Lil Wayne On Set Of Rick Ross’ “Thug Cry” Video Shoot [Pictures]

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Lil Wayne On Set Of Rick Ross Thug Cry Video Shoot

On Tuesday evening, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne shot a music video for their “Thug Cry” single, which is being directed by DRE Films.

Tune turned up on set wearing a TRUKFIT hat, black “Skate And Destroy” sunglasses from Thrasher ($6.66), a red bandana, a yellow “City Animal” zebra-print half sleeve hoodie from Joyrich ($114.00), red card welt pocket shorts from Peter Jensen ($310.00), and a pair of Air Jordan XI Low “Green Snake” sneakers ($150.00).

You can view another photo of Weezy F Baby on the set of the “Thug Cry” video shoot after the jump below. Hopefully the visual premieres soon!

Lil Wayne On Set Of Rick Ross Thug Cry Video Shoot

Photo credit: Marisa Flores

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  • Don_Hooper19

    I hope Wayne drops another tape before C5

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      when they announce its pushed back im sure he will do

      • Jae Millz

        You and I already know that S4TW2 is dropping in mid-May. Gudda & Jae Millz be in the studio with Wayne!

  • fewcha

    who let wayne turn up to the video shoot wearing them shorts and that hoodie?

    this supposed to be a gangsta song….. all the “thugs” gonna laugh at him

  • Them shorts cost $310? Holy fuck they look so bad.

    • Skenny

      Hell yea it is as fukk
      Forreal marisa need a dick !

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      even if i got them as a gift i wouldnt wear them

  • Lil Wayne

    Wish my nigga could dress..

    • He need a better stylist.

      • Lil Wayne

        Forreal marisa aint shit

      • Wut

        Wayne is his own stylist.. Thats why he dresses shitty

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          he aint, he has a woman who dresses him

        • Jae Millz

          Haven’t you seen The Carter Documentary… smh

    • Truth

      Best thing he got on is the red bandana

    • Aliyah

      Wish ihe would go back to his hard core thugged out gangsta swagg, I miss those days….smh

      • Aliyah

        And this……..

        • T.D.E

          Yep and some of the shit Wayne where’s these days is shit that old Wayne probably woulda laughed at lol.

          • youre mom

            Wears* english motherfucker do u speak it?

            • Truth

              Prolly just auto correct. Calm down

              • your mom

                If you spell it correctly it dosent show any other words fuck boy now stop protecting your boyfriend fag

                • Kobethebeast

                  Your mom, shut your ass up damn. There is always that one person on here who loves talking shit.

                • your mom

                  What you gonna do bitch boy? Cry about it?

                • you are mom

                  Well that’s funny you spelled ‘your mom’ completely wrong with that first comment. English motherfucker, do you speak it?

            • fuck your mom

              nigga u can’t spell too

    • Kushy Kush

      Not dope.

    • AK

      I wanne be lil wayne stylist

  • Rum

    I been wanting a pair of them snake skins

  • Salder

    There is no hope for wayne dresses…

  • Tavonga Mushayavanhu

    Better hope he releases the C5 single and another mixtape like Drought or No Ceilings after this, cannot wait for that album any longer

  • joyce

    those shorts woulda been dope with a grey or black hoodie but that cheeta print is whack as fuck.. I dig the cut off hoodie style but not the colorway.

  • Lethu

    Lil wayne been dressing wack lately man


    I remember in the carter documentary when wayne looked fly as hell on his tour bus and shit but now he don’t care what his wearing do his children dress him up? I don’t dislike the clothes its expensive and shit but the clothes just don’t fit his personality.

  • wtf

    When did we start to care about the price of his clothes? Carter V better be fucking amazing… fuck the bullshit

    • Skenny

      Thinkin bout tha money he spends on clothes gives me headache

  • Skenny

    Let talk forreal
    That bitch who called marisa
    Is givin weezy tha European bullshit called “Unmixable Colors”, that cool
    But that don’t fit with weezy personality
    Weezy is wise and confident
    So his clothes needs to be fitted.

  • Linoh Locc

    Idk why couldnt Weezy dress like wen he was in da My Nigga Remix. He was dressed decent in that video…

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    sorry but for a video called ‘thug cry’ u cant be wearing white grandpa shorts and a girls hoodie……the red bandana is needed tho……but they might get weezy out of the blood gang if they see him wearing those shorts

    • Davidson Lumas

      He was nevr in it lol

      • ym100%

        Niggas always tryna claim that Wayne fake bangin but truth is we don’t know for real we didn’t grow up with Wayne we don’t know him personally only people that truly know is him and maybe Mack and Tez and birdman and why do you still c** on this site if you don’t like Wayne smh #No Life#

        • Davidson Lumas

          Bruh get off my dick lol obviously im waiting for c5 so I come here… guess that makes me a fan but unlike u stans I see thru that bullshit

          • ym100%

            So let me get this straight u a fan but yet u come up here every day bashin Wayne straight dissin him u so busy tryna call Wayne Fake when u fake u been sayin u didn’t like him now u a fan all of the sudden Smh

            • Davidson Lumas

              All of a sudden? My nigga I can name songs from him that most of u never heard of, yeah I troll cus people reaction on here are over the top and p.s everyone knows wayne aint no blood keep 100 like your name he probley know some and cool with sum but really a blood… baby too? But ima fan just like to troll to get a reaction

              • ym100%

                Wow Lol Really you have no life u juss come up here to talk shit about Weezy juss to get a reaction u don’t have anything better to Do wit yo life how old are u 12 13 cuz that’s childish shit and like I said nobody knows if Wayne bangin or not you don’t know him personally you ain’t grew up with him or around him only people that really know is him self and maybe Mack or Tez Cuz they know him personally And grew up with him But us as fans can’t really say

  • Time

    Everything he wearing is on point except the shorts

    • Seydou Taminou Gueye

      they are gay..

  • JustAGuy234

    i think he looks wildly stupid and its gonna efect the video, and its a shame because this was a dope wayne verse. No im not a hater, no im not gay no im not suspect. Its a simple matter of my opinion nothing deeper… overall im sure the video will be ok tho!

  • YhBruh

    Fuck, no love lost but why would you dress like that for a video called “thug cry” lool my nigga done lost his marbles

  • Uncle Sam

    The top 9 comments are about his cloths..Why is this even relevant? He dresses the same as he did 3 years ago. EXACT same. All I know is 300$ for a pair of shorts is fucking nuts and can’t figure out why he has a 7$ pair of sunglasses on. He pick those up at the front counter at go-mart or ? Figure he would have had like 400$ glasses or something.

  • YhBruh

    another thing dress like this could weaken sales for C5 believe it or not and fuck Rick Ross for letting him dress like that LOL

  • Wow

    That swag literally gon make thugs cry

  • Uncle Sam

    Rick Ross* “Burnin’ the most cash and bury the rest, if ya hit me, I bet pork chops fall out my chest”

  • Thomas18

    Gay af lmao


    My nigga tune killed them 11s #flyboy

  • Dave Jr, The Highest

    lmao wtf weezy’s doing ? I mean this is supposed to be a ground ass song and he can’t even being taken serious with these clothes, I mean he look like a child

  • KUSh Smoker

    what da fuck weezy looks like a bum

  • mortimerr2014

    He should of dressed like a did for that Tampa event the pictures that were posted on here looked like the old wayne with dreads tied to the back and gangsta shit not this

    • Co sign. I bet weezy dressed himself for that too and not had his stylist dress him like he did for this video.

  • Malik

    He got them ugly snake skin 11 j’s

  • Kidd memphiz

    Cum on Wayne
    Mann that whole outfit cost 610.66
    An it look like shit
    That a fuck car note u just paid 4
    You get do betta

  • Sayy EL

    That is nt wat he pays for clothes that’s how much it cost if we wanted to buy it fha all yhu broke mfs thinkin he pay that much fha his clothes dude has too much money fha that

  • Naww. Man. Not fill in the outfit weeezy.

  • ym100%

    Y’all niggas on this site suspect why the fuck y’all worrying about wat another man wearin

  • Meezy F

    They made it to a single??????



  • Polo

    We need polo tee wayne back

    • Jae Millz

      “Polo t-shirt, Polo drawers. Now make me take this polo off!”

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Look at my nigga Tunechi dressing with dat crazy wild swag not giving two fucks about how what anybody feels or thinks about it $$$$$ rich ass self made millionaire $$$$ hahahahaha

  • Lageon

    How your shorts cost more than your J’s

  • culture

    where that mike will single?



  • Malik

    Damn I need help y’all boys, what’s the name of the song on the first nino brown when Wayne was using auto tune and kept saying ya heard me

  • al fatz

    my swag detector didnt go off sorry

    • brandone

      neither did my humor detector when i read your comment loser! -___-

  • YM

    You would think that you’d understand by now Ymcmb is different there entire team is. All got clothing, perfumes, 50 millions types of fake hair (nikki), alcohol, shoes, watches etc. It’s a business strategy called to differentiate…makes ppl notice and talk like how you all are doing right now and what happens…All the sudden they are the topic of conversation. It’s all planned. The more hate the more stronger it’s Guna make them…smart moves. When everyone else zips….Learn how to zag

    • YM


  • Alexis

    Tha carterV single will release on may 5th

    • tunexx

      Ey that makes sense. That might be what drake meant instead of the actual album dropping on that date

    • Jae Millz


  • Tune Up

    The Motto swag…

  • Best

    Wayne always looks different from other rappers, he always does his things, because he is Weezy!

  • CoreWeezy

    Fuck the clothing yall know he murked that thug cry verse!!!!

  • xgoblin

    Not feeling the easter outfit Wayne….

  • Jae Millz

    Lil Wayne has had worse outfits…

  • Ken JR Lopez

    He looks good

  • Zamoss

    But fellas, is it not strange that Every confirmed song of Wayne still not online is ? Maybe it is a set-up And we will get a Wayne-period with song after song ! #LetsWait

  • The Boy

    Damn…Wayne is done dressing normal. I thought he was starting to come back to his old self but hes DONE lol.

  • Chris breezy

    Common pink shorts for a song called thugs cry ?

  • Carl Ferguson III

    The Best Rapper Alive at it again can’t wait to Tha Carter V come out

  • corbin wells

    lmao every1 knows skaters don’t wear Baggy jeans.

  • Chuck_Brazy

    idgaf about what wayne is wearing. honestly, im a fan of his MUSIC not his clothes. yall niggas sus af & all gayed up about a grown mans fashion. sus ass fans outchea

  • volcomnukka

    In regards to Lil Wayne’s attire, you know the entertainment industry is run by homosexuals, therefore they encourage him to dress like this. Also, Lil Wayne is more “mainstream” than he was back in 07-08, and so “they” dress him like this to appear less threatening and more appealing to white audience. Just letting you guys know, so understand and stop bitching about his apparel and just listen to his damn music, he is killing ish again. He murdered this track, ya dig?

  • DesiJatt

    why this nigga dress like a fag now

  • LuvTunechi


  • Anthony


  • Anthony