T-Pain Believes His & Lil Wayne’s “T-Wayne” Collaboration Album Will Happen

Tue, Mar 11, 2014 by

In a recent interview with Rap-Up, T-Pain explained that he believes his and Lil Wayne‘s collaboration album, T-Wayne, will get released one day and not get scrapped.

“I’m getting back on my music shit, so I’m pretty sure Wayne will be like: ‘I’m glad you’re back. Let’s make this happen.’ I think it’ll happen again. I think it will.”

Pain also mentioned that him and Weezy have a vault full on music that has not yet seen the light of the day and that he listens to the tracks on his iPod frequently. He even says that their music they recorded was ahead of its time, so it would be perfect to drop the songs around now than it would of been to drop the songs a few years back.

“We got a lot of songs. I always listen to them. I got them on my iPod. We got a lot of shit that we can still drop that’ll sound like it just happened today. Everything was ahead of its time anyways. It probably wasn’t meant to happen back then. It probably is meant to happen now cause the songs were so now. The kind of music that people are dropping now, we was making that so long ago. I guess it was ahead of its time. It wasn’t supposed to happen.”

Lastly, T-Pain added that he does not talk to Tunechi as often anymore, because he ain’t been working on music as much and because Tune is always so busy in the studio!

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  • fewcha

    t-pain washed up

    weezy need to do a collabo project with future hendrix

    • Nexoduss

      Gtfo if it was with future I’d only be able to understand half the fucking album.

  • Fuck Eric

    Damn they always kill shit them songs will be dope

    • Lynda

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      • T.D.E

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  • Eric

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    • t-rawwww

      Lol T-Pain probably keep sendin the album to wayne and wayne prolly just keep ignoring tf out that nigg. I can just picture wayne in his office laughing his ass off with mack and them and talkin shit about T-Pain broke ass every time he send him that shit lol.

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  • H

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      Sorry 4 The Wait II coming soon! Carter V coming May 5th, 2015!

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    It would have worked in 08

    • Nfs444

      Or 2010

  • youngtune410

    Release as a EP and give us the drake collab album

  • He rap, He sings

    Please make it happen. This would be a great collaboration album. T-Wayne are great. “Got Money”, “How To Hate”, “Damn Damn”, and much more are some really good songs. I’d really enjoy this. Young Mula.

  • Nfs444


    • Jbadd504

      That cant feel my face shit ! That’s that shit that goes hard no matter what year it is

      • Nexoduss

        Ya diggggg!

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  • Feds

    When Wayne has that interview on Friday, he should speak on this project

    It seems like its only tpain talking about it :/

  • Tune Up

    What Wayne needs to do is collab with 50 Cent on an album but T Pain cool.


    • Skenny

      Hahahahahahahaha LOL

  • Chito

    I hope T-Wayne happens! And hope T-pain will be on C5!!! #May5 #C5 Watup ✋

  • Hitler

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    • THA CARTER V-May 5th

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  • KingZ

    T PAIN is way better than Future

  • Weezy

    Just finished listening to the whole ym album without skippin a song..goes hard!
    But wayne shoulda been on every track

  • Gianluca lopetale wayne

    i love you lil wayne

  • TheTruth

    AYEE who tryna go on a heist to steal this niggas iPod?!!

  • mortimerr2014

    If weezy Wednesdays this week don’t have some studio time I’m gon kill a nigga

  • Tahir

    Weezy Wednesdays?

    • T.D.E

      Nah bitch!!!! It’s fucked ya momma fridays

    • pridge

      Wayne put the YouTube link on his Facebook yesterday

  • YMCorey

    That shit dead!!

  • CMB_

    Danny post that new MTV interview clip with lil wayne…He said after Carter V is released it would take $25-$35million dollars for him to release another solo album because he doesnt think he could ever work this hard again on an album. He said he would still do Like father Like Son, and Be on Young money albums, but after C5 thats pretty much it….. 🙁

    • Michael

      Post the link to it bruh

      • CMB_

        freeonsmash. com/music/the-price-for-another-lil-wayne-solo-album-35-million/ Link just backspace it

    • supermamba17

      I think thirs will be his last solo album… Big Tymers, Like Father like Son 2 are all albums done with others. And Devol has already been recorded. All we can do is hope

      • Michael

        It’d be crazy if he dropped Devol and Carter 5 in the same week !

        • supermamba17

          That would be unreal!!! lol it would be tight

  • Michael

    Damn, it sounds like Tha Carter V is really his last album. The day Wayne retires is going to be a sad day. The good thing is that he’ll still at least do features and collab albums but Carter V is really his last solo album. He setting up high expectations for Carter V after saying he’s never worked this hard for an album before. Wayne bout to show all these rappers that his is and always will be one of the greatest, Next time you mention Pac, Biggie or Jay-Z don’t forget Weezy Baby !

  • JustAGuy234

    niggas on here calling t-pain broke must be clowns… he worth 35 mill (yes i know wayne worth 100 mil but niggas lke jay and diddy are around 500 mil) but so? i’d be happy with 5 mil. the point is, no one on here should be talkin bout “t-pain’s “”broke”” ass.

    I hope t-wayne album does eventually come out or atleast get dropped as a mixtape that would be fine too. But o just hope those songs don’t continue to get lost in the shuffle because songs like: Cant believe it, got money, that flower, ladies and hoes etc. were dope!

  • mortimerr2014

    Weezy Wednesdays out

  • Tune Up

    Weezy Wednesdays @ https:// .com/ watch?v=oLK2V8wn6tw (no spaces)

  • Don_Hooper19

    Just saw episode 4 of Weezy Wednsday lol

  • kenny

    Mtv just in lil Wayne talk about the carter 5

  • JesCordero

    Wat up
    Weezy Wednesday 4 out and not on here
    Real talk
    Watchin right now

  • Mike

    I dont think its gonnabe released maybe t pain will make it a mixtape

  • Shaquan James

    Episode 4 of ww is out and lil wayne said it again that carter v is his last solo album and definitely the last carter album and he said he working like he never worked before for this album

  • TUNE

    “I can’t remember my last drought” -moment Ik the last drought has happened but maybe tune is gonna pull some strings and comeback with a new drought tape. And he said last solo album. This just means we will get LFLS2 jus mixtapes or whatever else he has plans with YM and features. Stun a said it himself he Ain’t retiring any time soon…

  • Kid Mula

    I see people comment all the time about how they want the T-Wayne n I Can’t Feel My Face projects, but I’ve had the full He Rap, He Sings mixtape for yrs now. And My Face Can’t be Felt (Mixtape) is more than likely what ICFMF would be.