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Episode 7 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Wed, Apr 9, 2014 by

Episode 7 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

For this week’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” installment, Lil Wayne can be seen recording the Fire Flame” remix, freestyling during a rehearsal session, attending 2014 Tampa Pro, and more.

Click here to watch episode 6 of “Weezy Wednesday’s“!

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  • Tune Up

    6 Foot sample was dope.

  • Fire flame? Nigga we in 2014 smh.

    • YMCorey


    • Trey

      They can keep these weezy wednesday episodes. They are just lame at this point, why tf are they showing the fireman studio sesh?? Smh that was fuckin 4 years ago.

    • Slateer

      I thought it was interesting. Also like the She Will recording session, he changed the lyrics around. And sure we in 2014 but Fire Flame is still “Hot” lol. Probaly one of his best flows and is timeless and has aged very well

  • Tunechi over hoes

    What was that instrumental half way through the video? A c5 beat?

    • Tune Up

      If you talking about @ 3:00..That’s “Bitches Love Me”..

    • Time

      I think its unreleased

    • frank

      its hold up from ianahb1

  • Michael

    Even The streak was broken before the C5 single drops

    • Linoh Locc


    • Ezzy


    • WWE/Weezy Fan

      #thankyouTaker mad the streak broken RIP Ultimate Warrior that Weezy freestyle dope AF

  • CMB_

    old footage in the beginning

  • CJ

    “i get high like jupiter …

    give me my space”

    killlllled it every line

    • fewcha

      that no body line >>>>

  • Linoh Locc

    wassup wit the C5 single tho Weezy ?

    • Davidson Lumas

      I know I troll and everyone knows lil wayne music sucks now… but this lil bitch says this… fuck her white m&m lovin justin beiber singing ass hoe. Do she not remeber c2, drought 3 no ceilings… wtf is wrong with her..

      • Linoh Locc

        gtfoh ! u are not no Weezy fan.. Lil Waynes g.o.a.t wth u talking about

        • Davidson Lumas

          Why u say it like its ganna hurt me lol

  • fewcha

    a weezy wednesdays episode released in the day instead of on thursday?

    im shocked



    • Martiansfromouttaspace

      Hell yeah I’m shocked and surprized too see all us real weezy fans need too do is tweet Mack Maine Birdman5star Stunna on they’re twitter pages speak our minds let them know we want Mannie Fresh and Juvenile on C5 songs and can he get all Ymcmb artists together in the studio and film them going hard spitting freestyles and show more studio sessions on episodes of weezy Wednesdays ???? lol

  • They can keep this until that C5 single drop.

  • Nukey

    Awesome, but why did they show Weezy in the studio recording fire flame remix when it came out years ago……

  • TBRA

    How worldstar got this video before this site smfh -.-

    • My bad I’m late, I’m only never on this website when Man United are playing and they were playing when this video premiered.

      • Cespo2430

        Danny, thank you for taking time out of your day to keep up with this site. We all appreciate it and most of us know you have a life outside of this site. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

      • Linoh Locc

        keep it up bro

      • TRUKFIT


        • Hash5162

          they lost today lol

          • Dafuq

            Why can’t I click on your name

      • Snuggs

        ManUNited is my team too man….damn Bayern fucked us today…..sigh…we need to rebuild our mid and def…we need ppl like Gundogun and Hummels

        • Yeah we need a few new signings in the summer!

          • Jae Millz

            Wtf is this soccer shit! American football is the only REAL football


        DANNY ur good you can take your time u work hard enough.

      • TBRA

        Oh nah it’s all good dan i was just wondering.


    For Carter V I hope wayne features

    Jay Z (just like the MR.Carter song)
    What about y’all?

    • Tune Up

      50 Cent nigga, hopefully..

      • WAYNIAC

        Maybe one with J Cole.

        • Uncle Sam

          OR an album with absolutely no features whatsoever, and just all Weezy. That’d be awesome for a change. Ya’ll act like you want the whole album to be nothing but features, damn. Personally, if anything being that Wayne is YMCMB, I’d wanna see others from YMCMB, with an exception for Juicy J and maybe Kendrick. Eminem would be a long shot, but would be cool.

    • west

      kevin gates

    • YMCorey

      Wayne ain’t doing shit with jay z

    • Dafuq

      Def kanye

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda


    • Dafuq

      I wish he would have Danny Brown, some Pro Era, and anyone from WuTang Clan on it too.

      • Dafuq

        And pusha T

        • LondonB

          u trolling… pusha doe

          • Dafuq

            Nah giving suggestions to save Lil Wayne’s shit career

            • Ym100%

              Kanye sum shit Weezy 100 times better get off this site if u not a Weezy fan pusha t suck to Smh Idek y u even brought him up Lmao

              • Dafuq

                Nigga who is you

    • Drake, future, jay z, yg, Kendrick, t.I or tpain

    • Pizzle

      any/all of Black Hippy (Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock), Juvenile, Eminem, Euro (dude got potential and this would def be a good look), anyone from Odd Future, aaand that’s all I can think of right now

      • Jbadd504

        I dont want euro on that for mixtapes..he got plenty time on rise of an empire already. If C5 is gonna be legendary then it needs legends as features or mostly just wayne.

    • Uncle Sam

      Fuck a bunch of Kanye. The more I see of him the more I hate him. Anyone watched how many times he’s made a total ASS out of himself? Probably as many times as the camera has been on him. He acts like he knows everything, in reality he’s a total air head. His sway interview, pretty much sums up Kanye West.

    • youngtune410


    • YM

      Shyne, Game, Lamar, Gun Play, Eminem, Beyonce, D-Block, Juelz

    • Zamoss

      I think if he go out after this, he should go out as a legend. So he must level with legends like a Mary J blige or a Usher/R.Kelly on this cd, maybe a Beyoncé .. And rappers like JayZ, Nas, 50, Em And André. Even though he can put some talented youngbloods on it like K-dot And Drake.. That Will be a legendary CD with the best from the best rapper Alive.

    • Kushy Kush

      Kendrick too

  • Time

    That freestyle was dope as fuck!!!!!


    I would like to know how wayne can make lyrics up off the top of his head , never write them down , but REMEMBER every single word, shits amazing! He’s been on over thousands of songs… He really isn’t human lol

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      Because he probably recorded that “freestyle” the night before.

      • Dafuq

        Why can’t I click that niggas wshh name?

      • BitchItsTune

        Nah look how long his dreads are. This is old

    • Tarik Berrada

      Do you mean like its crazy how he remembers the lyrics of his songs for concerts and tours without ever have written them down? Because when wayne records in the studio he doesnt already pre think sht and go in there , he makes it up on the spot, gets them to pause the beat, then goes back at it.

    • Have You Seen The Video On YouTube On How It Shows He’s REALLY NOT Human Like All That Shit Goes Together & The Pictures !
      Get This, It’s A Picture Of An Alien & Ears Look Just Like Wayne’s Ears They’re All Pointy & Shit. You Should Check It out ..

    • Here’s The Link

      youtu . be / FGFmN7Xbd2U

      NO Spaces



  • daniel andres andres

    david gonzalez representando A ; MEDELLIN COLOMBIA hijueputaaaa.

  • west

    i need news on carter 5

  • Daniel Andres Andres

    david gonzalez representando el skate de MEDELLIN COLOMBIA. que chimba

  • ym100%

    And people said Wayne couldnt Freestyle Smh all his shit come off the dome I want to hear him freestyle some new shit to a beat he neva raped on a CV Freestyle would be good

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      If you thought that was a real “freestyle” then I feel sorry for your parents and your future kids

      • I Feel Sorry For You if You don’t Know Know The Real Meaning Of “Freestyle”

      • ym100%

        Lmao shut yo ass up u fake Gudda Gudda wannabe obviously you don’t know the real meaning of a freestyle cause what I seen that video was a freestyle Bitch ass nigga Lol

      • Uncle Sam

        Nobody here knows Weezy personally, so you can’t say that it wasn’t a real freestyle. No one knows that. It’s extra hard because he doesn’t write anything down anyway, so it’d be kinda tough to decipher what was on the spot and what wasn’t. Either way for a man that does what he can do lyrically on just pure memorization, why would it be so hard to believe he was doing that particular set of bars on the spot?

  • President Carter

    But That FREESTYLE doe!!! hopefully we get a Sorry For The Wait 2 with some freestyles over his old beats!

    • Trey

      That definately wont be happening, sorry buddy.

      • President Carter

        Have faith Youngblood

    • Devolchi

      That would be ill

  • Dafuq

    Lil Wayne is ass and has been after C3.

    • Kanyes Is Ass, & Screams On Songs …

    • ym100%

      Typical Weezy hater Weezy still dat nigga since before and after tha Carter III u juss fell off as a fan if u eva was one and doesn’t Apreciate good music. Kanye sum ass

    • mortimerr2014

      Well your boy Kanye said he thinks Wayne’s the best rapper in the world

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Best weezy wednesday episode yet but they could show more footage of weezy aka tunechi freestyling in da studio for 6 minutes longer hopefully the more episodes gets better and better and have all YMCMB artists Flow Cory gunz Euro Gudda gudda Jae Millz Lil Twist Short Dawg and Lil Chuckee go hard spitting fire show cash money fans who raps the best ymcmb $$$$$ ya heard me

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Looks like Wayne recorded Fire Flame and She Will in the same studio session

    • Slateer

      Nah. Maybe they were just his main recording spots at that time. If you listen to Fire Flame and She Will, its two totally different Wayne’s

      • WeeyFacts

        What he means is wayne is wearing the same outfit..go check out she will recording session

        • WeeyFacts

          Nvm..i was blind for sec there..but no lie he looks the same in both videos

    • youngtune410

      Nahh nigga wouldn’t you know? lol aint like they let gudda rap anyway he just the ice bucket guy

    • Jae Millz

      She Will recording session was the god of all things. I hope he has a song on CV that amounts to She Will. We can’t let Wayne go out with a shitty album. #RiseOfAnEmpire

  • Oh man.. Not enough Wayne tho. Then boys can sk8 for their souls Lol but I would rather watch more of Wayne’s activities. .. CV tho. Can’t wait.. Swoooop!!!;)

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Too all real weezy fans can somebody please speak up and talk to Birdman5star Stunna an idea let him know fans really wanna see more of ymcmb artist freestyling spitting showing them go hard in studio sessions more songs on weezy Wednesday episodes $$$ also have DJ Scoob Doo film Mannie Fresh and Juvenile making songs with weezy on his final Tha Carter V album it would be HotBoy$ reuniting making history

    • Uncle Sam

      Yeah sure man, I’ll just call him up as soon I get done having dinner with my good buddies Johnny Depp and Will I.Am. He might not answer though. I’ve gotta pick up my Bugatti (just had the radiator replaced for 90,000$) and I’ll drop by his crib and be sure to give him a piece of my mind about all this stuff. He’ll listen to me definitely. I’ll get a a burned copy of C5 from his boy if he isn’t there, either way.

  • pridge

    I wonder how old that footage of him freestyling actually is….His dreads are long in that clip

  • Anybody Got An “PS3”
    Add Me ? Lol

    • ym100%

      Wat games u play if u got sum of the same games I got ill add u

      • GTA, Black Ops II, 2K14 … I Just Bought Minecraft & NASCAR 14 (Don’t Judge Me) Lmfaoo

        • ym100%

          Lol I WWW 2k14 I suck in thenba 2k14 I got Cod ghost but that shit sucks to me i got Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and ufc ima still add u doe Lol

    • WeeyFacts

      Blackops II

      • WeeyFacts

        Im adding u

  • Weezy Wednesday Aka Shit That Should Be On “The NIÑO BROWN STORY 3” !

    • WeeyFacts

      U feeel meeeee

  • JoneszC

    That freestyle was straight fire. Even Mack and Tez looked suprised.

  • Flow

    Man that freestyle was dope AF I can tell he just came up wit it because mack and tez was just trippin out.

  • Nathan Bryant

    Nothing amazing was said in that freestyle. He mentioned a couple girls he would hit or like to hit and he get’s high like jupitor. How is that freaking amazing? I like Weezy, but be honest, damn. No crazy lyrics were said.

    • Uncle Sam

      Let’s here you spit a freestyle. Post it on here. I know you could blow Wayne out of the water

  • Bando Lando

    Dammmnnn I didn’t want that freestyle to end…. Dope!!! Im speechless

  • mortimerr2014

    They’re waiting to long for this c5 single/news. I was so hype for it a few weeks ago when they mentioned it and even before but this waitin shit don’t even have me thinking about it. I definitely wanna hear c5 and know it will
    Be a classic, my point is the hype I feel like was real a few weeks ago and has since died out

  • TBRA

    Was that freestyle new or old his dreads looked long as fuck?

  • H

    I live in Miami there way too many Bitches!!
    I live in Miami there way too many Bitches!!

  • 5*$tunna

    Yo i need another mixtape then the album ,what up five

  • 5*$tunna

    Anybody know where i can watch tha carter documentary it not on youtube anymore?

  • JayHighAss

    ” I told myself it ain’t ah Moment Till I make it “

  • CesariosX94

    Who I want as features on Carter V is some Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar, T-Pain, Juelz Santana, Drake, Jhene Aiko, Kanye West and some Nas

  • Yoann Carter

    I just had to look at his dreads to guess which year it was..

    • Skenny

      lmao me too

  • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

    Well he said he’ll show us what he does .. this is what he does, recording & skating .. But at least we want weezy in the footage. Freestyle was dope tho’ .. Wouldn’t mind a 6’7 part 2 in c5 haha

    • That Would Be “A Mill : Part 3” 6’7 Was C4s A Milli …

      • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

        yess wayne does this no chorus song with every carter album
        c1 : bmjr
        c2 : tha mobb
        c3 : a milli
        c4 : 6’7
        c5: a legendary song that tez wont fucking release it -.-

  • Brandyn

    I hope he does songs with
    1. juelz Santana
    2. Curren$y
    3. jay z
    4. kanye
    5. andre 3000
    6. t pain
    8. mannie fresh

  • Kenneth

    Look this up on youtube Lil Wayne-The America dream lil Wayne want in on that song throwback song

  • supermamba17

    Which part was the freestyle? The part where he was spitting in front of Tez, or the part where you could here him the background and everyone was skating?


    Scoob Doo… can u please omfg…
    In weezy wednesdays part 1, wayne said in these videon u will see what i do, things like making coffee, packing his bag, showing us his soap ect.. THAT IS WHAT WE WANNA SEE! we dont wanna se shit we already seen before, we want to see what weezy doing his shit in a normal boring wednesdag! pls juss record on the spot! dont edit it like its a musiv video lmao

  • old stuff.. the first one.. “fire flame REMIX” his tattoos aint lookin fresh.. should be an old video.. the second one.. “freestyling” u can see dat he got long hair.. we yall know that weezy cut his hair weeks ago.. 🙂
    however, i f#ckin love it

  • Uncle Sam

    Wayne or YM should put out a live album. From the I Am Music tour or something

  • YC

    These are so pointless. Old footage. We want some UPDATES on Carter V, see small segments of him recording some NEW shit. Not a mash-up of the events and parties he attended and watch him do a bunch of basic tricks on his skateboard. And certainly not some rehearsal from a few years ago. Boring as fuck.

  • goldentiger3

    That freestyle….but im not sure if wayne wearing trukfit, old or not this freestyle was dope. btw i wanna see Childish Gambino in the next album honestly switch out Rick Ross but i doubt it’ll happen.

    Features for C5 I wanna see
    4.Andre 3000
    Still wanna see Childish but…you know.

  • Jae Millz

    Why’d they tease us with a bunch of old 2010-11 music??? That was the good Wayne I miss.

  • emmanuel

    for the fans check me out, Snapbacks and Scars, available on iTunes:


    Short Dawg should be on c 5

  • jibabi

    Turn the fuck up

  • Swaggy T

    That aint fire flame its 6’7

  • LuvTunechi


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