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Chris Brown – Loyal (Feat Lil Wayne & Tyga) [Music Video]

Mon, Mar 24, 2014 by

Chris Brown Loyal Feat Lil Wayne & Tyga Music Video

Here is the official music video for Chris Brown‘s “Loyal” single featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga.

The visual, which was directed by Eif Rivera, was shot last month at the Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, California. Cameos can be seen by Trey Songz, Usher, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Breezy‘s upcoming X album will be released later this year!

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  • nfs444

    First, bitch fuck all of you. Let me back on the forum @Danny M HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • nfs444


    • King Weezy F

      This is from back in 2011 gtfo with this shit

      • nfs444

        It’s called trolling you sensitive biatch

    • T.D.E

      Lmao aaaaaaaaahhhh shit, this nigga tez is gay af, notice he got the earing in the RIGHT EAR and not the left!!!

      • paul mama sucked my dick

        he has earrings in BOTH ears you dumbass. and how tf do you know gay code? queer much?

        • Guhodlee

          Tf you know gay code? LMAO that shit cracked me up

          • polish

            gay code knowing ass mofo baaajajajajajajaaaaaa

      • Riz90s

        Eric moms pussy stink

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      GTFO posting this picture on every new article Danny posts up

      • naim dimangadap

        let’s do it noW

    • LP

      Fire* not free

  • fewcha

    this my favourite breezy and weezy collabo

    • Kingrico

      The best one gimme that remix though

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        No the Forever remix also with Lupe Fiasco

  • King Weezy F

    Weezy swag on point

  • tunecchi

    were can i buy the red sweater lil wayne wearing, do anyone know the brand??

    • lil_muthafucka


  • “Shout out Weezy F” – Tyga

    • paul mama sucked my dick

      umm yeah we can HEAR you idiot ! -__-

  • Riz90s

    Man this video look fun as fuck

    • T.D.E

      And that video I made wit yo momma last night looked fun af too.

      • Riz90s

        Yeah she told me she ain’t feel shit

  • Ricardo

    2nd best wayne breezy collab.

    1st Gimme That (Remix)

    • Tune Up

      Look at me now?

      • Ricardo

        Yeah it was cool. But not the foundation of 2005-2006 Lil’ Wayne. Don’t get me wrong (Look at me now) was the summer anthem of 2011.

  • Zane

    Wtf? Tyga doesn’t even stay on point about women. I like some of his music but his verse on here was whack.

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Nice nice

    • Martiansfromouttaspace

      This video is the hottest song for this year 2014 its a banger summer smash

      • Martiansfromouttaspace

        Shout out too Usher and Trey songz for cameo surprize makes Chris breezy wanna have a pop lockin break dancing showdown Lol

  • Luvlyeyiz

    Loyal- Liking it.

  • Best

    Nice song and nice video. Free my nigga Breezy!

  • Daniel Son

    Good video, hopefully we get the single really soon.

  • Wrong

    Monday is the perfect day to drop the c5 single

  • Martiansfromouttaspace

    Hell yeah this the best hottest music video of the year right here Chris breezy and Lil Wayne last final video together Chris going out with a bang fans need too vote for this and make #1 video on Bet 106 and park they even got Usher and Trey Songz in there too cameo surprize Lol dope video ever since 1984 movie Breakin Starring Turbo and Ozone

  • Nate Hill

    knocker! 🙂

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    No Gudda cameo?

  • TheTruth

    why tyga replace french?

    • wantjejayar

      `cause french sucks

  • Tune Up

    Lil Wayne rubbing his hands. Birdman is making a movement.

  • Tune Up

    I want those hoodies tho..

  • Nate Hill

    best video all year, highly entertaining and engaging,TURN DOWN 4 WAT!!!!!!!!!

  • xgoblin

    Should of kept French verse

    • Time


  • GreenRanger

    Good to see Euro in the vid too 3:10 on the right

  • Billa

    Tyga is so sick, 500degreez is my favorite song but its troubl.e

  • Aaron

    this song is so much better with Tyga – French Montana is a bitch nigga

    • Paul

      Tyga wack as fuck, he grew up in the valley….

    • ttjunior

      True, but for me the best version is with too short.

  • Weezy

    French verse so much better

  • Monk

    1st single Lil wayne ft Chris Brown – Fresh & Fly

    • Monk

      • Time

        What was this smh

    • Time


      • Weezy

        Source — bullshit

  • Time

    I love this song and video

  • Weezus F Baby

    Not Better Than Look At Me Now But Its Up There

  • joe joe

    this video looks fun, chris bown can dance. good verse from wayne. rewinding his part, yup.

  • zac


  • zac

    Honestly I think french verse was dope but tyga verse and voice is naturally better for this collab. Both amazing artists though. Jus my opinion

  • JustAGuy234

    Colin Tilly shoulda directed they have great chemistry and they have made dope videos.

    also, its funny how MAD or butthurt people on here get if anyone doesnt LOVE WAYNE because hes your favorite right? Well a lot of you on here have talked shit on Jay Z which wayne has always been and just reminded us thats hes a Jay Fanatic.
    You cant get mad if someone doesnt love your favorite rapper if you talk shit on your own favorite rapper’s favorite rapper lol… its hypocritical.

    Hope the Single Drops soon,


  • JustAGuy234

    also i wish Chris Brown would stay outta trouble, hes so talented its a shame he can’t focus on his music.


    That Poppin (remix) ft. Breezy is hard too tho

  • based ed

    is there really a last kings and trukfit store in universal citywalk?

  • Countin’AllDay

    “No relation, I dont chase em, I replace em.. Haaannn” French verse was dope but it is what it is.

  • RegggiNWord

    Tyga verse wack as fuck

    Its all lines from other wack songs

    + bigger chains rhymes with biggers chains ?

    Fuck this tatte twig

  • MrNinoBrown

    I see you EURO. Video is really fresh as fuck

  • Tarik Berrada

    they shouldnt have removed french montanas bit like his verse actually flowed with the beat

  • Saiyd Mbs

    unbelievable Birdman is not in video……its a perfect song from supper singers but where is birdman lol

  • Manolis P

    Its Euro there too

  • Fuck wrong with ya

    I prefer the east coast version

  • neelwayneholic


  • Kortnee


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  • cant see video i think youtube blocked in my area 🙁 please share also another video service site embed.

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  • Ahmed King Weezy


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