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Lil Wayne Ties Jay-Z’s “Hot 100” Top 10 Record After “Loyal” Reaches #9 On The Billboard Chart

Thu, Apr 24, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Ties Jay-Z Hot 100 Top 10 Record After Loyal Reaches 9 On The Billboard Chart

This week, Chris Brown’s “Loyal” single featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga has moved up to the #9 spot on Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart. This makes it Tunechi‘s 19th song that has appeared in the “Hot 100” top 10 list since he began his music career.

Only Jay-Z has scored more top 10s than Wayne on Billboard’s “Hot 100” chart with a total of 21. However, Young Money as a group have also had two singles appear in the “Hot 100” top 10 list (“Every Girl” and “Bed Rock”), so that brings Tune‘s total up to the same as Jay‘s – 21.

Congratulations to Weezy F Baby on this achievement. Hopefully he can overtake Jay this year with a Tha Carter V single, or a feature verse!

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  • New Orleans ya heard me

    Wayne won, fuck haters

  • P.A.


  • Wayne needs another lollipop or how to love to beat jay.

    • Squad Up_23

      I say he needs more tracks like Right Above It, Bed Rock, Bitches Love Me, Got Money, Fireman, 6’7 Foot, A Milli, and ‘Steady Mobbin’

      • President Carter

        U guys askin to much…

        • volcomnukka


          • Rihanna

            he need a song with me

            • [Original] Gudda Gudda

              nah you worked with wayne in 2012… should collab with gudda

              • Rihanna

                He should feature me this time…but nah Gudda on and off i aint wastin my talents

            • supaman

              All u suck wayne dick hard he just a good rapper how can u ve the best at rap its no best anybody can get hot or switch over rappin is easy anybody can do it nit just fuckin lil wayne…. take that man dick out of yall mouth

        • marc hare

          Real shit smh

        • Killa Thraxx

          asking too much for him to actually try hard a make some bangers??! man y’all niggas on this man dick for real. I been a Weezy fan since like 02 but he no where near where he used to be. I miss the DD3 days etc. still has some catchy shit out, but he don’t “wow” me like he used to! #anhonestlilwaynefan

          • President Carter

            1. You’re profile pic is the fuckin hulk holding up boobs. stupid af.
            2.Youre contradicting yourself when u question if its too much to ask for some banger (which change depending on the year) and then call people out for dick riding.
            THEREFORE i don’t respect you or anything you say…
            REAL TALK

            • Killa Thraxx

              nigga your profile pic is another man…not to mention a nigga you will never be & u tryna talk about some pic being stupid AF? 2ndly dumb nigga do you even know what the word “contradict” even means?? lol it means that I’m saying two things that don’t agree with one another. so how did I contradict myself? I said u guys are dick riding because you say its too much to ask for him to make amazing songs. DF? how is it too much to ask for him try? he has done it before, and he could do it again if he tried. STOP DICK RIDING WHEN PPL DEMAND GOOD SHIT FROM HIM. he is not a mediocre rapper and he needs to start acting like it!

              • President Carter

                What u think your gonna become the hulk? That pic is stupid af. Define GOOD SHIT because i believe Tha Carter 4 was an amazing album but it got so much hate. I was saying stop asking so much because he can’t make Right Above It, Bed Rock, Bitches Love Me, Got Money, Fireman, 6’7 Foot, A Milli, and ‘Steady Mobbin’ over again because he would get called out on it. I have high standards for him. But he needs to make new music not try to duplicate his old records..!

      • dave

        Nah man Waynes probably gonna have one crazy hit song, but I hope all the others are seriously lyrical and good beats and flows, cause everyones been saying it’s his best work ever (tez, mack, gudda, even justin bieber if he counts)

        • 4Pac

          Bieber dont kno rap

      • Quincy Walters

        Or back to you

    • corbin wells

      nah every album has a top ten from him pretty much nowadays.

    • Jae Millz

      I’m surprised the song “So Good” with Shanell and Drake wasn’t a big hit! That shit was straight up fire.

  • Christian

    Good news. First Elvis. Now Jay. The haters of today will be irrelevant cuz looking back, people will see these achievements.

  • fewcha

    he will do it when that mike will song comes out with kendrick lamar, big sean and future

    • President Carter


    • #1tunechifan


    • #1tunechifan

      Oh yeah I can’t wait for it hopefully Kendrick brings out that ’07-’11 Wayne

  • Skenny

    Wayne gonna smash jay z with C5

    • Quincy Walters

      Of course jay-aint shit

  • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

    Congrats but man i miss this Swag (2010/2011 Swag was on point), always wanted to dress like him back then

    • Guest

      Yup, his 07-2010 style was >>>>>>>>. He didn’t start dressin weird till 2011 Smh.

      • youngtune410

        I always wonder why they didnt just design the trukfit stuff like the style he already had even though its based on skating

    • I blame trukfit and their wack designers.

    • Skenny

      His style was good in ‘God Bless Amerika’
      Video too 🙂

      • Jae Millz

        That’s because he wasn’t rocking Trukfit… I mean don’t get me wrong Trukfit has like 3 good clothing items out of 1000… LOLOLOLOL

        • Skenny

          Hahahah %100 true LOL xD

  • Linoh Locc

    Tha Carter 5 singles gana murk any artist that thinks there da best right now.. Watch..
    Tha Carter 5 hooeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • President Carter


    • Dylan Stimeling

      150% agreed Weezy = G.O.A T!

  • marijn

    Where is that pusha single on this site yall late with these songs

    • Lil Tunechi Or Young Tunafish

      Lol that song came out in 2009, i don’t know why some music websites are putting it up now

      • So idiots like this “marijn” get trolled and think they are new songs.

    • I think you’re the one who’s late.

    • Why don’t you be a real Wayne fan and go listen to his older music?

    • Jae Millz

      Wtf is this guy even talking about??? This is not

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        the lloyd song pusha

        • Jae Millz

          Does it feature Wayne or something? wtf are you guys even talking about this is Lil Wayne forum

  • supermamba17

    Love how it just now goes into the Top Ten… Even though its been out since December. smh

    • Video only came out this month though.

    • Young Cuban

      Chris dumbass is in prison, so he can’t promote it properly. So it went to #9 on their names alone, just imagine if Chris and Wayne did promote it.

  • Young Cuban

    Wayne is coming for the throne, if he’s already surpassed Elvis and now caught up to Jay, and he’s only 32 just imagine where he’s going to be when he’s 42. Oh and he’s not retiring it was just a April’s fool joke.

  • wiseman91

    king weezy

  • President Carter

    I’m thinking new wayne is about to drop cuz young money twitter is buzzin with new wayne posts!

    • Skenny

      Yea I doubt that

  • The Future


  • Malik

    A C5 single most def gon’ pass him or even the Mike will single with future and Kendrick

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Lol danny cortez bryant posted this on his instagram page

    he should make this the official wayne site

  • Michael

    Damn, crazy how Danny keeps up with Wayne’s movement better than Cortez. S/O to Danny man for always keeping us updated better than Tez, thanks bro

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      you seen tez post it on his instagram page too? they should hire danny as the new manager and let him pick the album songs

      he would probably do a better job

      • Michael

        Yeah I saw it & I know ! I thought the same shit #DannyForManager lol

    • Some thot is taking the credit for it when it’s form LWHQ smh.

      • jolly

        lol i seen that

        look on her twitter and instagram

        she a wayne groupie

        danny should ban her from viewing this site then what would she do rofl

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        Fuck Dat Bitch *young dro voice*

      • 3Peat

        I wanna see this, whats her twitter name?

      • Jae Millz

        I had to look up thot on urban dictionary… smh lol rofl lmao brb nvm cya

  • Anti


  • Anti

    C5 gonna have like 8 top ten songs even if they ain’t singles from C5

  • Frosty!!!

    Fuck yeh wayne bring on c5!


    Idgaf. Where is the song Buy the world at? I know Wayne and kendrick did their verses. I wonder if Big Sean taking long trying to come up.with a verse to redeem himself from control.. It’s been a,month.. Who takes a month and counting to drop one song

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy f weezy f weezy f Weezy F Baby hahahaaa

  • The God

    May 5 – Sorry 4 The Wait 2 , with a c5 single , Watch.

    • Don_Hooper19

      That would be too dope I hope so

    • Jae Millz

      There haven’t been any good beats from other artists for him to go in over… that ain’t gonna happen

      • The God

        i think its hella beats for him to go over like, stoner,danny glover,we made it, some shit off rick ross album, well see though but i really think May 5 is sorry 4 the wait 2 because lil twist tweeted it like a month or 2 ago

    • Jae Millz

      Unless Sorry 4 The Wait 2 is all original beats… but Wayne is too cheap and he likes to save his own beats for his albums

  • 5*$tunna

    You know wayne goin to pass that at least 5or6 more songs..
    -why ya want a song like this or that?every wayne song is unique,and he kills them other niggas beats…
    -smh wanting to hear other wack rappers this is only lil wayne & ym fck the rest…
    -seems like these people only listen to radio songs which is ok but there more good songs listen to latest albums and mixtapes
    -aint nobody need give a fck how dresses or what he does for a hobby or for fun …we all do different stuff ,sports,movies,,chill,smoke,fck lol
    As long as wayne gives us lots of
    Songs to jam out to – Brrrr brrr

  • TBRA

    Nah forreal thou..this drought is depressing, not even a 30 second snippet or a little beat preview? Is that too much to ask? The fact nothing has leaked not even a album cover or legit tracklist make a nigga think wayne hasn’t even started lol.

  • triggacity_813

    I feel like a S4TW 2 is coming..idk he always puts out a mixtape around the same time as his album..let’s hope

  • Victoria Lynn

    That’s Tunechi baby! Greatest of all time!!! <3

  • Criss Ross

    when you know weezy will murder your favorite Mc on his own track….

    Swagga on a zillion, I’m a Loui V’d down like a Loui V Camillion

    House so big like I live in a buildin’

    No chandeliers, I got guns hangin’ from the ceilin’

    Brand-new car, I divorced the top

    See, homie, you a square, I’m a Porscha Box

    Long hair, don’t care

    Holla back bitch, I’m in the bathroom, takin’ me a rich ni**a shit, yeah

    Gangsta to da gristle Swagga on official

    I’m the sh*t and you, you just a maggot on a tissue

    Better tell ’em I’m hotter than a Arizona missile

    White Benz chrome wheels like a napkin on a nickel

    Young Moolah, baby, Weezy baby, don’t forget da Weezy, baby

    Black card board, make ya throw away the Visa, baby

    You ain’t on the planet I’m on, n’ I never leave my swagger…

  • WilsonF

    I SWEAR its D.O.T ! Danny Over Tez !!!!

  • Skenny

    10 days to may 5th 🙂

  • Criss Ross

    Uh, Slick-dickie on my one and two
    So sweet what I did with a Honey-Doo
    No pun intended, no one offended
    You just bet’ not leave yo’ girlfriend unattended
    I holla at her, holla but don’t scream
    I ask her “Why sleep if we don’t dream?
    So let’s stay awake, besides, dreams are fake”
    She say “Ooh you deep?” I ask “How deep can you take?”
    Hehe, my loveboat in ya lake
    Baby can I stick my lovenote in ya gate
    Hehe, read and weep
    Sincerely fuckin’ yours, Weezy F B

  • Criss Ross

    this i swear weezy was on fire!!!

    I prefered if you would just call me weezy

    East side gangsta

    And I be running it like the flanker

    Black card banker, hanker in the back pocket

    And I wear them skinny jeans

    So you see my fat wallet

    That’s right I’m a big shot

    Call me little cannonball

    Mister get up in your girl

    I’m out like some ambrosial

    Hip hop president

    Ain’t my girl eloquent

    Don’t she got more junk in her trunk

    Than an elephant

    I’m and animal

    Watch me I examine you

    And my chucks are old but

    I swear to you my flanel new

    Man I get money manual

    Then I just maim you

    I’m gone like my lambo..

    • Jae Millz

      My Name Is Leak Jones – The Weezy Effect 2


    All Weezy F Baby now need is one more Grammy to make it five, What up 5?

    • Jae Millz

      You should’ve posted 5 pictures… not 3 smh

  • Best

    Wayne is still winning, fuck you haters. C5 coming soon!

  • Khosta

    guys did y’all see the long interview he did where he spoke about mack tellin him that he needs to stop rappin bout pussy too much, that was the best interview ever

  • thugga nic

    Dat wat up keep pimpin my nigga

  • ChrisStax

    Lil Wayne is my biggest influence in music because of how hard he works. I am proud of the homie. #TheBestIsStillYet2Come.

  • The735Truth .

    Congrats weezy.It’s like you timed this on purpose to officially pass him with the C5 single.GENIOUS!!

  • tman12012

    Jay-z is soooo fuckin lame he is cheesy

  • Dawn Bosley

    How many until he over takes MJ? I know the last time you posted something about it it was 8 or 9, Danny?

  • LuvTunechi

    My Boo Wayne deserves da highest! I hav been wit him since he started. He is da rawest, period!!! ♡♡♡♡♡#MUAHZZZ TUNE