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Young Thug Says His Debut Album Will Be Titled “Tha Carter VI”, Calls Lil Wayne A Major Influence

Mon, Mar 24, 2014 by

Young Thug Says His Debut Studio Album Will Be Titled Tha Carter 6

In a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45, Young Thug mentioned the title of his upcoming debut studio album is “Tha Carter VI“.

Thugger believes that he feels as big as Lil Wayne to be able to name his album “Tha Carter VI” and adds that because Wayne won’t be making anymore Tha Carter albums after the fifth one, he will carry on the music for him.

Before the interview wrapped up, Thug also confirmed to Whoo Kid that Tunechi has been a major influence to him in every way by saying “hell fuck yeah”. You can listen to the interview below, but the main question here is Wayniacs do you believe that Thugger will really name his debut album “Tha Carter VI“?

Also after the jump below, you can watch Young Thug perform his “Danny Glover” single live at Birdman’s private birthday bash in New Orleans on February 15th with Weezy, Meek Mill, French Montana, Tyga, and more all on stage!

Skip to the 8:00 mark to get straight to Tha Carter VI and Lil Wayne talk.

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  • [Original] Gudda Gudda


    • Uncle Sam

      Lol, just so it’s out there, Double G is probably 1 of the most prolific artists signed with YM. Not too sure why he hasn’t had an album out yet but Judging by the mixtapes he’s put out and his features, I’m confident it will be epic if and when it does happen:

      “We take your body for a motherfucking sacrifice
      See you in hell bitch meet me in the afterlife
      Minivan, duct tape, knife in my hand
      Nigga, knife to your head, you’re my sacrificial lamb
      Nigga, I can smell blood like a hound, I see dead people
      Paint the scene, I’m a leave a bunch of red people
      Saddam, I bomb, I’m insane, Hussein
      Assault rifle with the drum, nigga with the blue flame”

      Sickest lyrics ever

      • nfs444

        Sacrifice should’ve made the tracklist of the first YM album… I think it was actually a leftover

  • Frank

    Wow… That nigga couldn’t think of his own shit



    • Tony Altrudebta

      I can’t take this serious because everything been to real since I heard Jay Z so blatantly diss Drake & YM (Lil Wayne) on that “We Made It” remix with Jay Electronica. This is like good news compared to that and that’s saying something.

      • paul mama sucked my dick

        he only dissed drake

        • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

          He didn’t diss Drake. Smh, just because a rapper says another rappers name in a song does not mean its a diss record. He didn’t say nothing bad except for him rapping about the art he bought!

          • Larry

            He calls him mrs. Drizzy ??? Sounds like a diss to me

        • Tony Altrudebta

          He said “I own my own masters, no I ain’t missing no royalty statements. I can’t be rated, god, god, damn hov stunt on them haters” (There hass been a lot of talk about YMCMB screwing over their artists. Drake being one of those artist said to not have complete ownership of his music. For example Lil Wayne beef with Pusha T over the comments Pusha made about Drake in “Exodus 23:1” about being signed to young money, which made Lil wayne immediately release the diss track “Ghoulish””

          Jay then said “Sorry Mrs Drizzy for so much art talk (or arguably he’s saying “out talk”), silly me rapping about shit that I really bought. (Clearly that was a response to Drakes comments on Jay rapping about art in his music to much).

          lastly he said “While these rappers rap about guns they ain’t shot, and a bunch of other silly shit that they ain’t got” (Virtually everytime Jay z has dissed Lil Wayne or Birdman he’s said something about what they say they do or what they say they have, but don’t.)

          All that being said, Clearly it was a quick shot a Drake and a slick shot at the owners of the Label he’s signed to.

          • Malik

            But drake has all his masters to his songs he said that when he was talking about his young money deal

  • Merey

    Turn up! First

  • Izzy

    Even though he sounds totally serious he better be joking around

    This is something lil Chuckee would do too

    • Jbadd504

      Fuck young thug and anybody that love em

      • Soooo, Fuck Lil Wayne ?

        • Jbadd504

          I dont see lil wayne all on young thug dick, talkin about him, posting pics about him or nothin. For all we know maybe wayne cant stand this nigga. Ive never heard him even speak on young thug

        • Jbadd504

          If wayne wanted anyone else to continue the carter legacy “which I doubt he does” im almost 125% sure it wouldn’t be this fuckin young thug clown.

  • dabigone

    I hope he isn’t…

  • He can fuck right off naming his album that lol.

  • Sharyel

    Thats kinda fucking weird like it’s chill and shit but I wonder how wayne feels about this idk it’s kinda homo

  • Lil Wayne

    He continuing a legacy bruh

    • No

      He can’t rap though danny glover is only catchy

  • ken

    Fuck no that nigga must. Be crazy naming his damn album after a legends work that’s like spitting in weezy face on some real shit. He better call it thugger 1 or 6 or something but only wayne could make carter album and we all know that!!!

  • fewcha

    im pulling the same face palm as young thug is doing in the picture hah!

    • Time


  • & If He Does, What Y’all Gonna Do ? NOTHING ! But Cry About It …

    • Aaron

      I Don’t Know What We Would Do, But I Assure You We Wouldn’t Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word In The Sentences We Type

      • Kobethebeast

        I’m pretty sure he didn’t capitalize all the words in his sentence. Let the dude speak his opinion

        • Slateer

          You can obviously tell he just was

      • Was You Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each Word Apart Of The “Joke” ?

    • ken

      How bout u stfu

  • Aaron

    niggas be crazy thinking the gunna call their album “Tha Carter 6” n shit

    • Nexoduss

      I think it would be a disgrace to lil wayne and tha carter series if he names it that. This nigga is a fuckin joke.

  • philly c

    Smh this reminds me of adrien broner riding the coattail of Floyd mayweather. young thug is basically doing the same damn thing with Wayne!

  • No


  • Cocaine Biceps

    Well if this happens, look out for the jokes about how weezy must have given this nigga an unforgettable anal which just drove him crazy

    • paul mama sucked my dick

      yo fag ass left this same comment on the forums nigga you gay af!

  • Weezus F Baby

    Well There Goes My Respect For Young Thug .

  • Weezy 215

    Fuck no ! And carry his music ? Foh young thug suck .

  • wanna be ha

    He will never be as big as tune use your own shit

  • Mario Nikitopoulos

    the gay rapper? hahahahahaha wayne better watch the fuck up!!! if the first openly gay rapper shows y as a big influence……hahahaha

  • Time

    Birdman would not let him do this…..shit I don’t even think Wayne would

    • Martiansfromouttaspace

      Yeah I absolutely agree with homie above me comment Young thug on some over shit for real this is pissing off all the real Weezy fans around the world smh I can’t imagine Lil Wayne approving this becuz can’t no nigga put that much body of work as much as Dewayne Carter himself nobody can reach this highest level like Wayne has done killing the hip hop game Tha Carter VI needs too not be released and should be kept in the studio forever sad news here smh

      • Nexoduss

        luckily if it somehow does end up as being called the carter vi only about 3 people will hear it because that’s how many people actually thing young thug is good. Therefore, it will be like it never even existed. It still pisses me off that he would even consider calling it that.

  • The735Truth .

    Please tell me he’s kidding.I understand the influence part.But you don’t see the game calling his album the Chronic 3.You know why? Because there some shit U JUST DON’T DO.The Carter’s are classics.And I respectfully say.YOUNG THUG.Dont fuck with the classics

    • Chuck_Brazy

      seriously man. it’s depressing

      • Nexoduss

        It’s making me more angry than depressed. Although if it does come out and is named that, I will be sad and I know that every true wayne fan will feel as though they have been betrayed by wayne for him letting this whack ass rapper ruin what most people would say is the best series of albums ever put out by a rapper.

  • kenny


  • No

    I’m crying right now

  • wayneskiee


  • wayneskiee

    this is the best news everrr…honestly thuger the closest we got to wayne andddddd iffff weezy stop hell ya thugger shud drop the carter 6….that shit ill be legendry

    • Flow, To Me Is The Closest Thing To Wayne …

      • wayneskiee

        flow hard..but thugger thugger jus on some other shit..

        • Slateer

          Thugger fucking sucks, He raps like the other Chicago niggas like Migos and Lil Durk. Shitty ass Rappers. Flow would murk him lyrically

      • svjf


        • wayneskiee

          nigga euro suck dickk… the song we alright sucked asss cuz of him..only 1 mill views in 2 fuckin months..that was his showin..nd i know everyone on this planet skip his part

  • Uncle Sam

    By NO means whatsoever (can’t really speak for Tune) do I believe Weezy will approve of that happening. Tha Carter series is definitely his sort of franchise, so I’m not too sure but, I think there may be some legalities to overcome. Not to mention the fact the it’s not exactly written in stone that Tha Carter V will be the FINAL piece in the puzzle. If Tune decided to come back with Tha Carter VI, then Young Thug would be screwing him over entirely. Probably just a bunch of hot air coming from another rapper that’s giving praise towards Wayne, but still gotta wonder.

  • Young Cuban

    FUCK NO!!! Your not Lil Wayne, your just some faggot, that he hangs with. Don’t fuck up the Carter series.

    • Davidson Lumas

      Wayne already fucked up with cArter 4. Thugger might as well

      • Slateer

        Believe it or not most people actually consider C4 a classic…..just not to the level of C3

      • Nfs444

        C4 was good fuck you

  • wayne-train

    Day 15: Still no sign of wayne’s single.

  • Tune Up


  • Weezy

    That’s just some weirdo..stalker..creepy shit

    • nfs444

      That’s some straight up Charles Manson type shit right there son

  • TBRA

    Young thug resembles a crackhead who heard lil Wayne and wanted to be him so he started rapping, made a couple words rhyme and now he thinks he’s weezy……….-___________-
    This nigga really has the audacity to say he feels he as big as wayne(pause)
    I’m flabbergasted my niggas..speechless.

  • Weezy

    This has nothin to do with influence

  • Weezy

    Hiphop ain’t what it used to be..niggas just sign anybody now

  • Weezy

    If wayne lets this happen I will slap wayne myself

  • Tune Up

    This actually pisses me off.

    • Nexoduss

      Yeah me too bro. I’m seriously angry. If I were to see this young thug dude right now I would beat the living shit out of him.

  • Chuck_Brazy

    this thugga motherfuck has the nerves..the audacity to say such nonsense. i don’t know what to say…

  • Uncle Sam

    Anyone else think it’s absurd that Wayne signed Paris Hilton and Chanel West Coast…Seriously WTF man? That shit is like a publicity stunt more than anything

    • Lethu

      Wayne signed chanel west coast and paris is signed to cash money not young money

      • Uncle Sam

        Young Money Cash Money are virtually the same.. It’s ALL 1 big happy family. Technical doesn’t even matter though. The point is why in the hell are either one of them YMCMB? Take it you’re waiting on Paris to make her debut?

  • The Future

    No way this fool names his album Tha Carter VI

  • Uncle Sam

    By NO means whatsoever (can’t really speak for Tune) do I believe Weezy will approve of that happening. Tha Carter series is definitely his sort of franchise, so I’m not too sure but, I think there may be some legalities to overcome. Not to mention the fact the it’s not exactly written in stone that Tha Carter V will be the FINAL piece in the puzzle. If Tune decided to come back with Tha Carter VI, then Young Thug would be screwing him over entirely. Probably just a bunch of hot air coming from another rapper that’s giving praise towards Wayne, but still gotta wonder

  • Fireman

    So back to real news… Fuck Tez

  • Don_Hooper19

    I hope he is joking not that I hate on this dude but you gotta be better than Wayne or something like Wayne to carry on the Carter series and young thug isn’t just saying lol

  • corbin wells

    Don’t mind it. Obviously Wayne is retiring i’m sure he got Wayne aprovment for it as well. Thug is the New Wayne for real he is dope as fuck.

    • Lethu

      Lol young thug dope nah man you must be joking this niga will just ruin the carter series and don’t forget this niga calls man his love and bae so Nah he aint dope

    • DL

      i agree he sounds just like lil wayne, but at the same time has his own style to keep things moving for himself

      • Nexoduss

        wtf are you talking about? this retarded crackhead sounds absolutely nothing like wayne.

  • I hate young thug

    Fuck young thug his a fuckin joke!


    This nigga has the audacity to even think he can carry the carter series

  • ak

    birdman will be like no playboi

  • t-streetz

    gudda gudda wil be on the cartVI

  • young tune

    Fuck no. How he gonna take a piece ofhip hop history and ruin it???!!!! Tune please take that 25 mill that weknow you have and keep the carter series going don’t let this rookie steal that shine. He’s only gonna do it for sales and who the hell names there debut album a number 6?

  • nfs444

    We don’t even have an album cover or a tracklist for C5 and NOW THIS??? FUCK TEZ

    • T.D.E

      I really hope wayne end up firing that nigga soon smh. Matter of fact that nigga need to get shot tf up. He a fuck boy and if u think about it, this nigga is responsible for all of waynes delayed projects smh

      • YMCorey

        Wayne ain’t firing no tez he been around forever..

        • Nfs444

          Unfortunately your right. I remember in The Carter Documentary there was a scene where Wayne and Tez fought but nothing happened. Smh

      • WEEZY


        • WEEZY


      • Brian

        Man all you guys freaking out over a song coming out are fucking retarded, you’re even saying this guy should get “shot up” and die, what is wrong with you, its a SONG.

        This Tez guy has been doing this job for a long time he’s not an idiot. Do you even understand the amount of time and work that goes into releasing albums and singles.

        This isn’t like some idiot clicking upload on his shitty youtube freestyle.

        Calm the fuck down.

        Every single comment section on this site is people bitching about some single coming out, go do something with your life to occupy yourself, its ridiculous.

  • nfs444

    Anybody else want to start searching for a hitman on Craigs list? WE NEED TO LIQUIDATE CORTEZ BEFORE THIS GETS OUT OF HAND!!!

    • Nexoduss

      Not for tez, but I’d honestly pay money to have yung thug taken out. I bet if we got a pool together we could pay for it. I’m dead serious, like just the fact that this retarded ass rapper wants to call his album the carter vi pisses me off beyond belief. I think it’s one of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever heard of in the rap game. Now this is based on the fact that yung thug is a truly terrible rapper. If he were somewhere in the same ballpark as Wayne as a rapper, then maybe I would be alright with it, but the fact that this dude is just complete dogshit offends the fuck out of me and should offend wayne as well. That song hookah is without a doubt the worst song ever produced if you take Tyga’s part out.

  • Slateer

    That shit felt like a diss. Listen to the interview. He aint even sound like he respected Wayne like that. Yeah he says Wayne is his biggest influence but he for one says he as big as Wayne, which is an insult right there. Years of work to be a legend and this faggot is as big as him? Then he says he coming straight at Wayne ass? Fuckboi

  • Klay

    This is downright disrespectful to Lil Wayne and Tha Carter series! Someone should do something about this because this guy will never reach the caliber of Lil Wayne. He’s not half as good as Wayne on his worse day. Tez, Lil Wayne, everyone affiliated with him should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Loves 2 Splooge

      This is the man you want

  • Dj

    Next Young Thug Single Feat. Drake- Ew

  • JustAGuy234

    all you guys “aww yeah thugga with YMCMB i been told u this fool was trash now you wanna be mad that he biting waynes album series title.

    get this gay dirtball nigga the fuck outta here and dont let him ever call his album the carter foh.

  • Please stop

    This is how u know the world comin to an end

  • Please stop

    Marley betta shoot em

  • Christian

    This the type of news that make you want C5 to be delayed, just to delay this fuckery.

    • Martiansfromouttaspace

      For young thug too claim calling his album Carter VI after weezy is just crazy and disrepectfl becuz can’t no nigga work as hard and spit like our best rapper alive weezy needs too speak up on this right now and should do a 5 minute interview hey can anybody tell me what happen too weezy Wednesdays episode 5 ??????

  • wezzy4president

    Wtf is this?? This is not a good look for maybe one of the greatest and one of the best selling album series of all time. Nah man this can’t happened

  • Tarik Berrada

    I dont like this idea man, like Tha Carter projects are waynes, its what hes know for, i dont wanna see anybody else doin another carter project unless its wayne i dont care if they complementing or praising him in any way, Im a true wayne fan and what’s waynes should stay waynes

  • TheTruth

    Carter 6 gonna come out before carter V .

  • YoungTunechiYM

    NO. just no. his name ain’t even Carter, he hasn’t even done an album before since this is his debut album. There is no way he will ever compare to Wayne. If I was Tunechi I would feel disrespected. As a true Wayne fan I am very insulted by this nigga thinkin he can name his shit Tha Carter VI. Fuck him. For real

    • Shaquan James

      Lil wayne actually started that carter thing after new jack city movie it was just more fitting that Carter’s his last name and if u didn’t see the movie the carter is a building in the movie that niño brown does business in hence whole building theme from tha carter 1

      • Chuck_Brazy

        lol no shit. thugga’s name still ain’t carter tho hahahaha so it still doesnt give him the right to pull that dumb shit. Tha Carter VI my ass

  • Lil Will B

    As big as Lil’ Wayne…? I’ve never even heard of this dude, honestly, until now. ._.
    Lil’ Wayne came since the age of 8 to 11 (officially) and he worked his whole life off for his position. Don’t you come at me with the bullshit that you are as big as him when you got here yesterday. O.o

    • paul mama sucked my dick


  • paul mama sucked my dick

    this is so disrespectful to wayne’s entire career and legacy! esp. his carter series bruh smh!!


    “THE PINK PRINT” -________________ –

  • Terrence_j__

    this nigga is seriously OBSESSED with wayne . this is getting out of hand now “tha carter 6” ? like really my nigga ? smh WAYNE SAID HIMSELF C5 IS THE END OF THE CARTER SERIES AND HIS RETIREMENT ALBUM

  • Shaquan James

    Damn that’s dickriding at its finest really bro i don’t think wayne would even like that

  • Emmanuel Kesse

    Fuck TEZ !

  • Just anotha opinion

    Honestly, I think young thug aboutta fuck up hard. He only got one dope track, and at that, only the chorus is dope. He ain’t wayne and I sure as hell don’t think wayne would appreciate that. I know the dude has love for wayne like crazy, but that’s ridiculous.

  • KING

    He finna add trash to the classic series…tell nikka to be creative & leave tha Carter series alone

  • Manolis P

    Man.. ok thug is good but not that good to continue wayne shit, like 4 real. anyway im still waiting for that Wayne and Kidd Kidd single smh, tez must b trollin

  • Chuck_Brazy

    lol everything is going to shit. i don’t give a damn, call me a fake fan. i’ve put up with this bs for too long. i don’t give a shit about C5 no more. when it drops it drops.

    • mortimerr2014

      You say that but you do. C4 got pushed back

    • You’ll Be Back ….

      • Chuck_Brazy

        hahaha of course. i meant that i’m gonna stop hyping myself up for C5 until the single drops at least

  • Dillon

    That shit ain’t never gonna happen unless Young thug has many millions in the bank it would take to pay the type of royalty fee that would have to be paid for that. Im pritty sure Birdman made damn sure he has the “Tha Carter” title copy righted. After all, we all know what happened with the whole “bling bling” story.

  • Harry Hannafin

    He better fucking not

  • Skenny

    Kill Tez & Young Thug
    Before I kill myself

  • Nukey

    Young Thug can’t do Tha Carter 6….. Tha Carter’s are Wayne’s, he needs to think of his own album titles if his capable of that lol

  • Ogur4ik :D

    Где сингл, суки!??

  • Exposed101






  • YMCorey

    Shout out thugger man!!!

  • YMCorey

    Y’all dumb for even believing a single was coming… And the album is not dropping in May.. It’s gonna get pushed back a lot


    Out of all the people influenced by Wayne (Kendrick, Gambino, Chance, Macklemore, Chuckee) Young Thug is by far the biggest dick-rider.

  • Best

    Hey Young Thug, you are not Wayne and you can never be Wayne o like Wayne, so stop saying shit. Nigga get a life

  • mortimerr2014

    If you honestly think c5 will drop May 5 your an idiot. Carter 4 was supposed to drop in late march/April, and then June and then got pushed back 2 months to end of August. Just cause drake said May 5 doesn’t mean it’s dropping then. I think that’s around the time we will get the first single is how it’s lookin.


    • Paul

      You mad late, Chuckee been dropped long time ago

    • Nexoduss

      One of the best my ass. They need to start dropping all these whack ass rappers left and right and regain some respect and exclusiveness to the label instead of letting just anyone join and put out half ass music.

  • T@

    If you watch anything from this site you’d see that wayne and birdman fuck with him he’s just paying a tribute to the legend

  • Would like to officially announced that I will be dropping Tha Carter 5 soon!

  • Tramaine Johnson

    Tha Carter Series Is Over After Wayne, Ain’t No Keeping Shit Going Without The Carter Himself.

  • Wayniac

    He has NO right to name his album that! “Tha Carter” series is a story of Lil Wayne’s life from teen years to now. And for him to think that he could continue it is BS. No one wants to hear about Young Thug’s fake trap life. Also that is un-original! Like come up with your own shit.
    Wayne has : “Tha Carter” series
    Jay Z: “The Blueprint”
    Kanye: “College Dropout——>Graduation
    That was disrespectful AF’. I’ll consider him after all of his albums go platinum one after the other. oh wait he hasn’t even released an album.

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  • killuminati

    Have any.of you ever thought that all of this controversy and talk is just building up the actual drop of the album.. publicity is publicity good or bad.. birdman and weezy arent stupid. How long have they been making money off this shit????/ since what 99? Thats 15 years… straight. Twitter is the perfect platform to create controversy. Think about it.

  • killuminati

    If youre a true fan.. you know that wayne is was and always will be the face of ymcmb. And every single carter album was a classic. I prefer tha carter 2 my self. Young thug will never accomplish the things wayne has. Lets just be clear.

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  • TayG

    Young thug suck as a rapper