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Lil Wayne Will Be Making An In-Store Appearance At Macy’s In Atlanta’s Lenox Square

Wed, Apr 16, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Will Be Making An In Store Appearance At Macys In Atlanta Lenox Square

Weezy F Baby will be making an in-store appearance at Macy’s in the Atlanta Lenox Square shopping mall on April 26th to promote his TRUKFIT clothing line.

If you are or will be in the area next Saturday and you want to meet Lil Wayne, you can receive a meet and greet ticket by spending $100 or more on his TRUKFIT apparel at the Macy’s store in Lenox Square.

There are limited spaces, so you may want to do this as soon as you can. The other way you can get a Tune meet and greet ticket is to listen out for announcements on the V-103 radio station from now to next week!

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  • Yeahhhhhh boyyyyy

    You know what today is? Weezy Wednesdays woooooo

  • Brat

    I wanna go

  • fewcha

    that’s future’s city

    they need to hit the studio and make a bitches love me part 2 for c5

    • corbin wells

      bitches love me was horrible we wan’t old wayne not that wack a$$ fool

  • Skenny

    That would be cool as fuck !!!

  • Time

    What time weezy wednesdays dropping?

    • Skenny

      Nobody knows
      Maybe tomorrow

      • Time

        Last week it dropped on time…..

  • samuelotoo

    I like you i want to join you lil wayna

  • Martian

    Where’s the new Weezy music. I need my fix Lol no homo tho. All this shit about him hittin the studio. That’s cool and all but if that’s the case then where’s all that at? I want a leak or a single. That’s all.

  • yooo

    Somebody in atlanta please ask this man when the dawn single coming out

    • yooo


  • King Weezy F

    The Weezy drought is serious right now, Need some new shit, Bumping the Dedications and Carter albums 24/7

    • Tru

      Try bumping “We Are Young Money”, “IANAHB 1” and “I Can’t Feel My Face”.

  • master v

    @Danny m I have problem registering to lil ymcm forum when it cums to date of birth I don’t no y

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Whoever goes to this needs to tell Wayne to sign up on LWHQ and ask him when he dropping the C5 single

    • Time

      Why dont you ask him if you’re the real Gudda

    • simone12

      can you imagine if wayne actually signed up on LWHQ….

  • Zeus

    @danny your the man you kill shit every week and i feel like everybody will agree thanks you man we all appreciate the stuff you do for us

  • Deontre Lewis

    I look better than your man

    • Tune Up

      Nigga get your corny ass off this site.

  • Tru

    Who remembers this?

    • Truth

      I like Lil Weezy Ana more

  • YMCorey

    I’ll be there

    • Get some cool photos bro!

      • YMCorey

        Okay.. I know it’s gonna be Krazy packed

    • Malik

      Cough up that hunnit bruh and get some close up pics

    • fly

      get wayne to shout out lwhq ya diggg

  • This Is Why I Fucks With Lil B

  • Linoh Locc

    Hopefully C5 singles on Weezy Wednesdays today 😀

  • master v

    @danny m it says my date of birth shud be binding and alter.(It takes me back we’re I started).

  • JayHighAss

    I know the song is old but I still think wayne should make a video to Right Above It

  • President Carter

    Like This if you think we deserve some C5 news!!!


    Look I appreciate what wayne did in music for a moment because he did entertain me from 06 to 08 until I found Dot kendrick lamar.. But I even bought a trukfit hat for the hell of it .. Wore it maybe twice and gave it away. But i’ll be damn if anybody spend $100 on that just to meet the dude. I have had a real conversation with kendrick back in 2011 and I met SZA yesterday and flirted with her for free. But I did buy her album for support.

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  • Pyper

    I Will b at Macy’s I Want to meet Wayne

  • Teresa Berger

    The “Tallahassee Nights Live” Family was all over this. Brandi Lewis won $100 of Trukfit clothing for singing Happy Birthday to Reggie at the request of DJ Greg Streetz. Danesha Nicole lit up that stage with an Alicia Keys cover, “This Girl is on Fire”