21 Savage Reveals He Listened To A Lot Of Lil Wayne While Growing Up [Video]

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21 Savage Reveals He Listened To A Lot Of Lil Wayne While Growing Up

21 Savage met up with Rob Markman from Genius at Sword & Stone in Los Angeles, California recently for an interview and to make a knife from scratch.

At the 4:00 minute mark of their conversation, Savage mentioned that he listened to a lot of Lil Wayne around his early teenage years 13-14 as he was growing up.

He revealed he listened to a lot of Gucci Mane, Jay Z and Nas at that time too. You can watch 21‘s interview with Genius after the jump below!

Thanks to Amritpal Uppal for the heads up!

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  • Malik Mandingo

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    • Gudda Gudda

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      • Weezy504

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  • Raz!

    fuck this guy he makes retarded music

    i’m glad wayne said he doesnt know any of the new rappers (uzi vert, 21, kodak) in that interview he did

    • Esoteric Khosta

      Savage Mode is a classic tho

    • WeezyIsTheGOATDontAtMe

      He knows Uzi because of DJ Drama. They’ve video chatted before

      • Esoteric Khosta

        LMAO this nigga username

      • fewcha

        he said he didnt in the interview. btw fuck drama

  • πŸ’°FreeTuneπŸ–€


  • 1017BLOOD

    21 Savage aka the reaper huh

  • MuddyCupSavage (Untouchable)

    Lotta people liked his album but im not that into 21’s style. His voice just too monotone and boring to me. I like a few of his songs though. But tell me somethin i dont know, anyone post 2000 in the rap game today either has wayne as a favorite or grew up listening to wayne.

    • Gudda Gudda

      Dude sucks just like all new rappers, he can’t rap for shit

    • Esoteric Khosta

      I prefer Savage Mode it was beast

  • Young

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    • Giraffe Boy


      • Young

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        • Gudda Gudda


  • Giraffe Boy

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  • Gudda Gudda

    “I swear to god I did not know you was naming rappers just know” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Esoteric Khosta

      LMAO wayne was savage

  • Esoteric Khosta

    His favourite song is probably Nightmares of the bottom, you know why

    • fewcha


    • wazaflyblood

      lol haha bruh

  • Turtis

    22 savage

  • Tunde

    Trick or treat, live or die, let my bro decide

  • Esoteric Khosta

    Safe to say Tyler has the best rap album so far this year

    • WeezyLEF

      Many people view Tyler as this goofy guy, always fooling around with his friends, making jokes and shit, but that boy makes good music. I listened to both Cherry Bomb and Flower Boy, and there were some amazing tunes in there.

    • TooReal

      I just seen your comment from last post you tagged me in this song gone be flames when you done with the mixing it already is lol

    • Nigga no Birds In The Trap still the best album

    • fewcha

      in tune we trust

      • Esoteric Khosta

        thats not an album lol

        • Hunter Yates

          Your not an album

  • TooReal

    21 trash what he needs is 21 ghost writers to write him better music

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      Or u need to suck 21 dick to chill

    • Ghost

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  • Dr Carter


  • You can ask %90 of rappers now they’ll tell you the same

    • fewcha

      more like 99%


    Who didn’t listen to Wayne growing up?