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Young Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj & Drake During Jay-Z’s NYC Show

Wed, Mar 3, 2010 by

Young Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj & Drake During Jay-Zs NYC Show

Lil Wayne was a free man last night… so what did he do with his extra night of freedom ❓ He went to the studio, and also performed at Jay-Z’s Madison Square Garden show in New York with Young Jeezy and Drake. They performed “I’m Goin’ In“, and Nicki Minaj also joined them and performed her verse in “Bed Rock“. You can view a photo above, and some more below including two videos of their performance:

Young Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj & Drake During Jay-Zs NYC Show

Young Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj & Drake During Jay-Zs NYC Show

Young Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj & Drake During Jay-Zs NYC Show

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  • Onti.


  • Mandem

    3 rd. Greessesssesssss

  • ???

    When does he go to jail now? :S

  • tay


  • Mandem

    3 rd. Greessesssesssss

  • bigdawgg

    go to jail already dammit..

    the faster he goes in.. the faster he gets out

  • tay

    wayne and drake killed that shit

  • Veronika

    Lil Wayne’s Sentencing Rescheduled For Monday….. look at


    i was there it was the illest concert words cant describe when weezy came out

  • weezy goes crazy on stage best rapper alive only rocks the stage like that..

  • dam i wish i got to go to that

  • Chris

    hahahahaaha i love how everyone notices weezy and is like “whaaaaaaat?!!”

  • Remix baby

    Dammnn I thought wayne was laying on Nickis lap for a second lol

  • Dopeee

  • zay

    crowd went crazy on weezy

  • i was there!!!! they sang im going in 😀 it was SOO amazing . seeing lil wayne made my night !!!!!!

  • pkpallday57

    the crowd seemed more excited to see when than Jay Z lol

  • natalskaa

    wow. that was a big surprise for the crowd. specially with wayne,drake & nicki.
    but he goes to jail monday march 8th : )

  • Weeezyyy

    MTV put Jay-Z as #1 Rapper and did you see how the people didn’t care when he came out. But when Weezy came out they got super happy. Weezy is the beessst!
    I love him, he is the best rapper alive. I don’t want him to go to jail 🙁 I don’t know what Ima do when he’s locked up

  • Jay

    look on here too, it seems like wayne is going back to his old self, sound everything

    the way he performed at this performance it wasnt the kind of performance hes been doing from 08-09
    it was sounding like that old wayne
    that wayne wit the hunger or idk what it is just sounds like the wayne i miss

  • Jay

    i really think him going to jail is gonna be good, im hoping it brings the real wayne out of him, cuz honestly he changed around 2008-09

  • weeeeezy baby

    ahhhhhhh im sooooooo upset i hadnt had jayz tickets so i couldve seen weezy :(((( i wanna see him sososo badly! best rapppper alivvee. stole the showwwww<3

  • TiiFF; i love weezy

    i love u weezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes da best
    && i <3 ms minaj 🙂

  • V8Dakota88

    yo, its straight how weezy chimes up and says “i aint never met a good cop”…its like that…

  • lanorikabeautiful

    oh my god im so mad if i just could have been there to see this performance….when i seen this on nicki minaj twitter page last night 1min after she came off stage >>>i was pissed but exicted cause wayne didnt go to jail>>>>wayn i love u so much

    follow me @lanorikabeautifu…thanx

  • Mike J

    That moment when wayne walked out was nothing less than legendary, I’m sure everyone there thought he was in jail or didnt know he was going to be there…did anyone else get goosebumps?

  • hoesgotsmarter

    epic concert. young jeezy is the shitt. thank you to him for calling wayne out. jay z still got btchy ass problems with weezy over some security bulshit. man up and get over it.

  • SHEdontknowme

    damn my bitch sexy! – TUNECHI!

  • krystal

    i feel awsome watching/listening to this my name is in i’m goin in i am the bomb 🙂 i LOVE YOU LIL WAYNE!

  • got the fun surprise for nyc forum full show. always you that hold mille for fun. loved the video clip. doing everything perfect.

  • ViiLLAiiN

    You can just tell as soon as Wayne came out all the fans went crazii. Like stupid wild wen that nigga came out. Nicki was cheezin hard as fuck and Wayne was happy as hell to perform in NY again

  • WeezyyBabyyy

    Lil wayne is da BOMB bes rapper alive by far!!!!! i sooooo dont want him goin to jail 🙁 🙁

  • Lil Frizzy

    i have that same american eagle jacket that guy has in the 3rd picture lol i feel special

  • lil wayne is so cute he is the best rapper shout out to lil wayne love you lil wayne drake is hot to nicki is the best girl wrapper

  • nicki go head with your bad self