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Nicki Minaj – No Frauds (Feat Lil Wayne & Drake)

Thu, Mar 9, 2017 by

Nicki Minaj No Frauds Feat Lil Wayne & Drake

The Big 3 are back! Nicki Minaj collaborates with her Young Money label-mates Lil Wayne and Drake on her new single called “No Frauds“.

There is no word as of right now if this track will be appearing on the Barbie‘s forthcoming studio album, due to be released later this year.

You can stream “No Frauds” after the jump below via Apple Music. Click here to listen to “Changed It“!

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  • Man Man

    Oh shit it just happened

  • Pretty Boy Drizzy ©

    First time Nicki outshined Drake and Wayne on one track. Made me forget all about Remy smh.

    • Yeah she snapped

    • Raz!

      drake and wayne let nicki outshine them so she can get all the attention about remy

  • Libra

    Bout Fucking Time!

  • Man Man

    And she got 1 with just her and Wayne on it

  • Pretty Boy Drizzy ©


    • MrNinoBrown

      Yeah I like it better

  • Raz!


  • Khaos

    Anyone got a link I don’t got I tunes???

  • Pretty Boy Drizzy ©


    • Raz!


    • Reptar

      facts he finally using ADLIBS

  • Trix_SA

    Lemme get ready for school then listen to this

  • Richft3

    3 Features in one day, we eatin good🔥

    • A.T

      Yeah now niggas saying we eatin. Yesterday ppl was complaining asf. Most of y’all spoilt little bitches fr 👍🏼😂

      • Richft3

        I’m sayin lmao

  • Nicki > Weezy > Drake

  • TooReal

    Can some one post a link to all 3

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  • Reptar

    Changed it is honestly what I been waitin for. the Travis influence sent Wayne to a new stratosphere

  • Reptar

    I hope Wayne next project sound like changed it

    • MrNinoBrown

      SOUND like? No I hope not cause the super high pitched voice + super autotune as it is on the song isn’t really a good combo

      • Reptar

        I feel you, alotta people hate his high pitched voice. idk why I like it so much

        • E dog


  • Reptar

    the amount of hate you feel for changed it, is equal to the level of nostalgia you have for 2006

  • Pretty Boy Drizzy ©

    What up killa man please stop bringn up my past

    – Drake

    • 💰YMCM💰

      Lol he got that line from Wayne but he just redid it

      • Giraffe Boy


      • Spiffy Lee

        actually wayne got it from jay z

  • E dog

    So much heat today

    • Giraffe Boy


  • 💰YMCM💰

    Wayne was ehhh drake killed it 😤

    • YoungMulaBaby2.0

      I’m a little bummed out but wayne killed change it

      • 💰YMCM💰

        Ian hear that yet but drake killed Wayne on frauds tho but the next song they make I think Wayne gone kill him cause they go back and forth

  • E dog

    new post

  • Gudda Gudda

    fuck this apple music its only letting me listen to 30 seconds

  • fewcha

    nothing tops that raekwon and weezy song today

    • Sky Hora

      Man all Wayne needs to do is let gof THAT DAMN AUTOTUNE. Its like he’s putting himself in handicap. He couldve easily made “No frauds ” into better song than it already is. I swear he better not touch c5 or come D6 with that sht. Ruining No cieling 2 was bad enough. Yeah I’m salty.

      • Turtis

        If you can’t appreciate the lyrics because of the pitch of voice you have a mental handicap

        • Sky Hora

          What is the point of the lyrics if you can barely understand them? Wayne is better with out it. His lyrics are fine, it’s just the autotune that hurts my ears

          • Turtis

            I can tell the difference between Wayne with heavy auto tune and another artist with auto tune, and if that’s the trend they’re following I’d rather listen to Wayne than anyone else.

  • Giraffe Boy


  • Rawl

    dang wayne was not hitting on this one he could of put this song way over the top

  • SUPA M

    Today is the SUPA DAY!!!

  • Don_Hooper19

    Alright Wayne your turn to drop some heat

  • Ralphlauren Miller

    Changed it is dope ,good work YM

  • Jessica King

    Fuck yeah
    Love nicki’s voice, u can’t beat that, she the best, that’s why they hatin

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