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Feature Friday #23: Miri Ben-Ari – 4 Flat Tires (Feat Lil Wayne, Birdman & Six Shot)

Fri, Apr 25, 2014 by

Miri Ben Ari 4 Flat Tires Feat Lil Wayne, Birdman & Six Shot

It’s that time of the week again! For this week’s “Feature Friday” installment I have chosen Miri Ben-Ari‘s “4 Flat Tires” song featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Six Shot.

The track, which was recorded around the same time as Weezy was working on his Tha Carter II project, appears on Miri‘s The Hip-Hop Violinist album that was released in 2005.

“I’ll probably never stop the Benz for a pig again; Cause they don’t know what I did to win”

If you didn’t already know, Miri Ben-Ari is a female violinist. You can listen to “4 Flat Tires” below!

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  • Uptown

    Wtf why have I never heard of this song?

    • Jae Millz

      Cuz it sucks.

  • game

    this song is niceeeee

    dont think ive heard it before

    i love chilled birdman and wayne songs

  • Some of you guys should sign up for the forums and download the lil wayne collection, there are some gems in those downloads 🙂

    • Obvious King

      How do I unlock the download section in the forum???

      • sizzy

        you gotta have atleast 30 posts to access

  • Davidson Lumas

    C5.. $single please. Or any news. I hate being lied to

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      blame tez

  • Tha fuck is a Miri Ben Ari? Dope pick this week though Danny

    • Vaden

      Celebrity overnight by twists ft Kanye featured her playing on the song

  • fewcha

    pretty sure I’ve not heard this track before but i think i might of heard the verse from wayne on another song….always good to hear new songs especially from the c2 era

    • Tru

      Can we get another 1?

      • Linoh Locc

        There’s another one on da way..

        • Jae Millz

          It’s going to get “I Can’t Feel My Face”d

      • Jae Millz

        I’ve always wondered why they put Birdman over Lil Waynes picture and vice versa. It would be confusing to someone who isn’t familiar with them.

      • :)

        YESSS…Baby brings out the more thuggish, hustling lil wayne…we def need another 1

  • YMCorey

    Hit me up bro!!


    What about ludacris feat.lil wayne-last of a dying breed?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      what about it?

    • Jbadd504

      Good one !!!!

    • Frosty!!!

      One of the best songs! Wayne went hard in dying bread! Have to say 1 of my fav weezy raps

  • Emil

    Finally! Heard this song some years ago and have searched for it ever since without any luck. The only thing I could remember was Wayne and the violin which is awesome. Especially the whole violin thing.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    birdman killed it

  • Vodafon

    what about Jae Millz feat Lil Wayne & Short Dawg-In The City ?

    • Chuck_Brazy

      Wayne snaps on that one!!

  • youngtune410

    Good job at finding these songs danny and off topic who else wonders what C4 would’ve sounded like if it was tha carter 3 immediate follow up instead of rebirth

    • Jae Millz

      It would’ve had songs on it like “Told Y’all” , “No Quitter, Go Getta” , and possibly “Dear Anne”

  • Linoh Locc

    Its going down Like 4 flat tires ..Weeezzzyyy F

  • lmao 8 years ago, and Birdman was still rappin the same shit. Gotta respect the stunna though


    Baby & Wayne


    Babt & Wayne

    • Thuglife400

      Tbh this would be pretty dope and interesting, they should make this happen>>>>>>

      • Jae Millz

        Lol, you replied to the top comment just so your picture would show up on the top of the page…

        • CaddyDaddy82

          It upsets me that it’s nothing good either…lol

  • TBRA

    I think I may have found a C5 snippet

  • Ben

    What happened to six shot?

  • Jae Millz

    @Danny M How come when you search Tha Carter IV tracklist on google it has a bunch of random ass songs on there that don’t exist? Is there any truth to it? Like was “Lap Dance Lover” actually going to be a legit song on the album?

  • YhBruh

    Wayne’s daughter posted this today #C5 #LES GO

  • Ricardo

    the violinist is nice. look her up.

  • Chuck_Brazy

    my favorite song by bird & wayne is 93 94 baby from the suffix

  • justicefortrayvon

    what about the wayne an rocko dat supposed to drop smh

  • Frosty!!!

    Such a chilled beat! Kind of sounds like there rapping ova a song from a Disney movie hahahah young weezy killed it

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