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Lil Wayne Performs “Believe Me” As Him & Justin Bieber Walk Floyd Mayweather To The Ring

Sun, May 4, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Performs Believe Me As Him & Justin Bieber Walk Floyd Mayweather To The Ring

Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber accompanied Floyd Mayweather Jr. as he walked to the ring for his fight with Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 3rd.

While they were making their way to the ring, Weezy F Baby‘s new single “Believe Me” was played and Weezy rapped both his and Drake’s verses, which was dope. I guess you can also count this as the very first time that the song was performed live!

Hit the jump to watch the boxing match entrance. Tunechi will now be heading to TW Theatre for the after-party. Congratulations to Mayweather on another win!

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  • Tune Up

    I knew it.

  • mohamed

    I knew he was going to do this. best rapper alive

  • guest

    Tha carter v let start trending

  • fewcha

    belee me, belee me
    that part is so catchy
    i will be saying this for the rest of my life lol

    • believe me


  • It would of been better if he performed Moment imo…..

    • TwizzieTwitch

      Nigga you always got something negative, i swear its like you don;t see positive shit or just comment on what you like. You always killin the vibe. fuck outta here man

      • Real shit

        Hes a dick sucker so hes ashamed and cant be positive

  • I fuck with Wayne, but I hate when he performs like this, screaming. I know he’s having fun but I wanna hear him spit the song clear & precise.

    • Tune Up

      He’s trying to get Floyd hyped.

    • wizzle f

      I feel you I hate that shit too, and the senseless screaming is crazy but he just bein Weezy.

    • Hmmmm

      Go to a concert I’m sure you’ll here him

    • Young Hitta

      He been performing like this since the Carter 3 and I can’t feel my face tour days, it aint nothin new its just the way he performs, i like it he be turnin up

  • J

    Wayne wiill go down in history as one the best and the best yes the best ever, too me!! #CV

  • KB

    It’s nice to see Wayne enjoy his music again!! To me C5 isn’t about sells..(although I call around 950k to 1mil)

    It’s about the final chapter.. Tha Carter V

  • Michael Trukfit Garcia

    Weezy Went Hard On This Tho

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Belee me

  • Chuck_Brazy

    Ok, I understand why Wayne is walking out with Floyd cuz obviously he’s promoting his single.BUT WHY THE FUCK. is beiber there??? shit looks clownish

    • You Know There Was Actual Clowns Bringing Him Out Too? Juggling & Shit

      • Chuck_Brazy

        LOL Yeah I saw that

    • pposse

      good luck charm thats like Biebers third fight he walked out with him

    • trillforeal

      They probably fuck with him cause he get hoes

  • Birdman Richest

    Might as well of just let Drake do the hook. But since kendrick was at the fight.. Them two better had went to the studio after

    • ace


      • Birdman Richest

        So your saying… You don’t want Kendrick and Wayne in the studio making music?

        • Tune Up

          I don’t. I rather hear another J Cole and Tune song or Kanye.

          • Birdman Richest

            Even after Yeezus? Ok i’m done. Jealousy/hater of kendrick lamar and haven’t even heard all his music and he just getting started. Wayne need him on the album along with andre 3k and Jay electronica to even have close to a classic album

            • Tune Up

              Yeezus was good. lmao i’m not a hater of Kendrick, I just don’t like him. He’s annoying, from his voice to his bars.

              • Birdman Richest

                Yet wayne been sounding like birdman’s dick down his throat for years and can use autotune and say shit like weezy f baby the f for this and that this and that and weezy f baby the f is for “phenomenal” .. Or when he purposely doesn’t pronounce a word right then says,oops I mean … Like cmon.. How could you possibly not like section 80 .. Songs like rigamortis, lookout for detox, monster freestyle. Haven’t heard all his music yet.. He,overrated.. Has been influencing the rappers to step up.

                • Tune Up

                  Phenomenal = Fenomenal in spanish. Looks like you’re mad.
                  Also why did you say you’re gonna leave this site just to come back on another name? lol no life fan on the low…

            • Do Dis Shit Fo Riz Zil

              Lil Wayne is a legend no matter what anybody says. His legacy is already carved in stone. Wayne is the one that inspired rappers, even Kendrick. Nobody takes Kendrick that seriously cuz he’s just another average rapper tryna make a name for himself. Nowadays there are so many new dope rappers it’s hard to keep track of who’s on top. He’s never gonna top Section .80 & in 2 years everybody gonna be tired of his annoying voice. Kendrick is nothing special. He’s a wannabe 2Pac always talking about how real he is. Every new school rapper is claiming their “realness” & that shits getting old now. Hip-Hop got nothing new to offer. Wayne was the Michael Jordan of Hip-Hop in his prime, he was killing everything while changing the game. He stepped up the metaphors and punchlines & almost EVERY rapper was influenced. He also changed the mixtape game forever. Da Drought 3 is no doubt one of the best and most influencial mixtapes ever. I’m not a Kendrick hater. I actually think he’s super talented, but dickriding fans like you ruin it for me. He’s so damn overrated.

              • Birdman Richest

                Name 10 kendrick songs you have heard outside of good kid maad city

                • Do Dis Shit Fo Riz Zil

                  Rigamortis, Blow My High, H.O.C., Michael Jordan, Hiii Power, Cut you off, Ronald Reagan Era, Cartoon & Cereal, Hol’ Up, The City by Game (Kendricks verse dope af) & whats the point??? Im a fan of kendrick too. Im just not a dickriding fag like you

              • Birdman Richest

                Yet wayne dread head ass claims he tupac from fucking new orleans ! A wannabe rockstar .. Wanna play geetar.. Oops I mean guitar lmao.. << Corny ass wayne signature.. Says shit like I will never go to hell bitch i'ma take over.. I'll kill yo new born.. Nobody is checkin for lil wayne.. I bet all yall on this site either white/indian boys or late to early teens wayne rap about guns and shit and shot him damn self and has been under birdman since 9years old. So when the fuck he dealing with gangsta shit.. Never.. Kissing old men in da,mouth.. And you talk about somebody being real or not. Foh.

                • Do Dis Shit Fo Riz Zil

                  I never said Kendrick isn’t real..You Idiot. I said he’s nothing special compared to Wayne. & Why the hell you bringing up irrelevant shit? Wayne can play guitar and make a rock album if he wants & He doesnt kiss “men”..The only person we know for a fact is Birdman. I agree thats some weird shit to an extent, but its none of my business. I care about Waynes music not his personal life. Now I know your a Dumbass hater that comes to a Lil Wayne fansite just to bitch and moan about him. You lifeless creepy cunt. Kendrick is never gonna be big as Wayne. So gtfoh cuz no one cares what you say, you sensitive ass prick. You have too much time on your hands cuz all you do is put up hate comments on a FANSITE. You’re kinda sus. I bet you secretly love Weezy.

          • Kamnikaz

            Oh yes ! J Cole would be awesome

        • Turo

          Kendrick overrated, I don’t want him on c5. The mike will single is enough for me

          • Birdman Richest


  • Birdman Richest

    Just couldn’t take it seriously… Justin fuckin Beiber

    • Turo

      Bieber > Kendrick

      • My Nigga

      • Birdman Richest

        Your subconsciously threatened/jealous of Dot. You can’t say you aren’t because his own team even admits they hate how good he is bc their competitive

      • Hunter Arrington

        Not sad and true!

    • master v

      Lil wayne carter1 nd 2 are considered classic rapp nd carter3 is a modern classic.if u don’t believe check we’re der universal wil release classic album nd carter1 is included nd carter2 is way better dan 1.

  • Shaquan James

    Wayne has to see this he has to make this the album cover this shit is too dope

    • Tune Up

      Stop posting this same pic for likes.

    • That Shit ain’t Even Hot Tho

    • Punjabi

      How about this!, playlist is rollin’ day in and day out.

    • Nathan Bryant

      This would actually be dope.

  • Not a hater

    Believe me is boring to me now

    The next single needs to be one that lasts longer

  • Malik

    Y’all ain’t tell me that my nigga made this girl’s day.

  • Young Cuban

    Believe me when i say Believe me will be a top 10 hit.

  • DVeezy

    Wayne stay killing shit, shit gets me hype when he performs live. Fuck Bieber doe.

  • TMT, TheMoneyTeam, Mr moola, Mr money, KO Specialist and Weezy

  • King Weezy F

    Wayne is so cool. Drops hot shit everyone goes crazy about and doesn’t promote it like these rappers that tweet their music every 5 minutes. God Bless Weezy

  • Skenny

    Justin seems jealous cuz wayne just killed it xD

  • YMCorey
  • hiphopfan

    Wayne look stupid

  • Damain

    I want to see the weeknd on Tha Carter 5

    • Skenny

      Damn that should be amazing 🙂

  • Young Hitta

    Still bumpin believe me, it just gets better and better every time smh and they played it on the radio twice last night

  • Sidney Sidro Mennis Jr.

    I believe Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar going to battle for awards these year bcuz of Wayne drop C5 this summer lets be real he gone shut the summer down and I think Kendrick is dropping his album like around the fall and he going to shut it down as well so its going to be a battle between wayne and Kendrick…

  • Countin’AllDay

    Weezy Wednesday should be nice this week

  • Daniel Son

    Nikki Minaj is there at 0:32!!!!!!!

    • Birdman Richest

      “Calculate my steps and strategically take my time, even falling off I land on the ass of Nicki Minaj.. Eat that pink pussy like it’s friday.. Bust one.. Roman reload, then smoke to Shiday.. And somebody tell Rihanna too.. I need that Vagina too.. Don’t fuckin take me for some kinda fool, i’m kinda the reminder of knowin Compton and kinda cool.. Good Kid Maad city mountain tops couldn’t see my views, hit the counter hop over hit the register then we MOVE! I hope this shit can register on the regular soon before I climb this pedestal and make you catch my fuckin stool.. K Dot, leave em grievin on evening news, even when society break even I break you”

      Kendrick Lamar

  • MrNinoBrown

    The big buzz would have been walking with Drake and Wayne. Dammm it would’ve been so crazy

  • LuvCoolJ

    Wayne so fugazy smh

  • Wayne killed it !!

  • Prince_Academics

    Where can I download the Mastered Edition of Believe me, can somebody post a link

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  • new music 2014
  • Eric Toomer

    What an entrance!

  • LuvTunechi

    My Babi Wayne Alwayz Been Amazin!!! #LUV

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