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Lil Wayne Headed ‘Straight To The Studio’ After Leaving Prison, Says Birdman

Sun, Oct 31, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Headed Straight To The Studio After Leaving Prison Says Birdman

Birdman tells Music Mix that after chilling and partying with his family, Lil Wayne will go straight to the studio when he is released from Rikers Island in four days. Baby also says that Weezy will be working on his Tha Carter IV album (hopefully Dedication 4 too), and we should be looking for Like Father, Like Son Part 2 to drop on Father’s Day weekend.

“Me knowing Wayne, he’s going into the studio,” Cash Money label head Baby (a.k.a. Birdman) tells the Music Mix. “He hasn’t been able to rap for months. I think after seeing the family, popping a few bottles, it’s back to basics. Family first, that’s what we believe in, that’s what we’re loyal to. After that, I think the same day he comes home, he’s going to go straight to the studio.”

Wayne’s first priority when he enters the booth for the first time since March will be working on his long-promised project Tha Carter IV. Baby expects that album to arrive in the first quarter of 2011, though no release plans have been finalized.

Baby is also looking forward to working with Wayne on a sequel to Like Father, Like Son, the collaborative album that the mentor and protégé released in 2006. “We’re planning on putting that out Father’s Day weekend,” he says. So what should fans expect to hear next June? “Just me and Wayne being us, the father-son thing. We’re bringing that Cash Money/Young Money sound, that traditional hard-body rap, the music that we do together — that gangsta shit, straight up.”

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  • dave


  • yOuNgCarTer17

    just 4 days till they free weezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weezyf

    yeahhhh we want gangsta shit 😀

  • DreyLogan

    It’s Wat we all expect we kno weezy won’t disappoint cuz he nevr does

  • Ooohhh

    I read on another website that wayne was writing raps “furiously” getting ready for his release

  • Woocky

    Awesome. Didn’t expect him to do something else tbh. 😛

  • LuciiaCarter


  • YEAHHHHH! now dat’s what am talking about we waiting 4 da CARTER 4

  • tee3

    birdman is annoying shut up and go and sell some albums

  • Kieran

    THats rite! a sure 1 mill copies first week album, im from canada & my school is so racist, I got in trouble For wearing my FREE WEEZY shirt! Just because he is a black criminal! Fuck THEM! Ymcmb Free weezy, Canada Loves YOU!

  • KnockMeOut

    wtf lol

  • Matheo

    Awseome we know Wayne so this is not a surprise . Just 4 days left.

  • uuh

    Man i’ve read the text. and i felt like we gonna get the old weezy back. Not that weezy on his Rock thing, But the weezy on his GANGSTA shit. Man 2011 is gonna be the YMCMB yeah !! They gonna take it over !!

  • jason21

    @TEE3 STFU HE’S THE LABEL HEAD WITHOUT HIM WE WOULDNT KNOW WAYNE! U ASS. AND HE HAS SOLD RECORDS OVER 20 MILLION 2 B EXACT.DO YOUR HOME WORK B4 U TYPE DUMBSHIT!…. ANYWAY i already had that feeling tune was gonna hit the lab soon as he touchdown. “”cuz that’s whata muthafuckin monsta do!””— nicki minaj …. lmao

  • uuh


    Actually birdman sold over the 50 million :D:P

  • LiLDiDi

    FREE WEEZY !!!
    4 days left 🙂

  • yeedee

    Im glad The birdman and Wayne are goin back to the roots (Raw Rap) That means no more faggy autotune!!!

  • tee3

    @jason suck a big dick and swallow where u can never talk again

  • tee3

    and your the ass stop jumping on birdmans dick calm down it ain’t that serious and wayne can do without birdman

  • FreeTunechi

    Do you know how amazing Tha Carter IV will be?

  • yeedee

    its gonna be fucking crazy, i hope ill be alive to hear it

  • jason21

    @tee SO YOUR A FAG HUH?? u like talking bout “big dicks” and “swallowing” em?? i wasNOT on his “dick” CLOWN! i was simply putting your dumb ass in line where you soulda been. yes, he can do without him, but 9 xz outta 10 he wouldnt be here without him. he raised the nigga.and he runs (CMR). that’swhat i waz trynatell yo dumb ass. NOW FALL OFF MY “”DICK”” BITCH! LMAO

  • YMCMB_971

    Like Father Like Son 2!!
    I Can’t Wait
    Free Weezy!!

  • ricardo laguna

    YMCMB FREE WEEZY 3 days Kieran wtf?

  • weezy f baby thats my niqqa

  • yeedee

    people dont give Weezy a chance. hes crazy, in one song he can change up his flow really good.

  • Sharon

    Cnt wait 4 the big cum bck.Wayne mst cum 2 south africa 2 bless us wit wat he does best

  • Chazz

    3 more days ppI !

  • shakoyaluvztwist


  • shakoyaluvztwist


  • anotherweezyfan

    i thot he was doin a concert

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  • emily

    atta boy! and thats why they call him –> THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE

  • dboy

    just gotta wait out the heat a lil longer then its gonna be freezy!

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    I guess Wayne can’t wait to hit the studio again, we wish you luck. FREE WEEZY 🙂

  • @Kieran:

    yo man where u from?
    am from t-dot

  • tee3

    jason your mother is a fag

  • weeeezy


  • Freeeeeeee weeeeeezy

  • This is what i want to hear that Lil Wayne is heading back into the studio to do what he does best and thats making great rap songs. Lil Wayne definitely has been missed in the rap game. His distinctive flow and rhymes and Lil Waynes music videos have been missing for too long and so its great to have him back! And we can all look forward to some incredible rap songs and some amazing rap & hip hop music videos from one of the hottest rappers in the game.

  • Nicholas Carter




  • dre

    He aint got long 2morrow almost hea nigga ready 2 hea sum mo gansta shit rite nigga bumbin dat not a human being dat bitch go hard so I kno he gon smash everybody shit wen he get out

  • Lil ‘Tunechi Xclusive

    That Nigga Weezy Back Young Mula Baby