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Celebrity Health Coach Karlee Fain Reveals Lil Wayne’s Health Secrets

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Karlee Fain Reveals Lil Wayne Health Secrets

Lil Wayne‘s personal health therapist, Karlee Fain, has revealed 7 health secrets that he loves and uses every day. This is a cool read as Karlee tells some interesting stories, such as how she has seen people from Weezy‘s entourage get left behind if they are not ready when he is ready to travel.

During these health secrets, Karlee explains how Tunechi gets in the zone before one of his shows, drinks a lot of water, people who know him know not to cross his boundaries even though he is a kind person, what his diet is like, how he has breaks from his work, helping other people, and working out his body with skateboarding.

You can read all of these health secrets after the jump below. Don’t forget that Karlee Fain released her “The Grocery Store Adventure Guide” book back in summer 2014 too!

1) He gets in the zone.

As we pull into every venue you can expect to hear the same playlist come on over the tour bus sound system. The pre-game ritual has begun.

The music gets mellow, his entourage clears out of the way and Wayne gets into the zone. Like a boxer going into the ring, his mind become focused on the present moment.

Distractions fade, he is dedicating all of his energy to one single task – giving the best performance of his life.

This ritual is uniquely his, and it’s ability to focus him is exactly why you see him blast onto the stage at the peak of energy.

Developing your own daily ritual is key too. Give yourself focus by saying no to distractions in order to say yes to your very own passionate progress.

2) He drinks more H20 than ever before.

Sound simple? Yep. Works wonders? You bet your ass it does!

Not drinking enough water is one of the biggest problems people have.

Being dehydrated makes you tired, foggy headed, skin breaks out, headaches and muscle pain happen AND your body actually begins to release stress hormones – making you more likely to feel stress or anxiety.

My motto: Drink up to turn up.

How much should you drink? Quick tip: Divide your body weight in half, and that is the amount of ounces you should drink a day. (Ex. if you weigh 200lbs you would need 100oz of H2O a day) If you sweat or work out drink even more.

3) He uses the b-word. I’m talkin’ boundaries baby!

Sorry Wayne, I”m about to blow your cover – the truth is that Lil Wayne is one of the kindest people on the planet.

That said, anyone who knows him knows that crossing his boundaries isn’t going to work out.

Let me give you an example. The plane leaves when he gets there.

When Wayne boards his jet, the door shuts and the pilots start the engine.

I’ve seen just about everyone in his entourage be left behind if they are late.

His boundary is – get to the plane on time or you will miss it.

Sitting on a hot grounded plane is no fun, and at his level is a huge waste of one of his most valuable assets – time.

If he waited for every late comer he would be pouring his valuable time down the drain.

You do not need to have a private jet to have the courage to do what works for you.

4) He eats green.

Don’t get me wrong, if you compared my organic vegan lunch to Wayne’s you’ll see a big difference – he loves to poke fun at my green juice and almond snacks.

But with his home cooked New Orleans style meals he does eat his favorite veggies, broccoli is his go-to green eat.

And that’s all you need to do too. You don’t need to give up what you love to eat, just upgrade your favorite foods.

Add some broccoli to your pasta, spinach to your sandwich, or berries on your cereal.

A few sneaky nutrients with your meal does wonders.

5) He plays.

Einstein said it best, “Play is the highest form of research”.

What do Einstein and Lil Wayne have in common?

They both know the value of having a good time.

It’s easy to loose sight of the fact that most of us are working for a living.

Meaning, we are working to live a life of our own choosing. Not living to work!

Lil Wayne understands this and attends every pro-sports game he wants.

He skate boards and is the most likely person to be crack’n jokes and playing pranks with his friends.

Taking a breather from your work long enough to enjoy yourself gives you the mental space to actually be more productive when you get back to business.

That mental vacation breaks patterns and lets you problem solve in new creative ways.

6) He uses his body and stretches it too.

Are you going to find Wayne in a yoga class this week? Nope. (The first time I tried teaching him yoga he brought his blackberry and iphone with him to this mat, ha!)

But skate boarding, that is his thing.

It works out his body while at the same time gives him a mental vacation from work.

Have you tried flipping a skateboard over 5 stairs – trust me, it’s the only thing he’s thinking about in that moment.

And before he hops on the board or on stage he stretches for a few minutes.

Regular stretching has helped him avoid many injuries and the common aches and pains from sitting or standing for long sessions in the studio.

You don’t have to hit the gym or do yoga to get started.

But do you use your body each day? Put on your favorite music and dance for 10mins. Go for a couple walks around the block. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, you get the idea 😉

And for goodness sake, stand up at least once per hour and stretch, in addition to preventing injuries, this moves lymph fluid which boosts your immune system too.

7) He pays it forward

Studies have shown that people who feel connected to others live longer happier lives.

Lil Wayne does exactly that.

Every time he mentors a new artist he is saving them incredible time and energy, teaching them everything he had to learn the hard way.

Good news: you don’t need to be wealthy to help others.

Call a friend who is going through a tough time and just listen. Help your neighbor take out the trash. Grab your coworker a glass of water next time you get one for yourself – that’s two birds with one stone 😉

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