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Front Row Footage Of Lil Wayne’s Reaction To Winning The Battle Against Drake In Indiana

Sun, Aug 10, 2014 by

In this post, you can watch some front row footage from the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour when it made a stop in in Noblesville, Indiana at the Klipsch Music Center on August 9th.

Above, Drizzy can be seen performing “Trophies” and then Tunechi walks out so that they can both see who won the show’s “battle”. Tune ends up winning the “battle” and his reaction is priceless!

Below, you can check out more front row videos of Weezy F Baby and Drizzy Drake performing “Grindin“, “Believe Me“, and “The Motto“. Click here to view photos from the concert.

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “The Motto”.

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “Grindin”.

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “Believe Me”.

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  • KingAnt313

    The way Lil Wayne did the worm was GOAT

    • high off life

      no he tried to do the worm but failed

      • KingAnt313

        That’s why it was GOAT it was funny he seem like a really chill dude

    • bird

      he tried to swim I think, not do the worm :/

  • Boss

    ROFL that was jokes

  • Gwap

    who won the show tonight in Chicago?

    • Tp3 da truth

      Drake won

      • fewcha

        really? so its 2-1

        why they saying its 3-0 on twitter tho

        • Tp3 da truth

          Idk Drake won tho it’s 2-1 wayne

          • TRUKFIT

            ITS FIXED


            • Fuck tha Fame

              Idk bout that but well see

            • Tp3 da truth

              It can’t end even ain’t it 31 cities

            • Dayne

              All I know is Weezy Wee better win in Pittsburgh!

  • Denzel



    If Drake wants to start winning,He needs to stop performing those slow emotional songs!
    And how dope would it be if there was a KANYE VS JAY Z tour!!??

    • Dayne

      Not nearly as dope as this one if you ask me.

      I wish they’d perform Ransom! That’s my favorite collab for Young Angel & Young Lion.

      • fewcha

        or my darlin baby or ignant shit or uptown

        • Dayne

          Ignant Shit is right up there too. Darlin Baby is that classic it seems like no one knows about but it’s hot as fuck too.


        • Fuck tha Fame

          My darling baby lowkey classic

        • Nathaniel Diaz

          Bar-wise I’d go wit ignant shit “my gun go crazy like it’s retarded, red light on it like it’s recordin, I ain’t recordin Im Just C4’ing!” Etc lol

    • fewcha

      you on the wrong site if you want a jay vs kanye tour

      • Love Me

        Lmao,you funny af bro,can ! Have your twitter handle?, and I’m not a girl tho

  • Tp3 da truth

    This nigga drake looking like he was orchestrating a play an shit at the end of his performance

  • fewcha

    “i had like 3 cherry bombs go off, this man had like 4th of july and shit” tears

    • Kymnai

      i didnt get that line what does it mean?

      • Nathan Bryant

        It wasn’t a line. It was just him speaking about the fireworks and stuff going off behind them on stage in comparisons to Drakes…

  • YoungJT1092

    If Wayne wins most tours his album may drop sooner than later now tou think about it….perhaps they wanna see the results of this Wayne vs. Drake project to determine in C5 for August will be a go.




    • KingAnt313

      Sport Blue 3s

  • Giraffe Boy

    fuck me weezy wee went crazy when he found out he won

  • David D

    frfr this is some great footage, shout out to you who recorded it

  • Moe

    I’ve been a fan of Wayne since I can remember. His music has taught me so much, I can connect with his music in a way that makes me feel like we know each other. Yes, I’m only a starving artist but my hunger is what drives me to make incredible music. Wayne taught me how to rap, growing up he’s all I listened to. His influence can be heard in my music. My debut mixtape is out now! Use the link to check out my music. God gave me a gift to share with you, lets make the most of it! Support the future!
    Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @moe_ctc to stay up to date with my music!

  • RichGang

    This tour looks soooooooo awesome

  • Love Me

    Drake be wearing the same clothes from nicki minaj’s moment for life video tho,bur that’s none of my business

  • Linoh Locc

    Dawm, i bet other artist are looking at there tour like, Fuckk.. Weezy f Babys back… Young Moneys Back…. LOl
    #WeezyFBaby #GOAT

    • Love Me

      Yes,now they are scared,very scared like wayne said at the end of original

  • LilWayne’sFan

    @Danny, dude you really need to look up the last episode of Dj Skee Live. Future and Mike Will get interviewed and they talk about Wayne, Carter V, and Buy The World. I can’t believe you missed this interview.

    • It hasn’t surfaced online yet I don’t think.

      • LilWayne’sFan

        Ill try finding you a link. I watched it on tv and thought it was dope!

  • Tc

    Does anyone know who the openers for the tour are?

    • Lil Roy

      yo gotti but only for 8 shows

  • Biggie

    They better come to Europe with this shit!!

  • Lil Roy

    if your a fan of weezy and drizzy follow me on twitter @TheRealLilRoy please and thank u.

    • jaleel bell


      • Lil Roy

        i make music to and i will love to have weezy and drizzy fans fuck with me !

        • jaleel bell

          Hm well c.

        • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

          i would love to fuck with you

  • Dawn Bosley

    If It was fixed Drake would have won in buffalo! that’s his hometown crowd coming across that boreder!! I thought wayne would take them all

    1. He deserves it! 192 singles to drakes 69
    2. He’s the boss and
    3. Promotion for C5

    then again Wayne’s been down for Drake & Nicki going bigger than him since Day 1! Maybe the fans really are deciding who knows?!?

  • Radio

    Wayne performance was krazy in Chicago last night

  • Sick hahaha good collab

  • Anthony Fears Smarterstronger

    They on they way to my city Aug 15th

  • Ozzy F Baby


  • ibfndwarfs

    Two of the biggest names ever to do shit right couldnt get any fuckin better!!

  • black p stone nation

    Try me and run into a wall outfielder. ……… The game need change and I’m the motherfuckin cashier