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Video: DJ Scoob Doo’s “Entourage” DVD x Lil Wayne Thanks Fans

Mon, Sep 13, 2010 by

Above, you can watch a full stream of DJ Scoob Doo’s “Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition” DVD featuring Lil Wayne, Drake, Birdman, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Jadakiss and more. You can order your official copy of this DVD here, and read some “thank you’s” from Weezy in a new letter from Rikers Island after the jump below.

Nastagia Davis – I thank you dearly for supporting me and I’m glad that you still have the hat.

Ashton Vaughn – Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you seriously. Say thanx to your parents for me and hi to your brother! And please thank your friend in Afghanistan for me!

Brianna Moore – I thank you so much. Dreams come true.

Ralph Bergman – I appreciate the consideration. Tell Mossberg to keep following the music.

Latrise Evegan – I surely appreciate your opinion of me. And let me say that you’re one beautiful woman. Thank you.

Miss Lamonica Baker – Thanx for the love.

Tye Doctor – I love the pics and I thank you kindly for the prayers.

Pamela Pope – I really appreciated your words I enjoyed your letter. Thanx for the love.

Verona Crayton – I wish you the best. You’re a very strong person and your determination is key.

Maureen Annand – Thanx again babe, and you’re beautiful. Have a great vacation.

Rhond Austin – Your word are always motivational.

Sydney Carlat – You are the definition of ‘a true fan’ and I love you. I am simply nothing without you. I thank you!

Jasmin Hollywood – You’re lucky! Keep doing your music and be careful.

Emanuela Savasta – I thank you for writing. Interesting.

Billy Watson – I thank you for the support and respect. Stay motivated.

Nqobile Riana Mabizela – Beautiful name. Thanx for the love from South Africa. Please continue to chase your dream but be sure that it’s what you want. Mothers are angels.

Brianna Long – I thank you for the love. And you are very beautiful, remember that.

Janelle Hummer – You’re funny. I wish you a successful birth and I love the name. Thanx for the support.

Allison, Sarah, and Rebecca – I thank you all for that love. Nice Halloween outfit Allison!

Rinat Shingareer – I absolutely love the painting! You are extremely talented. Heart and soul.

Kelsey Miller – I love you too. My advice is follow your heart.

Ana Paula – Thanx for the Brazil love. I appreciate your prayers.

Sanna Niklasson – I thank you for your beautiful words and pics. I appreciate you.

Anna Tomasulo – I appreciate you and especially what you’re doing.

Celine Rahman – You possess a beautiful mind. I appreciate you and you’re brother. You’re welcome. I hope that we meet someday.

Dajeong Jung – I thank you for the love.

Shane Shafer – Thanx for the love and for Ida.

Hamza Choudhry – I thank you for your support and prayers. I appreciate you.

Jara Postell – Thanx for the love, always.

Jonny Murray – I appreciate you. Thanx for the love.

Merideth Barron – I thank you for your love and support. I can’t wait to see the petition and I’m gonna see if I can do the little 5 for ya. Carter’s adorable, like you.

Chelsea Krishmadatt – Thanx for the love, and I love the drawing.

Beverly Martin – I appreciate the love and prayer.

Erin Rozier – I appreciate the love sweetheart. Nice shirt.

Maya McKenzie – Thanx for the love and prayers. I’m glad that you got the tat.

Kristine Laine – I really appreciate your words and respect.

Deborah Vance – I appreciate your love and care. Great smile.

Elexiss Allison – I love your letter and the spelling of your name. Thanx for the love.

Isabella Schorr – I appreciate the support from Brazil.

Alex Martinez – Thanx for the love.

Neysa Passi – I thank you for your love. You’re super cute.

Paola Flores – Thanx for the love ma. Congrats.

Jamaica Warren – Thanx for being a true fan.

Annie Roche – I thank you for supporting me. Say hi to Lauren for me.

Julia Acevedo – Thanx for the love and Amber is beautiful like Mommy.

Kate Goetz – I thank you for your words and support. Thanx for enjoying the show.

Kandacee Smith – Thanx for being a fan.

Brianna Gipson – Thanx for the support.

Chris Time Steele – Thanx for the letter and the suggestions.

Averea Dickey – Thanx for the love. Glad I can inspire you to do good things.

Brandon Hamilton – I appreciate the support. Keep spinnin’ the good music “GO DJ!”

Chelsea Parr – I thank you kindly for the support from New Zealand and I hope you get to catch one of my shows.

Julian Paul – Thanx again. Dig into your mind and pull out the best thoughts.

Ann Daugherty – I appreciate the post-its.

Wayneisha King – I love you too. Say hi to everybody for me. And I wish you a successful birth.

Abby East – Dream big and chase your dreams.

Nele Hartwig – Thanx again for the love. Congrats to your team and country.

Jillian Grap – I thank you for your love.

Nadja Riggs – I appreciate your kind words and the love. I love the drawing.

Ernestaysh Smith – I hope that you “win”!

Holly Okonwo – First off, you and your sis are beautiful as ever. Secondly, I love every word in your letter. I’m honored to have an impact on such a wonderful person. Your mind is gorgeous. Stay you. Thanx for coming to the shows. Great pics.

Sarah Katrine Hansen – I appreciate the love all the way from Denmark – I love the fairytale and thanx for the prayers. Say hit to your friends for me.

Maura from Germany – I absolutely love your letter and I thank you for it. I hope that you get to one of my shows someday. Say hi to mom for me.

Benito and Jonas – I thank you both.

Summer Bryant – Thanx for the love.

Carmela Stubbs – I thank you for the love.

Angela and Essence Bobo – I thank you both.

Melva Stone – I thank you for the words. Say hi to the lil ones.

Tabitha Chapman – I thank you dearly.

Nikki Collazo – Thanx babe. Awesome words!

Jacqueline Walters – Bless your heart.

Lucia Rodriguez – I appreciate your for being such a fan.

Lexi Anthony – I love you too!

Amber Howie – I thank you kindly for the respect.

Kayla Perkins – Thanx for being such a long time fan.

Sonny Shah – Interesting.

Britt and Brianna Fransko – Simply beautiful. I thank you both for the love.

Tho Nguyen – I love the drawing. Thanx.

Mez form Australia – I really appreciate the way that you support my music and me.

Kristina Dillard – I appreciate your love. Be whatever you dream to be.

Miss Renelle Pratt – Congrats.

Blake Nolan – I thank you for the love and the honest words. You should keep writing rhymes, you’re pretty good.

Dawn Stenberg – Thanx for the card. I hope Paris was awesome.

Amber Cuttino – I appreciate your love and wishes. Send my love to McKenzie as well.

Arlisha James – Thanx for being a fan for so long.

Elis Lukic – I thank you for supporting me.

Sakoyia D. Hodge – I’m glad that you liked the post-card. Again, I appreciate you.

Bien-Aimé Darone – I thank you for the love all the way from France.

Dylan Spicker – Nice grills.

Pamela Pierce-Sims – It’s simple because music is a reflection of the artist and if you don’t want your kids listening to it, then do your job as a parent. But the real world is just that, the real world. Welcome to my world.

Kristen Jacques – Don’t ever worry about fitting in. You are definitely model type! I thank you for your undying support.

Abigail Endres – I appreciate your words as well as you. I wish you the best. And dance away angel.

Angela Akopyan – I thank you for the card.

Young Dara from Czech Republic – Blessing are on the head of righteous.

Kirsten Cole – I love you too babe! I love the ballad.

Zuzana from Czech Republic – I love the words. Betty was beautiful.

Brittany Marmoiejo – I thank you for the love babe.

Johnquishia Jones – You possess a real fashion talent. Run with it.

Jenny Mitchell – I appreciate your heartfelt words and for sharing your story with me. I love you sweetheart. Strength is key.

Edgardo Torres – Thanx for the support and the drawing is cool! You’re good.

Callerigh Vincent – I appreciate your sincerity. Your love for me is real. I thank you. And I love the pics.

Dorian Dow – I appreciate you and your employees!

Ajay Lyrics – Focus on school and the rest will come. God Bless.

Shelsea Mitton – Thanx for the love babe.

Ryan Lacorte – Thanx for the support. See you at the Prudential.

Simon Asraf – I appreciate the support and it it’s really what you enjoy, then proceed and dream big.

Ronnie Caplinger – God bless you.

Robert Shaunders – Thanx for the support. Think positive.

Kelly Taylor – I thank you for the writing.

Elena Hernandez – Thanx for the love babe. Say hi to LoLo for me. You’re very beautiful.

Chandra Johnson – Thanx for being such a fan. Dreams come true doll.

Amber Hankins – I thank you for the respect. I loved the envelope. I’ll probably be back in Knoxville someday. No, I haven’t heard of the D.J. dude, but I appreciate him.

Rick of Sno Clothing – Thanx for the support.

Danica Deleon – Thanx for the words and the book recommendations.

Monique Breaux – Thanx for the hometown love and I’m grateful to be an inspiration to such a person. Thanx love. “7th Ward”!

Angel Thibodeaux – Thanx for the letter. Stay focused on school.

Tiffany Mughat – Thanx for the very encouraging words.

Turquoise Cotton – Thanx so much for the love.

Kayla Liddick – Thanx for the love and that was a great song idea.

Darion McKane – Thanx for the support.

Lacey Tompkins – I got you babe.

April Ticer – Thanx for the hometown love.

Valerie Kommer – I’m grateful for your wishes. Most of all, I’m happy for you. Imperfections are perfect.

James Pottharst – Thanx for the love and yes I’m writing!

Avery Hutcherson – I thank you for the wonderful words and most of all, your prayers.

Ryann Framzen – I thank you for your support. Cool name.

Armonee Williams – Thanx for the love and stay motivated.

Michael Clemente – Thanx for the love. Cool costume.

Keanna Slater – I thank you for the love and long time support. Say hi to lil man for me.

Josh Tolar – Thanx for being such a fan. God bless you and your family especially your beautiful daughter and your grandma… who dat! Congrats on graduation.

Sha’ Nice Morgan – Thanx for the love babe. Say what up to your friend for me. Life is beautiful.

Katisha Cozier – I thank you for being such a fan.

Jeffery Radice – I appreciate you as well and I’m glad that my words can help. God bless you as well and I’m glad that my words can help. God bless your mom.

Ryan Pagliaro – I sent prayers up for your sister and for you and your family. God bless.

Jonetha Wright – I thank you for your words and prayers.

Jessica Lusk – I thank you for writing babe.

Justine Moore – I thank you dearly babe.

Bryanna Tolson – Thanx for the support cutie pie.

Aaron Fimbres – I am more than grateful to be apart of your motivation. I’m so happy for the new you.

Rohit Sachdev – I appreciate your words. I hope you spin my music.

Jennifer Gongora – I thank you for the love and the pic. And I looked a mess in that pic but looks like it was fun, and your eyes are awesome.

Lilah Boyd – Thanx for being a great fan and never give up!

Brittany Curry – I thank you for your great words and prayers.

Roy Chung – I really appreciate your letter and love the music as much as you can. It’s the only way. Hope I make it to Taiwan someday.

Alex Brown – Thanx for the support.

Shaquanna Adams – Thanx for making me smile.

Sophia Sherman – Your letter was entertaining and it made me smile. Thank you

Wale Maye – I appreciate you.

Kilkenny Family – I thank you all, kindly.

Dezirae Littleton – I thank you for your love.

Emanuel Davis – Thanx for the love and support. You’re a true fan.

April Goss – I thank you for your heart and prayers.

Katie Mosbarger – I thank you for your support and I said a prayer for you.

Nakia Borrell – I think you’re very advanced. That’s a blessing, cherish it. Thanx for the love.

Erlend Antowsen – Thanx for the love.

Naomi Khisa – Thanx for the love from Kenya. Cool card.

Paris Sweitzer – Great card.


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