana wait any longer than ma patient can hold.

  • Guest

    That moment when u find out Weezy and K DOT are doing a mixtape called K-Wayne

    • Don_Hooper19

      Lmao boy that would be too good

  • President Carter

    That Moment When You KNOW this gonna be a MULTI-Platinum HIT!!!

    • weezyfan

      Yes cant wait…this willl be the second time in a long time that weezy n kendrick will b on the same track!!!!!

      • Learner

        Which is another one

        • weezyfan

          Colors with jay rock and k dot (kendricks old name) lol i think it came out early 2009.theres like 2 or 3 different versions !

          • 3Peat

            Kendrick also did the hook for jay rocks ‘all my life’. Weezys verses were too sick on that track!

        • Nukey

          Colors and Mr Carter 2/ Remix

          • anti

            those were youtube fakes, not real songs

            • Nukey

              I’m 100% sure that Mr Carter 2/ remix was on K dots C4 mix tape which was co signed by Wayne and feat. a new Wayne verse (not a youtube fake), but not too sure about Colors though

      • 86TiLLiDiE

        Jay Rock and Jae Millz need to collab.

  • YhBruh

    Weezy have to turn back the hands of time and pretend he has hasn’t achieve much yet and be hungry as fuck! I ain’t worrying tho, he gonna murk this!

  • Malik

    Y’all not even real fans for even thinking Kendrick gonna have a better verse y’all really sound scared that’s a shame

    • Zane Kirkwood

      I have to agree. I doubt Weezy would even let that happen. It’s gonna be a dope track but K Dot will not outshine Wayne.

  • Bang bang !

    Just sitting back listening too New Orleans Maniac waiting on that C5 single

  • Lathon D Miller

    Drake should’ve been on this to ,Wayne always go in when Drake on it with em

  • mortimerr2014

    All wayne gotta do is spit like he did on thug cry wit ross and he’ll outshine Kendrick. I agree with dude below me ya’ll do sound scared as fuck

  • Frost dogg

    I fuckin hope weezy raps a long verse not a short little verse like on most of his other features! Weezy f baby = rap god

  • 2unechi

    Hopefully Wayne knew kendrick would be on this because usually niggas just send verses without knowing who’s on the song so if he knows its no doubt he’ll let these niggas know

    • ym100%

      It dosnt matter if he knew or not Wayne ain’t gotta impress nobody specially Kendrick Lamar I fuck wit Kendrick hard but he not on Weezy level y’all niggas worrying for no reason meek mill betta den Kendrick so wat makes u think he can touch Wayne. All Kendrick did was name drop on control now niggas think he 1 of the greats ha that’s funny

  • corbin wells

    want this more then the c5 single. Wayne and k dot on the same track. The old Rap king and the new one. it will be hard for Wayne to out due Kendrick lyrically but he can out rap him bar wise. either way i’m not gonna compare their verses cause that ruins the song. i will just enjoy the music.

    • ym100%

      Kendrick not fuckin wit Wayne lyrically or any other way I’m not on Wayne and I’m not juss sayin the shit cuz Weezy nmy favorite rapper its juss facts and this comin from a nigga who fuck wit Kendrick he not on Weezy level I haven’t heard a song yet that Kendrick Lamar did better than Wayne old or new

      • Uncle Sam

        Hell yeah, fuckin’ right

      • Khosta


      • corbin wells

        well i can’t take you seriously when your name is YM100% and also go listen to the album good kidd madd city pull up rapgenius and read over the explanations on every lyric on ever song. maybe you’ll lern something. i agree that Kendrick isn’t fucking with old wayne but he is easily better then D5 or IANAHBII Wayne.

  • Dr Carter

    Tez… Where is Tha Carter V ?



    • Time


    • terrence


    • mortimerr2014

      Shit made my night lmfaoo

  • Little Boss

    Read the caption

    • Time

      Fake Instagram, Wayne doesn’t have one.

      Whoever runs that page steals all the news from LWHQ and posts it up with a picture acting like they are Wayne

      • Little Boss

        He got half a million followers. Probably a close friend runs it for him

        • Legendary

          IG nummbers have no value. anybody can have half a million. If wayne had a IG he would have more then Tyga and Drake. If you see his twitter and FB you’ll see he has much higher nummbers.

  • Love Me

    Yeah yeah @ president carter

  • Love Me

    Wayne is gonna outrap them all,then kendrick is gonna be sending shots at wayne and Sean and even future (just like he did on control) then sean is gonna be rapping about how his city(detroit) aint gat a mayor….trust me

  • Uncle Sam

    Fine and dandy, but when’s this shit coming out?

  • Uncle Sam

    For all the Drizzy bandwagoneers:

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy F Baby is back, so I aint worried about nothing Lol

  • Khosta

    (Carter- 5)Intro – lyrics
    Welcome world, to the Carter 5
    lets go

    My mind sporadically, same time compatibly

    Wayne Carter, graduate, bang bang academy

    Change my reality, thank God for grabbin’ me

    Sort of like him, cause they can’t stop the wrath of me

    But, Hell have no fury, Neither I

    I would walk up in the Devil’s Kitchen, eat a pie

    Greedy eye, never full, getting fat

    And bitch I got an itch, so don’t let me catch you with the scra-scra-

    Scratch y’all niggas off the face of the Earth

    Even Mase came back for the money outta church

    So with that on my mission for that money, I’mma work

    My divine intervention might be in that woman’s purse

    Tryna find a better system, but I’m running out of perks

    Baby daughter tummy irks, then daddy heart hurts

    So daddy pop at ’em until they heart burst

    For my baby girl candy I make her starburst

    9/11 was a fucking shame, I done saw worse like

    What if that bullet would have hit my heart first

    Life, would it be different, I be still fuckin’ ’round with death

    Cause I got shot after that, and after that I grab the empty case

    And tried to throw that bitch back at they faces, Cita I made it

    My nigga Real was on the ground like “naw”, I got up and looked around, and grabbed the spot like “ahhh…”

    I”m hard to kill, hardy har, cut the music back up and keep the party goin’

    Fuck ’em, and I don’t need no crease, I’m a motherfucking gangster off Eagle Street

    I don’t need the Hot Boys, I still keep my heat

    And I ain’t gotta squad up, I still keep my feet

    They call me Michelangelo, you paint them so street

    But you remove that wallpaper, bet that sheet-rock weak, (haha)

    And you and I know what’s goin’ on, you probably riding to a different song

    I’m probably riding on some different chrome, I’m probably high in a different zone

    But when I’m off, we can get it on

    I take no days off catch that shit for my friend

    I clock out when I punch in, I’m shootin

    Reel you ain’t gotta block out, it’s goin’ in ’em

    Them rats stop hatin’ on the snake, the boy venom

    The cat like Payton for the Lakers gon’ win ’em

    I’m certified stamp, I’m a champion

    Like Buju Banton, I shoot you nine times like you was Fifty

    But you won’t be as likely as Fifty, I light me some Piffy

    Light hella bright on the Infi, like what nigga, like me or lift me

    I don’t duck I be right in the city, for them bucks

    I take me a flight, and come and get right, right in ya city

    Yup, I’m just like Diddy, and nothing like Puff yeah

    I’m something like city, he something like Young Wizzy

    My Nike’s is spiffy, I’m hardly a Gotti

    I’m slightly a Nitti, all of a Carter

    Bitch niggas never bitch me, bum niggas never ditch me

    Shit I gotta get me, man I’m raw, slip me

    Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty

    Ain’t no more squad in me, unh

    Told y’all I got this
    C5, whatup 5

    • LilWEEZYWayne

      This is from Moment of Clarity… It’s on his mixtape The Prefix

      • Khosta

        lol dude I wanted to fool all his new fans

        • ArielDubon

          That track nice doe

        • Zay

          Lmao haha
          He killed that shit

  • Khosta

    no matter what wayne spits, it will be better than Kendrick’s verse. and 10000000000000000000000000000 times better than Big Sean’s!

    “Weezy just let em, just let em die.
    I got all the answers so they call me ‘When Why,
    What, Where, Who. You think you fly,
    I’m up there too, you fly, I flew.”

    • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

      Best thing yet <3

  • Skenny

    Kendrick and weezy on tha same track ??
    Hell yea weezy will bury kindrick alive ^_^

  • Skenny

    I think that we already know
    But danny posted it cuz its droppin very soon

  • mohamed

    I think now I kno y did tez didn’t drop the single cuz he wants this joint to drop cuz everybody is waiting for Wayne and Kendrick calabo so if weezy killed which he will everyone will be like weezy is back he’s the best he killed them all then when c5 single drops everyone will be waiting for it and bumping it

  • iammcbuckets

    Boosie is the mystery artist

    • T@

      They already said it’s big Sean

  • don’t play with me

    Producers and tez always say Wayne’s verse is crazy until you hear it and that shit be weak as fuck. That moment song is the truth I hope he stays on that path. He rapped about different shit on thug cry but still a weak verse and his senile verse was straight comedy. He better fucking rap circles around kendrick lamar and not come with a comedy verse

    • Uncle Sam

      Can’t trust none of these niggas, I murk one of these niggas, then bury one of these niggas, still got dirt under my fingers

  • shrimpdaddy

    Live from the 504 it’s mr.crazy flow
    Jumping like a bungee no rope
    Even in the dungeon I glow
    Even if aint sunny I glow
    If it aint about money I go
    Nowhere I’m nailed to the flo
    Money controls where I go
    It is the sail to my boat
    And it’s going down it’s going down
    Like there’s a whale in the boat
    See you can smell that I smoke
    And yep I sip that lean
    U hit me wit that combination that make my eyes bleed
    Ima shark in the water yep I swim wit the big
    So I don’t have time to deal wit wlilly the squid
    L-lilly pad niggas l-look at the monster
    Y-you don’t want to crash like la la bamba
    See it’s me on the interey
    And my new drop is very water-melon plum
    Just call it fruit punch
    Ima old rapper getting new bucks
    And all you new rappers your just new lunch.
    Flow sick so sick need a doc yes
    Creature monster like the Loch Ness
    I gets hotter by the top before I sizzle to death
    I just tell the clock give me a sec
    In the middle of da war where my enemies at
    I run in dis bitch like eric beinemy at
    Cause I walk right in hip hop like where my dinner be at
    I ate dat and I was like where my dinner be at
    I hate dat women lie so I lie to them back
    Lets do a pill I could fuck you for a hour wit dat
    And to da kids drugs kill I’m acknowledging dat
    But when I’m on dem drugs I don’t have a problem wit dat
    And my nigga’s got guns da size of towers biatch
    And we aimin right at ya fuckin colla biatch pow!

  • Chuck_Brazy

    I hope Wayne appears on the last verse like We Takin’ Over. “I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats!”

  • The735Truth .

    Kendrick is nice.But I have a feelin Wayne is gonna turn the clock back on the youngsta

  • Bang(feat. Kanye west & 2chain

    Tez, release C5

  • Johnnydang

    Weezy b smokin blunt after blunt!

  • WayniacForLife

    Wayne Should make sure he outshines all those niggas, and show he still the best rapper alive

  • Stanley Ofosu

    hey tunchi i salut ya !!