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Video: Fat Joe Speaks On Visiting Lil Wayne In Jail x More

Thu, Jul 8, 2010 by

Lil Wayne, it’s such a shame,” Joe told MTV News. “He’s in great spirits. I love Lil Wayne; that’s like my little brother. He’s just the coolest dude on Earth. I tell you one thing, him not being high made me realize how much funnier he is. This guy has jokes. We were up in there for four hours, just telling jokes, dying laughing, falling on the floor.

“He’s a beautiful dude,” Joe continued. “He did what he did. He had a gun on him, but people don’t really know how much of a great father that he is, great of a person he is, a friend, a loyal dude. He’s charismatic. It’s just sad to see him over there like that, but I’m pretty sure he learned his lesson, and he’s gonna be focused.” – MTV

Just less than four months now until the Best Rapper Alive will be released from Rikers Island!

Hit the jump to read a few more updates on Tunechi including Lil Twist speaking on Tha Carter IV and introducing Weezy to the internet:

Eminem Reached Out To Lil Wayne In Jail

Eminem Reached Out To Lil Wayne In Jail

Another thing that didn’t fit into the story was that he had reached out to Lil Wayne in jail. He wrote him a letter but he had just sent it a few days before I talked to him. He said he was still in touch with people who were going through the low points in their career like he was years ago and so he reached out to Wayne to sort of let him know he was supporting him. – SOHH

Mannie Fresh Claims Lil Wayne Tried To Ex Him Out The Game

Mannie Fresh Claims Lil Wayne Tried To Ex Him Out The Game

Cash Money Records producer Mannie Fresh recently talked about his stint on Birdman’s label and claimed Lil Wayne tried to get him out of the picture:

“I just seen the dude grind, he’s doing his thing, that’s all I can really say and the biggest compliment, not to pat myself on the back but you start from somewhere, you will see you grow into something and you graduated from this school and look at the results. That’s all I can say. But there are times even with him, and this is not a hater statement but I guess it was because of things that were going on, he tried to ex me out of it. You cant ex me out of it, I am apart of your history. A Hot Boys reunion is possible, I can tell you this, Juvenile can tell you this, I don’t know how Wayne feel but BG can tell you this, all that depends on them, cutting the check and that’s the last line of it.” – SOHH

LilWayneHQ Updates Below

Bonus: Mystikal Says He’s Recruited Lil Wayne For New LP [MTV]

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  • Tunechi Lionches

    Not first!

  • Woocky

    amazing shit

  • WeezyFan4Life

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! FREE WEEZY!!!!!! GREAT POST!!!!!

  • FWAllTime

    nothing really important for me -.-

  • TuneChi

    Damn, I Don’t want that fuckin’ Hot Boy reunion, Wayne is better without them. 🙁

    Anyway, FREE TUNE.

  • TuneChi

    LMAFO for the guy who thinks that he is firt. Haaa’aa

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  • sweet i love it. this is the shit. and free weezy 🙂

  • Justin981818

    Yea I Don Care 4 The Hot Boyz…. Wayne Do Bad All By Himself And Dude At Top Salty…. He Wasn’t 1st Ha Ha

  • whatever

    coolest dude on earff. can this dude talk ?! XD


    WTf i dont see anything about lil twist and tha carter IV

  • ace

    Yall crazy talkin bout you don’t care bout the hot boys reunion aint nobody in YM better then the hot boys

  • that dude

    Fuk is this fat fool talking. “Yeah he got caught with a gun”. Fool he didnt have no gun! Nigga stick to the script and stop dry snitching. Bitch.

    Free Weezy F on them trumped up charges put on him by the biggest gang in NY, NYPD. PIGgggggggggggggs

  • weezy should be free with his kids






  • young nas

    lil twist on carter 4 single?? what is wayne coming too?? thats gonna be the biggest mistake ever!! this album never gonna be a classic with that punk on it!!!!!

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    “He’s a beautiful dude,” Joe continued

    Haha you sounded like a faggot saying that Fat Hoe

  • i wonder if bangladesh will go and see wayne in rikers lol

  • frega bao

    Wayne is more than the artist he can do comedy and burst yo ribs or lungs jus try to listen some of his lyrics and rhymes ya’ll no wut am fuckin talkin abt love u Weezy

  • nasen

    you rock wezzy

  • rogerthatchick

    dats wack fat joe aint a gay he just cares about a freind dat aint wrong dats just being loyal, and tha hot boyz reunion dat be dope but how kno if dat gonna happen, yall too grimmy lil twist aint a punk weezy just being a good bro and sure its not gonna be like THA CARTER 1,2,3 but wayne knos wat he is doin am sure its gonna be dope any ways so forget yall once agin dnt do lil twist he tha best teenage rapper give da boi a chance dam let da little nigga breath he deserves a chance to u kno dam unloyal fans this dayz its a shame yall love wayne well trust him he kno wat he doin and THA CARTER 4 well be dope like every other album

  • yungthug

    damn, bullshit

  • wayneJR

    Great 🙂 Amazing 🙂 Free Weezy!!