Chris Brown Says He Has “A Couple Of Different Things” With Lil Wayne On His “Heartbreak On A Full Moon” Album [Video]

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Chris Brown Says He Has A Couple Of Different Things With Lil Wayne On His Heartbreak On A Full Moon Album

Nadeska Alexis from Complex recently sat down with Chris Brown inside his Los Angeles crib for an interview that you can watch below.

At the 7:40 mark of their conversation, Breezy was asked who he had worked with on his upcoming album, Heartbreak On A Full Moon, to which he replied:

“I got Wayne on a couple of different things”

One of these songs could be “Played Yourself“, but that was labelled as a leftover from the project when it leaked!

Breezy will be releasing his new album sometime next month in July, so who is looking forward to hearing a new collaboration from him and Weezy?

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  • WeezyFan

    YFS still on repeat that song grew on me I like that autotune better then from no ceilings 2

    • Raz!

      i thought it was dope on the first listen

    • Clay Newman

      I wake up chase my dreams catch em and detain em

    • ❤️Mula gang💰


  • Raz!

    that nadeska chick got shoulders like a man

    • David D

      She looks like a hunchback

  • CarterBoy

    Dope more new Weezy next month

    • T-Twitch

      How more you know?

      • David D

        Cause this chris brown album drops next month if you can read

    • David D

      Hope it’s as good as loyal

  • Tunde

    I had a dream Wayne announced he was going on his last tour and everyone on this site was BUGGIN

    • David D


    • King Slime Thugger

      Thats weird asf slime. dreaming about Disqus accounts? I suggest a phycologist

      • Kunechi

        slime what the fuck is a “phycologist”

  • T-Twitch

    Still don’t know why Wayne don’t do like a 8 song ep with a DJ

    • David D

      Cause he wouldn’t get paid for it

      • Man Man

        Wayne never had a problem with giving free music

      WHY EPS?

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    Hopefully No autotune. Feels like forever since I heard Tunes real voice

    • David D

      You know damn well it’s gonna be autotuned haha

  • ReGuarlyiiRReGular

    Was that YFS song recorded years ago? I’m not sure but doesn’t he say something like I go to Miami for lebron??

  • TooReal

    Aslongs as he not saying no more shit like tougue kiss the anus we good lmao Lol Lmao

    • King Slime Thugger

      You sure you don’t want to add another ‘lmao’ there buddy?

    • Ye’

      You gotta do what you gotta do

  • YungJackBauer

    Everyday im waiting wayne to invite jay z to stage and they perform mr carter live and announce that he is no longer cash money and he is roc now

    • #1Stunna

      Hope that day never comes tbh

  • YungJackBauer

    A million sold first day I went gold how do I celebrate work on the carter 4

    • Clay Newman

      Thats that Milli remix of the remix right there. Not many know about that one. Salute

  • TooReal

    Top 5 2017 Wayne verses and songs

    1. E.T
    2. My Corner
    3. YFS
    4. Nerve
    5. Faith

    And yea I know some were recorded in 2015 but if it dropped in 2017 it counts on my list

    • InfamousWeezy

      In that case add breathe and listen to me

      • TooReal

        T Wayne completely slipped my mind lol


  • Lewis

    Still fucks me off how FWA wasn’t released properly. Was better than the shit thugger is putting out by a mile

    • YungJackBauer

      Fwa underrated

      • Lewis

        When he performed glory at the BET I thought that was gonna be a massive it. Well done cash money.


      • MrNinoBrown

        What?????? damn I respect you opinion tho

  • YungJackBauer

    Hoodybaby- first class that wayne hook give good vibess


  • YungJackBauer

    I’ll cut your face, have you lookin like Seal nigga

  • ❤️Mula gang💰

    Brhis Breezy with the danc moves

  • ❤️Mula gang💰

    Mack ain’t haven’t hashtag free C5 on his two previous post 👀lmao but every time I say that he always do on the next one

    • YungJackBauer

      It means that c5 is free and we get it now…..

      • ❤️Mula gang💰

        I mean he is performing at the bet awards

        • Torianbadass

          He probably say something about it like he did last time at awards


    • Reptar 🐲

      man I hope Wayne don’t retire


  • Lewis

    Who’s is everyone’s top 5 weezy album/mixtape ?? Mine is C3, no ceilings 2, FWA, C4, D3!!!

    • Nukey

      C2, C3, C1, Lights Out, FWA albums
      No Ceilings, dedication 2, da drought 3, the prefix, sorry 4 the wait mixtapes

    • dio6

      Drought 3
      Dedication 2
      Dedication 3
      Carter 3
      No Ceilings 1

      (Thats if we’re only talking official projects)

    • Reptar 🐲

      D3, DD3, NC, C4, & D4