Pusha T Gives Praise To Lil Wayne For His “Drought” Mixtape

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Pusha T Gives Praise To Lil Wayne For His Drought Mixtape

Who would have thought they would see the day of Pusha T giving praise to Lil Wayne in a new interview?

While recently talking to Vulture for their “Superlatives” series and to promote his new It’s Always Dry album, Pusha complimented Weezy‘s “Drought” project.

The Clipse rapper said Tunechi‘s “Drought” is “definitely fire” when talking about mixtapes he loved from the 2000s! My guess is that he is talking about Da Drought 3, but what do you think?

Best 2000s mixtapes you didn’t make?
Lil Wayne’s Drought sh*t was definitely fire – no hate, no nothing. G-Unit was going crazy. But at no point did I ever feel like anybody had the bars of We Got It 4 Cheap. Serious. We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 smoked everything. The fucking world was fearful of them bars.

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