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Lil Wayne’s “Believe Me” Single Featuring Drake Now On iTunes!

Thu, May 29, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Believe Me Single Featuring Drake Now On iTunes

After premiering the song just under 4 weeks ago, Lil Wayne‘s latest single called “Believe Me” featuring Drake has finally been added to iTunes.

Click here to purchase Lil Wayne’s new single “Believe Me” on iTunes!

The Vinylz and Boi-1da-co-produced track is rumored to be the first single off Weezy‘s forthcoming Tha Carter V album. I wonder if we will see a music video for “Believe Me” too?

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  • Why the wait?

    What took so long?

    • lovewizard

      i never like drake

      • Weezy Da God

        Why not? He spit fire if you actually listen

  • HipHop

    I hope there is a video….. They should shoot one anyway after missing the chance to shoot one for she will

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    cortez bryant with another fail

    how he didnt get fired years ago is beyond me

    • Shaquan James

      Shut the fuck up u need to be banned for false claiming who u are u ain’t no Gudda Gudda stop dick riding. U think the real Gudda Gudda would spend his time on a fan site all day every fuckin day grow up get a life

      • cvon

        You pretend that you gotta life and we don’t say anything…..

      • Weezy Da God

        Harsh you bitch

  • flow

    i bet you believe me will not even make c5.


      i think so 2 but i need a hit from way jst like go dj,fireman or lollipop

    • I can see it being a bonus song.



    • Ernesto

      I hope it’s not the official first single. I like the song and all but for the the first official single of the last carter album ?? Nooo !! It has to be a banger !! Something that’s gna b played everywhere !! I’m pretty sure it won’t be the first single cause usually it’s a banger like 6 foot 7 lollipop how to love etc an believe me isn’t something that you’ll be hearing a lot. I can see it being in the bonus but not first single. If it is then the next single better be a BANGER !!!

  • fewcha

    i bought it last night

  • President Carter

    C5 season lets get it!

  • Tramaine Johnson


  • Falzy

    Any word on wen Tina turn up need a tune or side bitch iz droppin?

    • Tune Up

      Word is they made Weezy a lil fat on that cartoon pic with the camel because he been eating rappers again…

    • Giraffe Boy


  • About fucking time.

  • Linoh Locc

    Okay enough with this. Do wen are they gana drop tina turn up or side bitch ? Now those 2 im excited for !!! #Carter5Season !!!

    • Falzy

      I cant fuckin wait for douz two

      aint no better weezy dan auto-tunechi weezy

  • FML

    Smh why is this the single? Dusse and moment are a lot better than this

  • blockerboi

    Side bitches prolly goin be on dedication 6 it sound like a dedication song



  • Tune Up

    I’m thinking he finna drop a song before next week.

  • Tramaine Johnson

    I think side chick and Tina turn up need a tune up will be on D6

  • trippy

    lets make dis song platinum in a week if ur a real fan go and get it xD




      • Anti

        i am

      • goat

        Why buy it when I can download it free on thousands of different sites, believe me is not getting any of my $$$ I’d pay for side bitch before believe me

  • nigga please

    Like I said on a older post you haters hatin for no reason you will never win juss go listen to another music artist if you unsatisfied Wayne has the biggest fanbase in hip hop he can careless about you haters he’s the Michael Jackson of hip hop MJ had a lot of haters but yet had the biggest fanbase in pop music that’s why he a good comparison to Weezy they both kings

  • Birdman Richest

    Now u kan add $$$ to da already hunnit millions and millions in our bank account. … Brrrr

    *Rubs hands*

  • kareem007

    where is that rich gang single? … it was supposed to drop ysterday or what?

    • Me nigga

      It did drop yesterday it’s kalld lifestyle wit thugga and Quan

      • kareem007

        Ok thanks, I appriciate you replied



      • kareem007

        Thanks I didn’t know.


    This is a message from Lil Wayne to Weezy F Baby #CarterV “come home the block needs you”

  • Birdman Richest

    I said Weezy… Stay in dem books ya heard.

    I said Weezy.. Ima make U a man.. So I got a prostitute to give him head at 11…
    Afta he turnt 18 I kissed him in da mouf. .

    I said Weezy.. Take sum of dese E pillz and sizzurp.. Dey lyk vitamins..

    now look at us.. We pimpin out.a canadian tv star and a bipolar barbie doll but she back to normal now..

    We da richest of da richest.. Ymcmb biness..

    Private jet flights in the middle of da night to Paris.. … Just to take shits …

    *Rubs hands*



  • YoungWeezyF

    As I said in my last post. This just isnt first single worthy. Could it be on Tha Carter V? Yeah for sure, but this has so much more Drank than Wayne. The energy isn’t there. I’m a HUGE Wayne fan, but being a fan doesn’t mean getting a hard on for everything they do. I read yalls comments and it seems everything he drops yall say “THIS IS THE BEST WAYNES BACK!” …every time. Thats not support. Support is saying “Wayne this is good, but you can do better.” After all his promises for Carter V this single…come on man.

    • Countin’AllDay

      The song kills in the club.. thats what you want out of a single imo.

      • Giraffe Boy

        A single like How To Love doesnt kill the club

        • Countin’AllDay

          First single off carter 4 was 6 foot seven foot so your argument is null and void

          • Slateer

            How to love and Mirror were not club songs. They were songs to reach to a different audience.
            And C4 Platinum in a week, well, I think it did its job

            • Countin’AllDay

              Lollipop was genius.. combination of both. Lollipop like single = Platinum

              • Wiz Dillah


                • Countin’AllDay

                  Thanks homie

    • youngtune410

      I get what your saying but pay attention to the world outside of this website everyone meaning mostly ppl who dont even like him fuck wit this song its a good strategy give real fans dusse and the radio believe me

    • corbin wells

      its pretty much She will part two and who are you to say whats single worthy.

      • YoungWeezyF

        Cause Im a weezy fan. Its like being part of a publicly traded corporation. If you buy stock in the company you technically own part of the company. Well I’ve bought tons and tons of Music from Wayne, he takes up my iPod. I should be CEO of this shit…my point being im a huge fan with lots invested so I get a say in what I want and as a fan my say is that its not that hard of a song still good though. However now that I think about it…what if he’s keeping expectations low so the rest of the songs kick ass?

    • cvon

      Dude what a buzz kill lol Wayne went so hard! Diamonds in my Rollie’s face cannot be exfoliated! Killed it!

  • Time

    Gonna buy it to support the best rapper alive

  • “I Shall Never Leave Hip Hop, Controlled by My Two Hands It Go Tick Tock” – Weezy

  • Guest

    Believe me is a good song but wayne first single should be on a higher level. Nicki pills and potions song is winning

    • Giraffe Boy

      Nicki only sells singles, her albums dont sell

      We aint worried about her

  • Dahlen

    Anyone from the States, know if its on spotify? Its not in the Danish version of spotify.

    • Guest

      It will be on there Tuesday

    • Giraffe Boy

      Anyone who uses spotify should be shot dead

  • fun

    let make this platinum

  • Giraffe Boy

    I told you guys it would be on iTunes soon

  • Nick

    Noo beleive me wasn’t even good

  • David D

    hope tina turn up or side bitch drops tomorrow

  • i aM NOt a hUMan

    Your flow never wet like grandma’s pussy, im always good like grandma cookies

  • D-Wreck

    Would you all stop saying Tina Turn Up Needa Tune Up is a song. It’s not a song, that was him fucking around on the mic. Maybe the beat might be a song, but y’all acting like that 6 minute video was like a fucking single and shit. It’s cool if you vibe with it but damn, quit asking for that track when it was probably nothing.

    • mortimerr2014

      Did you not hear like 2 verses with autotune in the the background? you fuckin deaf nigga

      • D-Wreck

        I did. Not saying the background might not be a song. Just people are acting like they bump that shit he was spittin in the video. It ain’t confirmed or nothing so why get their hopes up.

  • Guest

    “It’s that motherfuckin’ Dedication 5, I just hope I’ll be alive to see a Dedication 6!”

  • Guest

    It’s that motherfuckin’ dedication 5, i’ll just hope i’ll be alive to see a dedication 6!

  • “It’s that motherfuckin Dedication 5, I just hope I’ll be alive to see a Dedication 6”

  • T.D.E

    Just bought my copy!!!!!!!!

    • WeezyTheKingIsANigger

      DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S CELEBRATE BY RUBBING OUR DICKS TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha, fucking turd.

      • lovewizard

        da fuk

  • TheTruth

    took way too long, not gonna sell as much with the hype of that song pretty much dead

  • ym_MALITIA

    Im hopping off the band wagon..tyga’s chi raq sat way better with me since anything wayne put out since moment…all of these songs are starting to sound the same..ill save my breath for when he actually drops a tape or album. Im tired of the deflated expectations, false hope, and teasers. Wayne is the only artist i know who announces something new then finally gets it released a year and a half later

    • corbin wells

      tygas song was only good cause game literally dissed the whole rap game. tyga said nothing good.

      • FUCK!

        Tyga’s verses was sick as fuck. Certainly better than anything Wayne had to say in Believe Me.

    • T.D.E

      Stfu you gonon be right back on Wayne dick as soon as D6 and CV come out

      • lb

        Nobody is hopping on Lil Waynes dick as hard as someone who’s fucking name is “Weezy The King”…So fuck off, he’s aloud to have an opinion

    • Anti

      Tyga garbage, and game spit lies throughout the song #chiraq “i might be mo chitown than ye” nooooooo p.s you on the bandwagon of the ppl who force themselves to believe that Wayne aint the shit

      • fuckthisSHIT

        I’m “on the bandwagon of the people who force themselves to believe that Wayne ain’t the shit…”.. What the fuck does that even mean? That sentence is redundant…I am a Wayne fan, and I’m frustrated with his lack of a lot of stuff…I’m calling his few new songs SHIT while, everyone else is praising them like it’s the greatest music ever..So technically, I’m not on the bandwagon to begin with. And to answer fucktard “Weezy the King”‘s statement…YES, I’m sure Waynes tape and album will be great, hence me saying, “I’ll save my breath for when he actually drops something”. Also, everyone hates Tyga, and for what reason? Oh well, unfortunately everyone is entitled to an opinion.

        • Anti

          All that from me saying you on the band wagon lol i agree everyone has the right to an opinion

  • Anti

    Tina Turn up not a real song

    • Linoh Locc

      yeah it is foo !

  • Best

    Rich Gang’s new song is good, those niggas kill it!

  • Fuck tha Fame

    C5 , #believe me already hall of fame #cartervseason

  • TinaTurnup

    ‘Tha Carter 5’ is coming June the 29th! Will be exactly 10 years since ‘Tha Carter’ was released!

  • Nick

    Beleive me sucks really I been a wayne fan forever but it true it some shit

  • C

    Meek Mill was just in the studio with Wayne

  • Truth

    If all of us are Wayne fans, why the fuck are we arguing with each other? We a team, dammit. Let’s act like one!

  • #1tunechifan

    That would be a bad ass video

  • Tp3 da truth

    Believe me is already #2 on the rap charts an 13 overall believe me will do just fine

  • Shisha

    Wayne believe me is good but you can do better, Danny M let Lil Wayne know that we dont want this as a first single, we want something too good, make us press the replay button and listen to it over and over again, so please we want a real first single.

  • martianspacedout

    Carter V is gonna be classic just watch how hard Tunechi spit dat fire got some of the hottest producers working with him in da studio y’all gonna be surprized and believe me is a mixtape track he’s gonna do the unthinkable off top of da dome stay tuned -YMCMB Rich Gang $$$$ Lol

  • martianspacedout

    Still Got That Rock Pure Colombia No Lie No Worries John Dark shades Shout out Birdman #1 Stunna Whoadie 504 Holly Grove Uptown all day Grind hard Lol

  • Fuck tha Fame

    Believe me is #6 overall on itunes top songs already.its past happy and turn down for what lol!! @DannyM @

  • lovewizard

    i believe it after i get paid
    i believe it after i get laid
    i believe it after i get played
    i believe it when i am synchronized
    with the stars the moon and the fed

  • wasTheDeal

    #5 on all genres winning

  • Weezy Da God

    This shoulda went sooner, it would sell a lot more but it’s still doing great.. #thatbeattho

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