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Cash Money Records Merging With Warner Music Group? + Fabolous Inspired By No Ceilings

Fri, Dec 25, 2009 by

Cash Money Records Merging With Warner Music Group + Fabolous Inspired By No Ceilings

If worked right, this merge could be HUGE! Last week while Baby and Wayne paid a visit to a Manhattan courthouse for Wayne’s gun case (he’ll be sentenced Feb. 9th), they also paid visit to Warner Music Group’s HQ’s.

Details are extremely sketchy at this point, but an EXTREMELY reliable source confirmed with me that a “secret secret hush hush* meeting occurred with several major big wigs from both parties (Oh hai Lyor Cohen & Brian Williams).

While nothing’s been solidified in regards to logistics to this ground breaking venture, possibilities of future collaborations and ish of that nature are hatching as we speak. A merger of the sort could combine the forces of every conglomerate under the respective umbrellas of WMG and Cash Money Records.

This includes Atlantic Records Group (Lupe’s 1st & 15th Entertainment, T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records, Maino’s Hustle Hard imprint) Warner Brothers Records Inc (Asylum Records- Gucci Mane lives here, Warner Bros. Records, Blacksmith Records) and a bevy of other imprints.

And then you have to think of all the subsidiary labels under those major labels. Get my drift?

A quick note before I get out of here: Gee Roberson (the founder of the management empire, Hip Hop Since 1978) co-manages Lil Wayne and Drake- two actives players under the Cash Money/Young Money umbrella.

Gee also still serves as the president under Atlantic Records’ Urban Division. Put the pieces together, enjoy some egg nog and let’s merge some theories of what this could turn into for 2010. Cool?

Shouts to BET, and this would be BIIIGGG if it turns out to be true! Hit the jump to see some more updates including 40 Cock and Fabolous:

40 Glocc & Zoo Life talk about Lil Wayne ONCE again:

Fabolous says Drake’s So Far Gone, and Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings inspired him to do his own mixtape:

“The Drake mixtape of course was a huge success,” Fab explained in an interview. “Lil Wayne’s tape generated a lot of interest. I saw Wayne and just listening to his tape gave me kinda the feeling that people still accepted the mixtapes and wanted to hear it. I guess it’s particular artists that they attach to but I had felt even with the most high-class artists, people were getting so used to getting free music that the mixtape game wasn’t that influential anymore. So when I seen what [Wayne’s] No Ceilings did, it let me see that there’s still definitely potential there, there’s still that market there. I think for me it’s definitely there because my albums tend to be a little more mainstream than my mixtapes.”

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  • Dani

    Lol THIS will be HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mayneeee … lots of good artist .. BUT i would like cash money / young money to stay PUT and stick to themselves like they have been doing over the past 10 years !!!!!


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  • Dre

    If they move the label to WMG, that means no more music uploaded on YouTube, lol.

  • Don’t do it CM! (Although it would double their bankroll lol)

    Check out my page- better than J Sax?

  • I hope it’s gonna be good!!Checkk this out and tell me what y’all think about!!


    will cash money come under WB or will it be equal???

  • kxsh


    but i thnk its close HAHAHA


    Dont Do IT!

  • J

    When’s the last time 40 Glocc sold a record

  • jay

    im getting tired of this bitch ass nigga

  • Darren

    yea don’t it your good where you are now

  • this stuff is huge.

  • jonas

    40 cock need to shut da fuck up danm cuz get off them dem niggaz dick i think u gay homey cuz real nigga dont really give a fuck about anotha nigga like dat especially a real crip nigga

  • j42d0gg

    what did wayne do to 40 glocc? i might be late…but fill me in.

  • O.G

    40 glocc jus like to act like a  bitch 4 no reason

  • Sportz

    If they go to Warner Music, does that mean they leave Universal?

  • i feel 40 gloc on this on, i mean no disrespect to Wayne but i feel that Wayne can’t come into tha game sayin that he a blood and talkin about shit that niggas die for everyday. Wayne’s music talks of shit that actually happens on tha streets but how tha fuck he gonna know if he aint ON tha streets. 40 gloc make a good point but he still ass. WEEZY!

  • ZZ

    dhatkidMyles Says – That dont Mean Shitt, They are Talkinq Like That Because They Are Poor and they are hatting, Wayne its Rich… Nd Wayne Was from the Streets!! and he still is..but he its rich..So.. Fuk Em. Being rich dosent mean ur not gangsta any more..

  • Stl_Swagg_314

    Let me say this from a nigga that grow up in a gang bang city that ain’t L.A. them nigga always be on the bullshit like if you ain’t from Cali you can’t bang, Wayne grow up in the era when everybody bang if you from small cities, and we made it a lifestyle too, go to st louis, the NO, lil rock, memphis, charoltte niggas is bangin right or wrong, fuck that nigga 40 he need a life. But about the deal with WMG, if atlantic is under WMG it makes it easier for BG to come back home to Cash Money

  • Darion

    this nigga be hatin on wayne on tha cool talkin bout a ” reality check” this tha 2nd interview i seen where this nigga knockin wayne. tha other 1 was when he was interviewing that nigga from atl tryna call wayne a bad father on tha cool

    wayne is blood affliated n he had a red flag on way back n tha back that ass up video look up lil wayne gang related on youtube n he tells u his reason for reppin tha red flag

  • RB

    40 glocc needs a life he is a grown ass man who is always talkn bout a nigga dat dnt even care bout him his name neva came outta wayne mouth bt 40 always talkin bout wayne wat a lame to spend his time thinkin bout anotha nigga

  • keenofosho

    ahahahh the guy goes,

    “its like a sorority” what a dumb motherfucker thats for girls fucking fagget

  • jay

    wayne might not be in the streets anymore, but he was for most of his rapping career talkin about straight flippin coke and bustin niggas ahaha

    but what i dont get is why 40 gloc(K) bein a hatin ass bitch.

    weezy never said “fuck you crabs” or “fuck you naps”

    hatin ass broke ass nigga

  • Young_Money_