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Michael B. Jordan Confuses A Lil Wayne Quote For A Line From “Black Panther” [Video]

Michael B Jordan Confuses A Lil Wayne Quote For A Line From Black Panther

Actor Michael B. Jordan and American television personality Steelo Brim recently appeared on MTV’s “SafeWord” comedy show, which will be premiering in full this Friday (August 24th).

While on the Terrence J-hosted show, the best friends played a game of “Wakanda or Weezy?” to see if they could tell if quotes read out by Tiffany Haddish are from Lil Wayne, or the Black Panther movie.

In a sneak peek of the episode, we can see Michael losing a round of the game by confusing a Tunechi quote for a line from Black Panther. The quote was actually from Tune‘s interview with Katie Couric back in 2009:

“I do what I want to do and I’m gonna do that till the day I die.”

You can watch a preview of Jordan and Steelo playing a game of “Wakanda or Weezy?” on MTV’s “SafeWord” after the jump below!

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Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer From “Broad City” Talk To Katie Couric About Her Interview With Lil Wayne

Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer From Broad City Talk To Katie Couric About Her Interview With Lil Wayne

Katie Couric recently sat down with Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer for an interview with Yahoo at Caffe Reggio in Washington Square Park, New York City all about their comedy television series “Broad City”.

During the conversation, Ilana showed off a quick Lil Wayne impression and explained that she loves Young Money, because they are all hard workers. She also mentioned that her and Abbi discuss Wayne‘s 2009 interview with Katie all the time.

I have never seen “Broad City” before, so I couldn’t tell you anything about the show, but it’s supposed to be really successful and popular, which is why I have posted this up (because I know you will be asking why in the comments haha)!

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Katie Couric Interviews Lil Wayne On Season 2 Of Her Talk Show [Video]

Earlier today, season 2 of Katie Couric‘s talk show premiered on ABC and one of the special guests on the show was Lil Wayne.

Tune talked about their first interview from four years ago, the story behind his seizures, why he stopped drinking syrup, co-writing “How To Love” with Detail for his daughter and daughters all over the world, why his mother made him drop out of high school, his time in jail, being an influence for kids in New Orleans, skateboarding, and then reviewed Katie‘s revamped minivan.

Click here to watch Weezy F Baby discuss his family and retirement in a clip that didn’t make the full interview. I will update the video above as soon as a better quality version surfaces online. Thanks Nique!


Lil Wayne Tells Katie Couric He Is “So Ready To Retire” [Video]

In the video above, Lil Wayne speaks to Katie Couric about his children and what he is most looking forward to when retiring at age 35.

The clip above is a preview from Weezy F Baby‘s interview with Katie for her talk show, which will premiere tomorrow. Click here to watch three more sneak peeks from their sit down!


Lil Wayne Talks About Why He Stopped Drinking Syrup, How Inmates Treated Him In Jail & More

This Monday on September 9th, Lil Wayne will be a special guest on the season 2 premiere of Katie Couric‘s talk show. Weezy F Baby, who has already finished the taping in New York City, will chat about his time in prison, how important us fans are to him, high school, his family, the health scares that he had earlier this year, and more.

If you have not yet seen Tunechi‘s previous interview with Katie Couric, or you feel like watching it again, then you can do so here. I am sure every Wayne fan enjoys this interview, because he opens up about his childhood, Hurricane Katrina, why he dropped the ‘D’ from his real name, syrup, weed, and plenty more.

Above, you can watch Weezy discuss with Katie why he stopped drinking syrup in a preview of their interview. After the jump below, you can watch two more previews from the show were Tune discusses why he didn’t finish high school, his mother Jacida Carter buying him his first gun to take to school for protection, and how inmates treated him in jail.

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