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Episode 6 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Thu, Apr 3, 2014 by

Episode 6 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

In this post, you can watch episode 6 of Lil Wayne‘s “Weezy Wednesday’s” series.

During this episode, we can see the Young Money artists attending the Nice Kicks store in Austin, Texas for SXSW Weekend, Mr. Carter performing live at the Illmore on March 15th, and behind the scenes footage from the “Moment” studio session.

Click here to watch episode 5 of “Weezy Wednesday’s“!

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  • Kenneth

    First thx god

  • 3Peat

    The best episode yet!!! This has got me so hyped for C5! Never question greatness.

  • Finally scoob Doo doesn’t disappoint.

  • fewcha

    damn look at the size of that joint he smoking rofl

  • J

    Good ain’t like the beginning but they made up for it lol

  • Kenneth

    I cant believe i got first i have been waiting to get first for along time

  • Chuck_Brazy

    did that nigga just record “moment” straight up off the dome? daaaaamn. weezy f. baby bitch, the “f” is for fascinate

    • Lost

      All his music is off the done.

      • Chuck_Brazy

        i know lol

    • JustAGuy234

      not off the dome dome, he just doesnt write stuff down but he does sit and think about stuff and write things mentally before he records

      • Chuck_Brazy

        haha yee i know. but this is the first time i saw him record without stopping to think. in nino brown he would pause after 2 or 3 lines.

        • Youngsosa

          Watch the episode again lol, it cuts out for a bit after every few bars, wayne didnt spit that whole verse in one he did it 3 or 4 lines at a time like he always does!

          • Uncle Sam

            Ok, the point is it’s still off the dome. Whether it took him an hour to record it or not. He wrote nothing down and wasn’t reading anything, so to me it’s off the dome.

            • Chuck_Brazy

              THANK YOU! Jeez these people uptight about everything.

      • Martiansfromouttaspace

        Hey I don’t know if y’all remember this but awhile ago Lil Wayne did public service announcement he said he’s a machine at all times and he goes hard can’t nobody see da best rapper alive hands down naw mean the body of work he does makes him gifted from god y’all need too say go weezy go weezy for fireman come back hard shock the world again $$$$ hustla musik and money on my mind leather so soft

        • jkj

          u heard what he said since he raps from the dome he cant o back their but what he is gonna do is making it intresting

    • YMCorey

      You dumb for believing he recorded it like that..

    • Tune Up

      Weezy F Baby and the F is for PHENOMENAL(spanish = Fenomenal)

      • Truth


      • J

        Lol never thought of that

    • Weezy

      it wasn’t straight off the dome..u can see parts cut off..djscoobdoo did a sick job tho! props!

  • Hugh

    Great episode except the beginning.

    This is Wayne, that means I don’t want to see tez or the irrelevant young money artists.

    Seeing Wayne record moment made up for it though 🙂

  • 86TiLLiDiE

    Love the intro to Moment. So true what Wayne said. I may not dig his style but because of the big weezy fan that I was, Im excited to hear his final chapter

    The weezy fan is comin out in me a lil haha

  • JustAGuy234

    remember when wayne did his PSA video a few years back?? that he was in to start is the same room he’s in at 3:35 but the room was complete white walls now it looks almost like a whole new spot he done graffiti’d it up and got boards everywhere i wonder how long that all took

    • glenn

      One day that nigga worth a 135 million when he want something done it get done fast as fuck

      • JustAGuy234

        yeah i feel you but its the art ya know,money wont make a skilled Graffiti artist work faster that stuff takes a while to get it perfect they go hard with the spray paint. Chris Brown is real nice too ,look up the pics of what he spray painted n his house in LA

        • glenn

          Fat Joe said that Wayne let him and Chris Brown do graffiti in one of the rooms in his house so that might be who did that

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      The Weezy Sports Corner room was in this episode too

  • Deontre Lewis

    So is my body sexy ladies

  • Deontre Lewis

    And that should be the moment video….i stay up till 3:20 to see this…..and it was worth it #TRUKFIT ….FUCK THE TWO GUDDA`S ON HERE ToO

  • Kushy Kush

    Slowly slowly they makin up for it hope next week we get to see more studio work

  • Deontre Lewis

    #NeverQuestionGreatness The Best Rapper alive since O5 !! This album will be great and i know i post pics of myself alot im not gay i just dont be caring lol but thats besides the point, the carter five will be not epic, but from “moment” being scraped this album should be great, All they need is a good promotion and 1 mixtape before the album come out….and the mixtape should be……Devol, yeah i said it. Good luck Dwayne

    • Kushy Kush

      Respect for rating weezy but come on dude these pics gotta stop 4 real, leave it with insta & twitter they will take care of u.

  • aaaaah dämn love him watching how he records like in old times.. magic.. I aint know how fake feel ni**a… still f#ckin with that moment !

  • Tune

    Best Episode of Weezy Wednesdays yet!

  • King Weezy F

    YOO This cover would be Dope AF for Tha Carter V damn

    • William Tom

      It would but I rather him be on there like carter 1 and 2

    • laure

      bitch ass cover of a hand
      man u really think (to be continued….)
      first tell me why do they have album covers just to have fun haa what do you really think tell me
      you really think that looks nice the hand with the world
      ….continued if weezy thought it would look nice he would have done way past time my mitch

    • Time
      • King Weezy F

        Didn’t say it was official it just looks dope, knowing Wayne the cover will be amazing

    • Worthless Mang

      that looks mad dumb

  • Nukey

    Great episode 😀

  • Tflames Bitch

    C him in the booth…he still got that same hunger to me personally. He gonna drop a classic with this last chapter yeh dig

  • John Osco

    dope dope dope ,,best so far ..thats whats up scoob

  • Dillon

    No see that’s just what we’ve all been waiting for some Weezy Wednesdays started.

  • Devolchi

    Freestyle, looks more like memorized

  • Young OG

    Smh. Ive been creepin through this site for a long min. I be checkin almost every post lilwaynehq be making along with ymhq aswell, I be seeing some disgusting ass weezy hating comments and along with the dick riding ones too. I’ve been a fan for a while, probably when c2 came out, I’ve heard his dedication mistakes, droughts, no ceiling, s4tw, sq’s all the shit and even his features along with his singles too, and I can admit wayne has done some sloppy work past yr or so, but I’ve never given up on this rapper, and I’m actually excited for c5, just like c4, and d4, and d5… But I know for a fact this nigga is gonna surprise us with c5 and then the old wayne dick riders will come out their caves like… “Wayne the best rapper” big ol cornballs, should shut the fuck up and listen to wiz, and Mac millers, and let’s not forget the rest of the main streamers that have no hope in making a comeback to the game cuz wiz and Mac fell off hard.

    • Slateer

      You right. Wayne is a legend. He has been in the game for 20 years, and he has fell off, but he still puts out pretty above average work most of the time(not all the time,but most). Everyone was on Wiz’s dick when he first came out and said he was better than Wayne and where is he now? Nowhere. Wayne has been in the game almost two decades and is still top of the hip hop food chain. These others rappers “Falling off like baggy clothes” lol. In nowhere near half the time Wayne has been at the top. He’s a legend, even if not the GOAT(Even though he is for me)

  • President Carter

    Last time I checked this wasn’t young money Wednesdays. WTF is goin on?!?

    • President carter is a fag


  • YMCorey

    Y’all know wayne doesn’t one take verses it probably took him all damn night to record celebration

    • Time

      Celebration? This song is Moment nigga

      • YMCorey


    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      I guess you a fake fan for not knowing the song title. Well thats what you would say

      • YMCorey

        And youre a fake ass j gudda

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Nice where’s that single?!?

  • Skenny

    I just saw someone in tha video wearin a Tshirt with big 5 !!
    I cant describe it but I can get a picture of it

  • Skenny

    Here’s tha photo

  • Kingrico

    My son euro nice

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      Take that comment to YMHQ

      • Kingrico

        My nigga you mad gay. I fucks with wayne too that don’t mean I can’t recognize talent dicksucker

      • Faggggg

        All you comment about is gudda so take yo ass to YMHQ

  • lil_muthafucka

    That joint tho

  • Kushy Kush

    Watched it for da third time today. #Dope

    • Time

      I’m on my fifth time hah

      • Kushy Kush

        Got this shit in fifth gearrrr

  • Diezel

    Search “LouDiezel – Polo Shelltops” on youtube

    Euro better be happy he got his spot first….
    cuz I’m hungry

    LouDiezel on Soundcloud …. I got 12K Views on that song …..

    i need yall support


    in the pic with the huge joint, it looks like he got his dreads done.

  • Best

    I see that you all are happy now

  • Khosta

    seeing him record moment almost made me cry, honestly I love lil wayne. no homo though

  • Weeezyyy!!! Yeeaa.. Can’t wait for CV!!!;)

  • joyce

    anyone catch at the very very end theres a different song playing. its not moment. different beat. you can barely hear it but you can if you listen close. maybe new c5 single???

    • Dorian X

      Nope, it’s just a previously-recorded version of the track. Besides, it can’t be the C5 single when the footage is of him in the middle of recording Moment. Just sayin’

      • Slateer

        C5 was supposed to be done a long time ago. It could be very well the C5 single

        • Dorian X

          Moment was supposed to be on Tha Carter V though, but it didn’t make the cut, so the album is still in progress. Also, if you listen to the lyrics, you can tell it’s an earlier cut of the song

          • Slateer

            Sigh man. We’ve been waiting for this C5 single since November. I mean Moment was probably the single and ok I get the wait then, But the YM album has been out for like 3 weeks now. We only got one Wayne song really on the album, the rest was features. We barely heard Wayne really 2014. I mean as a fan, I am itching for some new Weezy

  • Cade Matthew Hughes

    When hes talking at the end you can hear some music playing maybee its some C5!

  • Nexoduss

    Found this picture of that douchebag. Thought it was more fitting than the shit he’s posting.

    • Deontre Lewis

      To much time on your hands

      • Michael


    • Time

      I’m dying.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda


    • Naim Dimangadap

      lolololo big dick

  • Weezy

    yes!!!! this that shit!


    DANNY M where can i get one of those CARTER V shirts ?!

  • Lil Wayne sweden

    In the background music you can here a new song by lil wayne ” They say tune you need to do it, i say…” maybe from C5!

    • Lil Wayne sweden

      in the end of the video

    • Dorian X

      It says “They say Tunechi, how you do it?”. It’s just a previously-recorded version of Moment.

  • Linoh Locc

    Dawm this Weezy Wednesdays goes hard !! We just need da single !! C5 !!!!

  • Deontre Lewis

    Like my six pack ladies

    • Michael

      Wtf bro, it’s mainly dudes on this. You that thirsty ?

    • Anonymous

      Go to worldsatr with that shit

  • Time

    And once again this came out on a Thursday -_-

    • brandone

      when it dont come out at all dont cry ok?

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Wayne recording Moment gave me chills

  • Nathan Bryant

    I like videos of artist of like in the studio. It’s so much better. I think he or some great artist should add a DVD or something with their album of them in the studio making their top hits on the album.

  • EdwinvanLeth

    haha look at tune’s watch dissapears at 4;42

  • Naim Dimangadap

    greatest rap lil wayne

  • Lageon

    Shouldn’t of had the song playing while he was recording it

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Glad too finally get too see all YMCMB artists all together rapping they need too show more studio sessions having freestyle battles Show Ymcmb Flow Gudda Corey Gunz Lil Twist Jae Millz Tyga and Drizzy drake go hard spitting fire fans wanna see more speak y’all mind real fans need too step up and let Birdman and Mack Maine know hit up they’re twitter pages tweet them back please weezy fans Lol

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Too all real weezy fans need too get Tunechi up on Bet 106 and park to premiere music video for dat song Moment from his coming new Carter V

  • Caleb

    I hope we get more episodes like this after we get some Carter V singles, it’s always super dope to see the artist in the studio

  • Buku

    Looks like Weezy is really dedicated to his music this year!! Carter V will sell more than 1 million copies in its first week. Easily!!!

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Any of y’all real weezy/ ymcmb fans remember these songs Play in my band feat shanell Prom queen Mirror feat Bobby v Hit em up Grown man On my own Only way We don’t features Birdman stunna Get it all together Waynes takeover Top back Live from da 504 Reppin time Knock if you buck Dickpleaser Banned from T.v. D.O.A. Shout out So dedicated Burn Cashin out Best rapper alive Tunechi back Don’t kill my vibe New slaves Fucking problem Pure Colombia Way I’m ballin Still got that rock Up up and Away Strange clouds Shoot me down 6 Foot 7 foot 3 peat Blunt blowin Mega man Good day Steady Mobbin Hello Brooklyn Amilli Sold Nike boots remix features wale

  • The Future

    Best episode since the first 1!

  • Jesus Ernesto Alejos

    wayne is top 10 of all time

  • Carl Ferguson III

    The Best Rapper Alive Tha Carter V can’t wait to hear greatness

  • raines

    Dafuq, That big ass joint, was it real?? :/ Weezy in the studio again with his weed, That that shit i like!! =D When you smoke weed you never get bored, when you don’t smoke weed it’s hard to stay in the studio for 3-4 days or a week, WEED makes this possible.. And i guess that’s the reason he started skateboarding.. But then again people say he never quited smoking, I don’t know, I hope he stopped smoking when we got bad music and a shitty ass album and he started smoking agian when the music became goood again! Greeeeets

  • Bruna

    at 2:57 he acidentally hit that girl in the back haha

  • LuvTunechi

    My Boo in da studio duin his thang az alwayz. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ TUNE ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  • martianspacedout

    Best Weezy Wednesday Episode ever made Lol shows Wayne going out witha bang for his final last Carter Album hes really working hard you can tell becuz he come str8 off top of da dome with dis shit he just trying too make sure everything he be spitting seems interesting for y’all real weezy fans shout out for supporting this Alien martian outta this planet too self made millionaire true shit Best Rapper Alive luv thanks too Birdman Stunna for pushing Wayne too go harder in this hip hop rap game got it on lock $$$$$$ ymcmb Richgang