Wiz Khalifa Says He Would Have A “Fun” VERZUZ Battle With Lil Wayne [Video]

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Wiz Khalifa Says He Would Have A Fun VERZUZ Battle With Lil Wayne

First things first – Happy New Year’s Wayniacs, I wish you all the best for 2023! In a recent interview with DJ Superstar Jay for his Shade 45 show “VIP Saturdays”, Wiz Khalifa was asked who he thinks would be a “fun” competitor for him to have a VERZUZ battle with.

For his answer, Khalifa named Lil Wayne by saying he thinks it would be more like a concert than a VERZUZ battle, due to them both being dope performers and they both smoke “hella weed”.

“I think that would be fun, yeah. Because Wayne is a really dope performer. Me and him going back and forth performing bangers? That sh*t would be hard! And we’d both smoke hella weed. I think that would be more like a concert than a VERZUZ.”

The Taylor Gang CEO also made a video after blogs started using clickbait headlines saying he wants to go against Weezy in a VERZUZ. Wiz told them to “put that sh*t to rest” and called Tunechi the G.O.A.T. He added that he does not think he is better than Tune, but someone like him would be great competition. Check it all out below!

Click here to check out Lil Wayne say he thinks he could see his Young Money crew go against JAY-Z’s Roc-A-Fella roster in a VERZUZ battle.

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