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Lil Wayne Talks About Why He Stopped Drinking Syrup, How Inmates Treated Him In Jail & More

Fri, Sep 6, 2013 by

This Monday on September 9th, Lil Wayne will be a special guest on the season 2 premiere of Katie Couric‘s talk show. Weezy F Baby, who has already finished the taping in New York City, will chat about his time in prison, how important us fans are to him, high school, his family, the health scares that he had earlier this year, and more.

If you have not yet seen Tunechi‘s previous interview with Katie Couric, or you feel like watching it again, then you can do so here. I am sure every Wayne fan enjoys this interview, because he opens up about his childhood, Hurricane Katrina, why he dropped the ‘D’ from his real name, syrup, weed, and plenty more.

Above, you can watch Weezy discuss with Katie why he stopped drinking syrup in a preview of their interview. After the jump below, you can watch two more previews from the show were Tune discusses why he didn’t finish high school, his mother Jacida Carter buying him his first gun to take to school for protection, and how inmates treated him in jail.

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  • Brinedd

    That TRIPPY hat is swag

  • cool

  • amurph

    Yeah but in November he gon be back, #tuneoffprobation

  • raw tune

    thats crazy about his mother giving him a gun to take to school

    looking forward to the full interview on monday

    make sure you post it on here danny cause i dont want TV






  • brandon_

    danny cant see the last 2 video’s

    • Hmm, they work for me. Maybe try refreshing the page or a different browser?

  • Can’t c the videos….. Weezy is king

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    I can’t see the videos not even one, I’m using iPad Mini

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    Hahhahahahahah,,,Wayne quittin codeine,,d@x mst be funnY

  • codiene is shit,,,i love weed,,,is medicinal

  • denilson

    the best rapper alive! I LOVE YOU WEEZY

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  • what channel is it gonna be on danny

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    Danny man I got sooo much respect for you man. I don’t see why ppl call you all kinds of names and all that because without you we wouldn’t have this website. People will still be checking WSHH and other sites . So I appreciate you Danny and your whole team.

    • Thank you, I appreciate that!

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    what is JED ? Sit im too french !

  • Tunech the best

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    A mothers love is always the best!

  • handsome~

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    These interviews are one of my favorites by Wayne, he truly speaks his mind and opens up.

  • Kidd

    I never thought i would be saying this but what time does katie courics show come on

  • Don

    What time does the show come on?

  • khosta

    Danny or any1 please type what he said bout not drinking syrup anymore please, I want to know guys, thanks cuz I can’t watch the video

  • nfs444

    @Danny M

    …Has Wayne EVER acknowledged you or your creation of this website?!?!?! Does he know you in real life?? Do you have access to insider information that other people don’t??? Is this website your full time job? Have you ever thought about consulting Wayne and asking him to scrap his shitty Young Money website so that THIS can be his OFFICIAL main site?!?!? ARE YOU APART OF HIS ENTOURAGE??????????????????????????

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    Are you secretly the DJ Empire who is responsibly for The Drought series?

  • danny can u plz post about the interview coz sum of us cnt watch it in our country

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    @nfs444 shut the fuck up u sound dumb as fuck but

    @Danny M it would be pretty cool fir this to be the official weezy website iny opinion it already is

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    I started the Dedication 5 thread which has over 300k views so fuck you

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    @nfs44 its not personal im just saying stop interrogating danny in a sense hes is already under a lot of pressure to keep this website up and going

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    I been using this site since it first came about, and I told Weezy about this site and every since he’s checked it out, he told me that it was DOPE! Also I am Cortez and not one of these phony dudes but I will contact you in email and send you some Weezy music that he haven’t released just for this site as in an exclusive promotion to get the whole world to know that this is legit. Stay tune… !

  • Dmc

    Personally I think Wayne still drinks syrup every now and then cuz its prescribed to him so wouldn’t be ok even if he’s still on probation

  • DaWayne

    The only site I use to keep me up to date Weezy.

  • Barbara Ella

    Hey, Lil wayne is on katie couric show Monday… wonder whats coming out of his mouth …he might say something, people stop the dis

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    videooos donot woorkk

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    Yo its lil bitches needa stop tripping over your own shit..beef is a pussys sport..tunechis out

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    Its Crazy How @DannyM Bitch Ass Wont Fix The Videos Upload To YouTube Or Something !

  • Golf

    How prisoners treated him in jail??? He was in protective custody. Fake ass.

  • wayne ova ya favorite

    @Golf protective custody?? You must not no any thing about prison. Wayne was in population he just had a single man cell and the only protection you get in prison is being put in solitary confinement nd thats for niggas who cause trouble. Get yo head rite

  • plumbo

    — what is JED ? Sit im too french ! —

    GED is certificate acquired instead of graduating high school, allows you to enter a university.

  • plumbo
  • Golf

    @wayneoveryafavorite Are you fucking stupid? Wayne was protected. He woulda been raped the first night had he been in pop. Look up the interview they had with another prisoner that was there. Get off his dick.

  • Love his way on how to treat his kids when he’ll retire 🙂 ♥ you da best!

  • Kapri Stunna

    Lil Wayne u are the best rapper alive. You are the best till u quit. I gat luv for u Tunechi. YMCMB Allday. Everyday.

  • Yes lil wayne the Man he don’t need to explain to nobody,aboutanything keep it up like wayne # 1 fan lg

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    JAHIL KHAHIL are you serious with joining free masonary? or is it a joke. I saw you gave out a number. Any requirements to join?