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NLE Choppa – Ain’t Gonna Answer (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Thu, Mar 23, 2023 by

NLE Choppa Aint Gonna Answer Feat Lil Wayne Music Video

Here is the official music video for NLE Choppa‘s brand new single “Ain’t Gonna Answer” featuring Lil Wayne.

The visual, which was directed by Zaeim, was filmed last month and it includes Weezy rocking a pair of the Big Red Boots from MSCHF. “Ain’t Gonna Answer” will appear on NLE‘s forthcoming album, Cottonwood 2, due to be released on April 14th.

Click here to view some behind the scenes photos from the “Ain’t Gonna Answer” video shoot and here to see Choppa gifting Tunechi with flowers while they were on set together! What are your thoughts on this collaboration?

She said come here, she said get here
She said stop playing n*gga, bring that d*ck here
Ooh, I got b*tches waitin’ to see me like a premiere
Ooh, and her mouth be full of semen, look like veneers
Ooh, don’t be worried bout what I’m doing, doing be worried ’bout who I’m doin’
Don’t be worried ’bout who I flew in, all these Percocet I’m chewin’
All these Birkins and these Louies, got her twerking hella booty
She said throw that d*ck Lil Tunechi, she gon’ catch it like a movie
I be asking b*tches out, leave her at that n*gga house
Never thought I’d leave my kids until I left ’em in her mouth
I be stretchin’ b*tches out, you be stressin’ b*tches out
I’m like Lionel Messi, kickin’ messy b*tches out
Girl you workin’ with some ass yeah, I smack it with my bad hand
Ooh, she got that fat cat, I give that cat a CAT scan
From a Hot Boy to a mad man, that high water or hell deep
Call him NLE, you can call me Makaveli
Shirt off, Choppa on, Weezy Baby, Babylon
I’m greedy baby, Ramadan, I got my slimes with me, it’s a slime-athon
Wake up with Balenciaga pajamas on with two b*tches
Check my phone, new pictures, I check your ass like the new Twitter

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