2 Chainz Talks About Lil Wayne’s Influence On Hip-Hop & Stresses His Run Is Not Over

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2 Chainz Talks About Lil Wayne Influence On Hip Hop & Stresses His Run Is Not Over Yet

2 Chainz recently chopped it up with Kyle Kramer from Noisey for their article about how good “Duffle Bag Boy” is.

For the interview, Chainz revealed that he thinks Lil Wayne is the reason for why a lot of people rap today, every rapper has face tattoos because of Wayne, and considers him a brother as he was an only child.

Tity Boi also spoke on people forgetting about what Tunechi has done in hip-hop so fast, first meeting Tune, and stressed that his run is not over and it’s going to be “pressure” when Weezy finally gets his record label situation together!

“Wayne is a reason that a lot of these people even probably rap or have fans or whatever it is. With just his strong rebelliousness. When he came in – you know he came in young, but when he grew up, you were able to watch him grow up, and you know all the things he did that we see people do today. I don’t know if they remember. These people forget about shit so fast, but like all this shit that’s going on, bro was putting that on the mainstream a long time ago.”

“Wayne been tattooing his face for, what, 20 years now? I remember when people were looking at him like he was crazy. Now you almost don’t look right without a tattoo on your face and you a rapper. It’s a lot of stuff though that he did that everybody wouldn’t necessarily agree with, but it worked for him, and it worked for the impact he made.”

“I consider myself one of the first members of Young Money, just unofficial. Just because of my relationship with Wayne and shit, when we probably both had corn rows or something like that. It was a long time ago. Before Katrina. We just kind of kicked off and had a brotherhood ever since. That’s somebody I really consider my brother. I’m an only child, so that’s somebody I consider a sibling.”

“That’s why I can’t believe they acting like they forgot about my boy. Y’all niggas know when he get this shit together it’s gonna be pressure… They secretly want you to get out the way. You know like, Wayne is intimidating to some people.”

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