Tyler, The Creator Discusses “Droppin Seeds” Collaboration With Lil Wayne, Says He Has Never Heard Wayne Rap Like That Over “The Price Is Right” Music [Video]

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Tyler The Creator Discusses Droppin Seeds Collaboration With Lil Wayne, Says He Has Never Heard Wayne Rap Like That Over The Price Is Right Music

Tyler, The Creator recently sat down with comedian Jerrod Carmichael for a one on one interview all about his Scum Fuck Flower Boy album.

About half way through the 1-hour conversation, Tyler talked about his “Droppin’ Seeds” collaboration with Lil Wayne, why he got Wayne on the instrumental, and how the song came together.

You can check out the full interview between The Creator and Jerrod after the jump below!

“I made ‘Dropping Seeds’ instantly. It was just a quick instrumental I made and I was like: ‘I’m getting Wayne on this.’ I only wanted 16 bars, maybe 8, but Wayne has to go over this. I want to hear Wayne over these notes, in this pocket, and I want to see what he would do in his high-pitched voice over this lowered tone of this weird Brian Bennett lounge library music I made. I want Wayne over that, because after a while hearing Wayne over some 808s and some shit like that, it’s like: ‘cool’. The whole album was supposed to be about flowers and gardens, but it ended up changing and this was one of the first songs finished and I was like: ‘Yo, just rap about flowers, and gardens, trees, whatever.’ I was on tour for Cherry Bomb in Omaha, Nebraska, and I got a text from him like: ‘Check your email.’ I check it and me and Travis are sitting there like: ‘what the fuck’. Not only did he bar out, but I’ve never heard Wayne over Price Is Right music. Smuckers was the closest we got… so on topic and he’s so good.”

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