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There Will Be A Sean Kingston “I’m At War” Music Video With Lil Wayne

Mon, Aug 31, 2009 by

Sean Kingston Im At War Music Video With Lil Wayne

Even though Lil Wayne wasn’t featured on the iTunes version of Sean Kingston‘s “I’m At War“, it still looks like he will be featured on the album version.

Sean Kingston posted on Twitter that he has just got off the phone with Weezy and they are all set to shoot the music video for the hit song “I’m At War“.

We also have upcoming Lil Wayne music videos for “Revolver“, “Girl You Know“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “Money To Blow“, “Forever” and “Come On” which Lil Wayne will re-do a verse for.

Also, check out this article we posted on YoungMoneyHQ earlier in case you missed it: Young Money have the top 3 records on Billboard. This is an enormous achievement for them, don’t you agree ❓

Shouts to EastsideBoi89 for letting me know about this music video and are y’all excited for this video ❓ Leave a comment below, letting us know if you are 🙂

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  • Ooohhh

    Bring it on!

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    All I want right now is this Forever vid. It’s gonna be legendary

  • yungtune33

    this could be a cool video waynes verse is like short but is tight still

  • alfady

    sick sick sick

    good week for wayne fans

  • trizzy

    wat is “come On” i wud b nice if he re did his forever verse but its great enuf 4 me

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    6 videos! damnnn woop woop go waynee i cant waitt

  • mweeez22

    yeahh to sick man, cant wait!
    also, Dan, what song is “Girl you know” ?

  • @mweeez22 – That is a Young Money single which will be leaked soon.

    @trizzy – Come On is that 2 Pistols song, but Weezy will re-do a verse for that record.

  • j wats

    Lil wayne’s verse in “come On” was good why would he make a re-verse??

  • brandon b

    @ j watts becuz the verse is old

  • dc

    wow is this some kinda record? 6 videos in a month??

  • revolver??is that hot revolver or the 1 with madanna??

    and “girl you know’ i’ve beeen wait for that

    come on i was finna say cuz that verse is from “MY NAME”

    ok tho 6 videos YES!!!

  • da

    Good song, cant wait!!

  • JMB

    woow wayne and young money is doing good!
    they on top of the game right now
    a lot of people thought wayne and young money couldn’t do it
    but he proves him wrong!:D

  • Teekay

    That’s BS, i just checked sean kingston’s profile on twitter and that was never posted. Sean kingston mentioned something related to the song with lil wayne but nothing related to a video.

    Holla at yo boy,

    • @boogi3 – The one with Madonna

      @Teekay – Click more at the bottom 😕

  • wooooooooooo! even though im not a proper fan of that song.. i really don’t like sean kingston. but i do love lil waynes verse! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS :D.



  • Thomas

    Wtf?! never heard about “girl you know” :S

  • weezy are also making a video to birdmans money 2 below with drake 😉

  • isnt ‘Girl You Know’ the next YM single? and when is it comming out? cant wait for it after i heard YM last hit ‘Every Girl’ !!

    please answer !

  • Exquisite

    what? Lil wayne isn’t featured on the I’m at War that went out in ITunes, thats sucks.. oh well I’ve already got the “i’m at war” that ft Lil wayne track…

    I’m so excited for this music video 🙂

  • Yeezboy

    Shiet shiet shiet, Money to blow video? Never heared that they are making a vid for it ;o, Its like my favorite song right now .

  • luiseezy

    damn so many gud videos i wish i was in 1. i imagine wayne dress lik a soldier lol

  • waala

    deamm wayne is in a lot of sick shiit
    his puttin more work than any other rapper [x

  • thanks dan…

  • trizzy

    thanx danny i hope nun of tem gets pushed bak

  • LilWayne

    Hey Guys,

    This is Lil Wayne here and I just want to say how much I appreciate your love. I could not possibly be here today without you. Yes I am appearing in the video with Sean Kingston. We have just decided that it would be a good idea to have one. Many reports have revealed me with three children on the way. I confirm all of these statements are true. Well I have to go now but thankyou so much everyone.

    Lil Wayne/Dwayne Michael Carter Junior.

  • I found your blog via Google while searching for roots music report, thank you for posting ill Be A Sean Kingston “I’m At War” Music Video With Lil Wayne | Lil Wayne HQ!

  • Demcoolboy

    Man i have heard the song twoou taimes and i’ll alredaey learned it main what a Naiice song but I also preffer N-dubz AND Chipmunk with their songs:
    N-dubs- playing with fire

    Chipmunk- Look for me feat talay riley

    Damn i love the three guys because of their music XD

  • tylermurray53

    yeah this could be hot dog…get it?.. hot dog!…lol

  • This is a I enjoy examples of articles which have been written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll definately be visiting again!

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  • I really like youtube but yeah it does have some bad things on it. Like with copyright and stuff.