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Lil Wayne To Reveal “Tha Carter V” Artwork On ESPN’s “First Take” Show

Thu, Aug 14, 2014 by

Lil Wayne To Reveal Tha Carter 5 Artwork On ESPN First Take

At 9AM this morning (August 14th), Lil Wayne will be appearing on ESPN’s “First Take” sports show. SportsCenter have released a short clip of Tune leaving his show in Hartford and letting us all know why we should watch him on “First Take” today.

Weezy F Baby says he will reveal the official artwork for his upcoming Tha Carter V album and explain why the Green Bay Packers are going to win the Super Bowl this year. Hit the jump to watch the video!

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  • kizz


  • jpeewee bond

    c5 time dont get scared lol

  • Is it going to be the same artwork I been using?

    • fewcha

      no its not

      • lilpunjabi

        IT IS & more

  • Woooo

    Yes this means the album is really coming this year!!!!



  • jpeewee bond

    no mixtape tho i really wanted that tho

    • fewcha

      i still think we will get a d6

      • Yea I think he already started recording it.

      • jpeewee bond

        i hope so he go way harder than album that just me tho

  • fewcha

    its about time

  • So many posts on LilWayneHQ lately but I still want Weezy Wednesdays :/

  • Tony Montana

    this better not be weezy wednesdays!!!


    Why people on twitter saying that Drake and Wayne were gunna do a mixtape together?

    • Kelly

      Cause they dumb that’s why

    • KingZ

      There were rumors circulating that they were doing a collab album, it can be true. Wayne did say he had a surprise for us

  • Da Ref

    Wait a minute, I thought Drake dominated 2nite

    • jpeewee bond

      he did

  • Nijee

    Dedication 6 – Late August & Carter V – September

    • jpeewee bond

      hope so too

    • Nathan Bryant

      Where you hear or read about that? It’s august now and not any heat on it

    • Zach ByGod Meadows

      Oct 28

    • I wish he would do that….but when is the last time wayne dropped an album or a mixtape on time??? Much less put it out earlier then they said…and D6?!? We aint even got 1 song from that yet and its the 19th. I hope im wrong but I remember what they did to the fans with D4 and D5! That was fucked up

  • Outtie

    Carter five dropping in september

  • Da Ref

    SC vs Lil Wayne; I got my money on WFB!!!

  • CMB_

    It’s about time #CV

  • Linoh Locc

    No WW tonight ? 🙁 lol

    • CMB_

      this is probably going to be it…Lol

    • jaleel bell


  • Nijee

    I Want See Carter V Tracklist

  • Nijee

    Features Prediction Carter V Are Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Boosie, T.I , Birdman, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Eminem, Robin Thickie, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Andre 3000, Nas, Kayne West, Juvenile, Turk, Mannie Fresh

    • Itachi

      Nigga you krazy

  • WeezyDaGOAT

    Weezy Wednesday out! Ice Bucket challenge. Funny as hell

  • kizz

    i reckon rihanna will feature on cv she be rocking TRUKFIT everyday

  • kizz

    weezy wednesdays out

  • HOLLYGROVE (nigga)

    • Nathan Bryant

      That would be nice for a mixtape

    • Nino Thomas

      That would be the COLDEST mixtape he ever dropped. “The Grove”

  • weezy

    Krazy is a flop song for C5 🙁

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy wednesdays out !!!!
    So whos gana do the bucket challenge wit me ? Lmao

  • Linoh Locc


  • donnie22

    what time does this come on

  • Jay weezle

    Carter V season

  • Wayne Holmes

    Y’all forgetting about “tha other album”

  • wizzle f

    Tez man you have one fucking job dont let me down today.

  • Jennifer

    I love it when wayne goes on tour, his no ceilings voice comes back

  • The great

    Carter V October 28

  • Nathan Bryant

    The sad thing is, people are going to find some dumb reason to complain about the artwork. Did that really mess your day up?

  • Zach ByGod Meadows

    Carter 5

  • Zach ByGod Meadows

    Carter V october 28th

  • Fuck tha Fame

    Ig the artwork will come at 10?

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  • Drilon_G

    What up 5

  • Moe

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