Soulja Boy Says He Produces & Raps On Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album

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Soulja Boy Says He Produced & Rapped On Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album

Soulja Boy recently spoke to Complex about his work on Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album, due to be released in stores on March 26th. S.Beezy confirmed that he had produced two songs on the project and one will also include a rap verse from him. Check out what he said below:

What’s happening next with your music?
Well, I record everyday. I’m in the studio everyday. Next month, you got Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II. I made that album, as far as production.

You’re producing on Lil Wayne’s album?
Yeah, I made a couple beats on that album. The paperwork’s already done. I made the album. I’ve been paid for it. It’s going to be dope once that record releases. I got a feature on there, me and Wayne rapping on one song. And then I got a beat on there that I produced, that they paid me for. Then I produced a couple joints for Wiz. After that, Iā€™m looking to drop USA Dre in March 2013.

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  • lol


  • Walker Wiseman

    Yall post this cuse m thread in LWHQ Forum

  • Kushpurp

    Not a human 2 ….. Bout to be a major bangn …. album it really is gunna be straight fire pretty proper, nice and bomb, and pretty buttery. Hyped !!!

  • casto

    Okay nd so what s.beezy

  • jesse

    Better not be anything like that mean mug shit

  • YMCM Bidne$$

    Soulja Boy? Really Wayne?

    This nigga is worst rapper in music

    He’s also a big joke smfh

  • alley paper

    we have gunplay and juicy j already on the album… we got this wack rapper on it… hopes for i am not a human being 2 are going far away šŸ™

  • young money cash money asap

    producers 2 songs ???? wowww

  • Pill Poppin Animal

    Even though I agree he is a complete retard, he does always produce bangers.

  • t-rawwww

    are we just gonna ignore the fact that turn my swag on remix is a top 5 song in hiphop dead or alive

    no trollin either

  • young money cash money asap

    stop hating!! he clearly went hard or else he wouldn’t of made the album!!!! dumb idiots

  • Tell youre boyfriend hes a turkey

    Hmm.. I dont know what to expect, but Soulja Boy got some bagers, so lets just hope its Soulja Boys best work šŸ™‚ I dont think wayne would let some totaly shit go on the album… i hope before Wayne retire, that he makes a album better that C3, so even haters will miss him!

  • I have saw all of your comments and I would appreciate it if you stop hassling my artist because of situations he chooses to make. It clearly doesn’t matter because he made his choice by have a song with soulja boy and not all of you other people. If you have any concerns with what I have
    Too bad get over it.
    – Drew (YMP)

  • hoopz

    i dont care

    im still buying the album

    cant wait for march 26

  • young tune

    Soulja boy??? Oh fuck noooo…. still praying to God this is gonna be dope af

  • ZipLiner

    gunplay is raw! dont put him in a sentence with soulja boy on the mic, as a producer i dont mind but him, But i guarantee Soulja boy’s verse will suck on the album,

    remember yall wayne isnt a kanye, (kanye tell people “hey can you change this im not feelin it”) wayne is all about letting people do them, prime example: that GOD AWFUL feature he let Lil B do on Sorry For The Wait, its not waynes style to tell someone they’re wack once they already in the booth
    so prepare for a bad feature simple as that.

  • Showiz

    Fuck this album, it’ll be the worse album of lil wayne.
    That’s just fucking low, low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why not add lady gaga to ur album?
    A find real producers.

  • king Tg

    man how can a best rapper alive feature the worst rapper alive in an album,come on wayne dis aint a mixtape to play we talkin Weezy F Best rapper alive here

  • Leave a Reply

    June 30, 2013.

  • Mrs. Tunechi

    @Showiz suck a fat ass dick hoe . . . frontin like yu even know shit about wayne ,,,ok bitch ok

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    Wayne needs to chill with these wack rappers on songs. Lil B… This fool…

  • Tunechi99

    Soulja boy šŸ™ the world has ended.

  • GBTunechi

    So wat if Wayne plays around wit his album its his choice and hehas foreva proven himself to every1 that his the best he went from gangsta to rockstar to Tunechi makin punchlines and metaphors that r crazy no otha rapper can accomplish half of wat his done already every album his mad has been his journey if u a true fan u’d understand I give Thanx to Wayne for his Hard Work YM Salute

  • shit soulja šŸ™

  • Hw can a best rapper ever feature a worst rapper ever in his alburm dis iz a real shit:(

  • We shall see 26 march alburm soulja indeed

  • I was excited for this album. But honestly. Lil waynes getting the gayest features on it. Soulja boy, 2chains, juicy j. There gay. Plz god let lil wayne atleast save the songs

  • You tunechi that wizzle

    Buy Me coke and hoes buy my new album

  • soulja boy makes sick beats but he raps like shit and hes not da worst rapper there other bullshit rappers IANAHB2 will be best rap album

  • jim

    yea but lil wayne still gonna have fire

  • i can’t wait to hear the new album

  • morriskalb

    wow i hope they paid for the quality of the production of the beat and not just cause he is soulja boy ! i fucks with him but i hope its not the reason, i dont want a dissapointment on this album

  • YM

    No shandalaier I guns hanging from the ceiling

  • tony_montana

    What @zipliner said>>>

    Honestly I don’t think wayne gives a phuq if hiz albums will be good or not anymore,he’s just releasing albums because his contract requires 5 more albums for him.wayne kinda doesn’t give a phuq about rapping anymore,how much you wanna bet,all the songs that don’t have features will be shorter than 3minutes,mark my words! He’s a skater now yo…the wayne we all loved (no homo) is gone,that’s just the way it is!

  • many songs will be on the album??

  • 3peat

    I dunno why people are saying this is a bad thing?! Yeah he may be a wack rapper but he’s one of the best producers in the game! These two songs will be fireeeee.

  • miyo

    People are talking before the albums out? Damn


    soulja boy is one of the worst rapper i know but as producer hes one of the best.

  • Desmond Okyere Ansah

    Still can’t wait for wayne’s album,soulja boy or no soulja boy this album is going to be dope,lil wayne makes magic happen on tracks.YM salute 100

  • Tunechiweezywayne

    Soulmate boy sucks man but whatever hope that shits good

  • Poopy

    Ugh lets get the album already. If gudda gudda or waka flaka is on this album also ima throw a fit

  • Slowdayz


  • Fuckno

    To some saying soulja one the best producers haha

    I bet this niggih cant even make one solid drumline

    Wayne could have ordered a turd to produce his album and it will sound better
    This is his last fuck you to the fans before he quits making music
    And instead going all out getting dr dre or khalil beats he chooses souljaboy

    This is a slap in the face to everyone who loves music

    Soulja boy logic : 2 numbers produced means you produced the whole album ?

    Insteas of giving a broke up and coming producer some money he spends it on soulja boy

    Fuck you wayne go eat some skatedick ill bet this is gonna be one pussy infestes album

  • Jordan

    @Fuckno you’ve just made yourself sound like an illiterate, shallow minded dick… Until you’ve heard what soulja boy can come up with dont say shit, crank dat? He produced that and it was MASSIVE just because you don’t like his rapping his beats go hard as fuck… So why don’t you just wait until the album comes out before running your mouth…

  • tony_montana

    Soulja boy’s a very good producer and everything but “one of the best in the game” I don’t know about that …

  • king alvarez

    If you say that tha carter III is Waynes BEST album, than your on crack rocks. Even C4 was better than that album. N this INAHB 2 album is gonna be as gay as the music Wayne been releasing lately. Wayne times over listen to SPITTA

  • ampjackson94

    Soulja Boy is a great producer no doubt but Soulja Boy only raps good when he takes time to write his shit so as long as he didn’t freestyle (which i doubt he’d do fo an album feature) his feature should b good

  • Really

    Yall serious?! Souljas production is mediocre at best. HOW yall giving this bitch a pass for production. Name me one good beat from him and Ill take back my words.

  • Lil Wayne is the best rapper Alive.

    Soulja Boy is the best rapper Swag


  • Soulja Boy bhves lyk sum weird Kid

  • Bunz

    Why does he keep on insisting that he got paid for his work? Immature kid.. SMH

  • Bunz

    I’m just not feeling this album.. I wouldn’t care even if he pushes the album bak to 2014

  • raines

    But you got paid for it, right?

  • kiara sne

    i luv dat pic

  • swag


  • swag

    soulja boy is fresh af stop say shit

  • Asset

    Weezzy! I love you! But… it’s gang bangingg! Soulja Boy.. i know! buut.. may be crazy..

  • Weezyfkobe

    Um souilja boy is not the worst he’s like top 3 though lil b takes the cake for worst

  • renzo_mf

    Tf wayne he betta go hard no disrespect but he’s gonna mess the shit up like lil b did in the remix of grove str. party I hope he only has the hook man epic fail but I cold be wrong tho may 26 caint wait nigga.!!!

    TunechiNation YMCMB YOUNG MULA BABY.!!!!!!

  • YoungMuthaFukah

    I think the album is gonna be dope A’F.

  • DatRedGuy

    Tunechi is the best but, I think soulja is shit. That’s just my opinion. But I think that song is going to end up just like grove st. party freestyle. But I hope Wayne really put his heart into this album, I like the new Wayne more than the old one. (no homo)

  • JazzieFae

    OKay I am not a huge soulja boy fan but to be for real I feel like everyone is being fake as hell if they say ” I never liked soulja boy , or listened to his music.” cause when this dude came out I swear all you heare wwas him and that crank that song every niggah n bitch was juggin to his song and doing that crazy as dance lol I know i was but he’s doing his thang and the songs ya’ll love on lil wayne album he made the beats on most of em n his verse in that song trigger finger is ham cause i love that song . So all I got to say is stop hating and congradulate this nigga cause he is STILL GETTIN PAID!!!