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Lil Wayne Addresses Frank Isola & Eli Manning Over Their Comments About An Odell Beckham Interview [Video]

Tue, Oct 9, 2018 by

Lil Wayne Addresses Frank Isola & Eli Manning Over Their Comments About An Odell Beckham Interview

Lil Wayne has took to social media today to address all of the negative feedback about Odell Beckham Jr.‘s interview, who had Wayne sitting next to him, with journalist Josina Anderson.

The Young Money founder first responded to sportswriter Frank Isola after he was quoted saying “how can Odell Beckham be taken seriously if Lil Wayne’s sitting next to him?”. Weezy had the following to say:

“Frank, I actually like you when you come on television. You mentioned my name this time though and when that happens I’m going to fight back. You all know I don’t get on here to do this. I only get on here to do positive things and say great things. But Frank, come on, I don’t know much about you and the fact is, you don’t know much about me so with that said… keep my name out your mouth.”

“So to answer your question as to why should you take him serious if he’s sitting next to Lil Wayne? To answer that is because Lil Wayne is serious, and I was serious when I said keep my name out your mouth, Frank.”

The New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning mentioned “I don’t watch Lil Wayne much” when he was asked about Odell‘s interview and Tune was not cool with this:

“Man Eli, every time time someone bad mouths you, I’m the first one to back you up. I’ve never said anything bad about you and I’m not going to say anything bad about you now. It’s hometown love… but dang.”

“I don’t care what you listen to but the way you’ve been playing, you probably need to bang some Carter V before a game.”

You can watch Tunechi address the sportswriter and the American football quarterback in a video below!

“I think you’re all just a little upset that someone with a number one album and one of the greats of the NFL had a chance to sit down in the room together and capture such a great interview and I think you’re upset because you weren’t the one on the other side of the table asking the questions.”

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