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NFL Coach Kyle Shanahan Named His Son “Carter” After Lil Wayne [Video]

Fri, May 18, 2018 by

NFL Coach Kyle Shanahan Named His Son Carter After Lil Wayne

During this week’s episode of Simms & Lefkoe, which is a podcast by Bleacher Report, it was revealed that Kyle Shanahan named his boy Carter after Lil Wayne.

The host Chris Simms, who is good friends with the San Francisco 49ers coach and also a former NFL player, revealed this information after a photo showed Kyle and his kid hanging around with 50 Cent.

At the start of their conversation (1:50 mark), which you can watch below, Chris explained how Shanahan was always obsessed with Wayne during their NFL career and how he always played Weezy‘s music the most. Hit the jump to check it out!

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    • Gudda Gudda

      its kyle not kyla

    • PussyMoneyWeed2

      I bet he cool af

  • CarterBoy

    Why not call the kid “Wayne” LOL?

    • Jbadd504

      Cuz there are no white guys named Wayne in history lol

      • Don Plantmen

        Did u forget Wayne Newton? hes a Vegas Legend.

        • Jbadd504

          There’s a few lol. But not many , wayne Gretzky also

          • Don Plantmen

            He Canadian tho, does that still count as white lol

            • tf fuck does that mean Canadian or american white is white.

            • Justin Cayz

              Canadians are the whitest people on earth lol what u on

      • Hunter Yates

        Wayne Gretzky

      • Costa Nostra

        There’s more white guys with the name Wayne than black guys

      • Gudda Gudda

        there is a popular sports guy called wayne rooney

  • Raz!

    thats crazy lol

  • David D


  • Skrrrt Cobain

    man ‘weezy’s ambitions’ washes the shit outta ‘ambitions of a rider’

    • Day1_la_laker


    • Raz!


    • XOCorey

      How young are you?

  • Don Plantmen

    Ni**a you dont do shit for Cash Money!! YO what is this dude doing back here LURKING around???

    $50 to whoever tells me where that line is from.

    • 300 bang bang

      Tez Poe ๐Ÿ˜‚ he was hot

      • Don Plantmen

        My ninja! You right cuh, drop your Paypal so i can send the money hahahaha

    • Raz!

      cortez from the carter doc

    • Gudda Gudda

      carter doc

  • Screamโ˜๏ธ9FDAWORLD

    Wayne should to drop a mixtape Called All Unrealesed or something like that with all he’s snippets exept C5 snippets

  • Dr Carter

    Need the unrealeased more than the all snippets I’ve heard in my entire life. How much for this ? Take all my money MusicMafia

    • YMYSL ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

      Check their site

  • Wordplay 187
  • Gudda Gudda

    salute to kyle

  • Patrick H

    I’m thinking of doing the same thing to my unborn child.

  • Patrick H

    Over which beat?

  • Day1_la_laker idc this slept on

  • Day1_la_laker
  • Day1_la_laker

    halfway remix slept on idc

    • PussyMoneyWeed2

      Times getting harder and these hoes want a baller lol

  • 3zzy

    I had to name my son Karter after Wayne just with a K cause my name Kris with a K .Wayne the GOAT

  • XOCorey

    Wayne is officially the greatest person of all time lol