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Birdman – Fire Flame (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Sun, Jan 16, 2011 by

Here is the official music video for Birdman‘s “Fire Flame” remix featuring Lil Wayne.

This visual was directed by Gil Green and it is the first video that Weezy has shot since being released home from Rikers Island.

There is still no word just yet on if this song will appear on Baby‘s Bigger Than Life album, or if it will be the first single from the Like Father, Like Son 2 collabo album.

You can watch some behind the scenes footage from the “Fire Flame (Remix)” video shoot here. Marley G, DJ Scoob Doo, DJ Khaled, Mack Maine, and Stunna‘s son all make cameos!

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  • Yo

    yee dee. not 1st

  • Ryan


  • BDL


  • Video is hot. Great visuals. Amazing song, hot ass beat. This song is a banger.

  • Zach

    why would you post a shitty rip? smh danny.. lol


  • blessed [wayne-head]

    FUCKIN SICKKK!!!! weezy!!!! weezy FF, FIRE Flame Spitta!!!!

  • klim

    fuck UMG fuck GEMA fuck GERMANY cant see the video..

  • lmonsterl

    Anyone find a HQ version yet?

  • Mnjaro

    lmaoo if you look closely dj khaled throws up the shocker instead of the young money sign lolol

  • Uh, I got pussy coming to me shotgun in my draws make YOUR woman bite the bullet

  • Carter

    QUALITY vid, love the last frame with the buring YMCMB sign, looks sickk

  • i like teh part in slowmotion where u can see tunechi’s steam come out of his mouth 🙂

  • Aнгилина

    i luv that video
    Wayne u r amazing
    i love you

  • Lull


  • YungNizzy14

    Damn video throwed, they should put the record on both albums tho and make a YMCMB version like they did dat loyalty record YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linxylinx

    fire flame flame ! #weeeezy is home

  • Aleeks


  • ayoooo

    fuckin right!! support weezy and ymcmb fuck haters die slow

  • Aleeks

    Danny remove the wshh vid it stops at 2:23…

    • @Aleeks and @youngtuna – It should of been fixed now.

  • Derek Delgado

    Best Video This Year.Ha!

  • youngtuna

    wwhy does it stop at 225

  • ricardo laguna

    se para en el minuto 2=25 pero es increible el video birdman increible ya quiero el album bigger than life y ya quiero q sea febrero para el tan esperado tha carter 4 I cant wait u.u weeezy el mejor sin duda alguna la YMCMB son los mejores en la industria musical en el mundo the best exelente video y la aparicion de weezy desde rykers es grandiosa desde venezuela .weezy el mejor su idolo nro 1 <3

  • ayoooo

    oh and shoutout to stunna for the r.i.p.’s @ the end shorty and ms.marie

  • jake_ymcmb

    is she on a tron bike?… lol tight video though

  • J-Mal

    This will be on their Like Father, Like Son 2 collabo album

  • fuckweezy

    weezy going to hell

  • fuckweezy

    I see alot of monkeys on fire 

  • fuckweezy

    Fuck hip hop dead more like water wave spitas

  • rell


  • Ayyeee!!! Yo did yall hear about @liltunechi twitter got hacked. Yeah some dude sending tweets out to @fat joe @tyga @game and are just dissing all of them look it up! Dope video cant wait for the G-mix!

  • Allex B.


  • gabos

    weezy tha best,this video shows why he is the hottest nigga under the sun and why they call him the best rapper alive…

  • Don_Prince

    This vid is tha illest for tha year YmCmB!

  • Who ever hacked my twitter ima find u and kill u slowly bitch ima kill ur hole family bitch ima find you

  • FireFlame


  • Ayyeee lil wayne dont do it man cause when i find him ima do it 4 u CTE 4 LIFE!!!

  • bOOM613


  • Kadafi_213

    the best scene is where the woman (hot woman i may add) bite’s the bullet darn that looks weirdly hot 🙂


    O M G , so F@cking great :X I love this video :X

  • 30504 all day i aint even gat to mention

  • mackking

    feel like they didnt really focus on lil wayne and birdman that much, was kinda scattered, but i still loved it, great video, Young Money all the way

  • dANNY




  • posses

    the real fire flame spitters! sick song

  • dragos

    YMCMB Weezy best

  • Lil Chuckee

    Sup yall. Im trying my hardest to look like and sound like Wayne. Its cause im a lil fag and i have no style so i try to copy Wayne to look cool. 🙂 🙂 Also i just grew a few pubes the other day.

  • suraj

    Right on

  • weezy

    when do we get the 6 7 vidi

  • saa

    Yeah we were supose to get the six foot seven visual like last week or something but This Fire Flame video is beastt & weezys Camo skinnys aree hella fi!

  • GCS

    @ Don_prince
    i dont think this will be the illest music video of ymcmb
    there a lot more crazy songs that will top that this year
    shout out 2 six foot seven foot !!!

  • youngtuna

    6foot7foot is being premiered FEBRUARY 1st.
    Most likely on MTV

  • joachim0512

    Sickest video ever!

  • Kai


  • Marley G

    NO NO NO am LIL WAYNES right hand men i do the dirty jobs for him, just in case y’all wonder who i was!!!!!!!!

  • steph

    love the song. Weezy is so hot!!! YMCMB!

  • zama

    not as good as i expected

  • yuri estevão da silva

    eu espero que chegue logo na PARAIBA adoro lil wayne e birdman

  • Kieran_Ymvmb_Canada

    AWESOME VIDEO!!! But why the hell is weezy wearing his pajamas? lol

  • hm hm hm

    3:28 make the woman bite the bullet… ugh

  • Bombi

    Nice 😀

  • tez
  • issey

    fuckiiin amaziiiing …..weezy is back …..ya ding

  • Dr.D

    Lil wayne is the best
    Go hard wezzy,you are the best
    birdman jr is back on the block

  • Kevin Mccall

    thats watitdo..word. f.f weezy. brrapp,got ur back cuzz.

  • paige

    all u bitches need to get off my man.{lil wayne} and who ever in the fuck is “fuck weezy” needs to go to hell cuz he da BEST RAPPER ALIVE so u can go suck a dick and choke on it u stupid ass bitch

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  • martianspacedout

    Hottest song and best music video Birdman5Star Stunna and LIl Wayne has ever done together Lol fire flame spitters cash money millionaires self made comin str8 too ya dome nigga

  • martianspacedout

    Representin Uptown New Orleans 504 Boi 17 Apple and Eagle St. Da right way self made millionaires bitches stop hating then cum dickriders truthfully support these hard working grinders these niggaz right here are superstars timeless outta this world Wayne on this Alien shit martian on top of his rap game as always young mula baby !!!!$$$$$$$$