Ace Hood Talks “Hustle Hard Remix” With Lil Wayne x Gil Green Speaks On Weezy

Wed, Jan 26, 2011 by

In the video above, Ace Hood speaks to DG about the “Hustle Hard Remix” with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, while on the set of DJ Khaled’s “Welcome To My Hood” video shoot. You can also see Weezy and T-Pain messing around in the background haha.

After the jump, director Gil Green talks about working with Tunechi since he was released from prison.

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  • Elmo


  • Twizz

    t pain fuckin stupid lol

  • wayne ate that shit and ace hood light weight held his on

  • Carter

    Hahahaha T-Pain does make me laugh

  • t-pain hella fuckin goofy

  • no

    yooo wayne forget his lyrics AGAIN

    he said totally the wrong thing in this video from what he does in his verse lmfao

    he did it with fire flame on the 106 & party thing too

  • Jassy babe

    ilove you weezy. i cant wait to see you in concert <3

  • Allex B.


  • JustIN

    Has anyone heard 6 foot 7 foot on the radio?
    im just curious

  • Im outta my lama bean

    Thats hella funny @Tpain YmCmB!!

  • Allen

    “IM GOIN IN!!!” “FUCK THESE OTHER NIGGAS!!” hhahahhahah PiZZLE!!!!! LMBAO

  • B

    @JustIN ya they blowin it up on the radio here in louisville

  • C_MEEZY 3

    @ B- i heard it to homie, rep tha 270. holla at cha boy

  • @ no Wayne was quoting Ace hood when he came over

  • lmao


  • Mula!

    6 foot 7 foot is getting alotta air play here in ny… Hot 97 and power 105…. Pain had my dying!! Lmao

  • Mula!


  • damn maybe we gettin a t-mix

  • Omar

    Na Wayne Dont Forget His Lyrics If You Watch He Does That SHit Alot And IF You Liscen Like When He Goes Live He Always Switches His Lyrics A Lil Compared To The Original Track

  • @justin yeah in south florida on 94.1 i hear it all the time. pain is a great addition to ymcmb. hes fukkin hilarious. and wayne does switch up his lyrics. i think its because he records so many songs its hard to remember them all.

  • bboy

    All y’all stupid lil wayne was obviously rapping ace hood verse

  • mac

    @B i stay in the ville too, that is the only song they play on b96

  • awsome. and pretty sick 🙂

  • Pistol off in my boxers
    I aint got time 2 B boxing

  • youngmoney4life

    LMAO!!! T-Pain is a fool! Bout to watch this again lol

  • Ricardo Laguna

    weezy the best from venezuela

  • Lil Zly

    tpain make me laugh lol
    who is rick ross who is lil wayne? lol

  • Lil Tone

    Duz anyone else see the baphomet on Ace Hoods shirt.
    Cmon. I’m not hatin on any1 But just ask yourself if you are Christian if this is acceptable 4 Satan 2 B represented like this. Judge Nd trash talk me if u want but I know the truth. The number 1 question is do you.

  • Singam

    More love from Ghana, da hardest nigga under d sun..nobody fuckin wit me men..Ghana loves u tunechi..one

  • Tha PrIInce

    Yeah putting word in from Cali man, LA the 323
    6′ 7″ gettting alot of hits along with Fire Flame Remix
    Wayne Concert cant wait!!!!!!!
    Apr. 23, we at there

  • Yo!

    t-pain gives me joke haha

  • T-Weez

    Wayne isnt dumb enough to know what lyrics are his, that was from ace hoods original song. Love me some Weezy!

  • rell

    T-pain is always sweatin smh that nigga look dirty no homo

  • YungNizzy14

    These niggaz funny as hell, Ace Hood go hard ima have to cop his nxt album real talk! YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stimp-c

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsU99VvYHP0 check out my fire flame verse

  • yeedee

    by T-mix does that mean auto tuned to the core???

  • MoneyTalks323

    @Tha PrIInce I’m from LA too!
    323 in this bitch!
    April 23rd, Anaheim is where you’ll find me!

  • Toon

    Am I the only one who peeped the satanic starer on ace shirt?

  • Lil Tone

    @Toon. Naww look at mi comment.

  • K-Freshz

    lmao…….tpain was sweatin like a muthafucka!!!!!!! but anyways, i guess wayne went back to dressin like he used to dress a long time ago…….i know he shittin on every nigga in the rap game with the hats!!!!! he wears a different hat like every dam day!!! wayne stay fresh

  • Neezy

    T PAIN is so fucking awesome, love that guy. Not all of his music, but as a person. Awesome.

  • gobbz

    all them niggas are so fuckin baked! wayne and pain always cakin’ with each other

  • *nicole carter*

    Dang Wayne when are u gonna start talking about brown girls in ur songs or on mixtapes…smh. we r outchea.

  • Greezy

    lmao!! T- pain should et his own talk show or something

  • He he, T-pain is a funny guy!!

    You guys make awesome music!

    Greetings from Sweden


  • sqeakyG

    the more things change the more they stay the same….

  • ViiLLAiiN

    T-Pain fuckin retarded lmfao had me dyin