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DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood (Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross & Plies)

Fri, Jan 14, 2011 by

DJ Khaled Welcome To My Hood Feat Lil Wayne T-Pain Rick Ross & Plies

DJ Khaled finally releases the first single from his upcoming We The Best Forever album, dropping this year on Cash Money Records. The record is called “Welcome To My Hood” and features Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross, and Plies. You can listen and download the song below:

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  • Jahmar


  • alphonse youn

    2nd on this bitch ahaah.. Fuck wit it

  • weezieefbaby87

    dhis shxt go itt weezy killed it yee dig.

  • Luiqqi P.

    Who Karess Whoss Firstt .. GROW UHP.

  • daaaaaaaaaamnnnn!!!!!this is another I’M SO HOOOODDD!!!

  • yeaaaaaaaaaaa



  • Lil Wayne

    i don’t know why the fuck that goon plies sounds so fucking pissed off!!!!!! anyway bitch am on probation, so my nerves bad!!!! you digggg! young mula baby(my voice)

  • Matheo19

    Hell Yeah this is smokin hot banger !

  • yeedee

    Song is pretty dope except T-Pain hurts my ears with his stupid A.T.

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Wayne’s verse is fire like always. T-pain does it good in the chorus and Rick Ross well I think his lyric are good enough. Peace 🙂

  • SMF

    And they say time fly’s, well mine’s first class/ I landed in the sky, I fell from the streets
    weezy only [pause]
    y’all remember:
    “prolly in the sky flyin’ with the fishes or maybe in the ocean swimmin’ with the pigeons”
    tht’s right !! weezy f

  • Wayne been killin it his swag since he came out from jail has been sick he rappin like he should be he’s the best this is the weezy every body loves this the weezy that kills everything this the one in a Milly weezy this the hollygrove weezy the that gudda shit weezy he’s going hard he’s letting everyone know he’s the greatest man to hit the mic dis dat shit ymcmb for life bitch

  • Being on probation sucks weezy should offer his probation officer 25000 to let him get away with piss test so Wayne can smoke all the weed he whants I will offer my p,o any were from 25000 to 100000 I’m sure a broke ass p,o would let you sneak in some clean urine

  • My birthday da 24 bitch

  • Weezy should do a remix to iraq island from the n.o.r.e Iraq island dat would b the tuffest thing Martin Luther king died for

  • ymcmbridaz

    damn son i done ben on here for like over a year n yall still on that first bullshit smh!!! yall fuckin wakk this song that crack n i rather tha pist off plies then that otha shit he be on n i like waynes verse but i still cant get over tha voice fixer shit it makes his voice too high i rather the auto tune cuz told yall n go getta went the fuck in just imagin if he woulda auto tuned 6 foot 7 foot that shit would prolly be sick not that its not already sick ma bad for babbling im high lol smfh

  • I hope weezy don’t go back to jail if ge do i’ma kill somebody with a shotgun call that shot the stop button call me dr carter Aka young wild nigga aka no trail nigga ak click clack pow nigga fucking with the kid and you’ll b missin like bilow nigga yeaaaaa swagger stupid pack a Uzi 100 clips nigga dats a movie aim at toopay u sweat as cool aid

  • The Movement we runing shit this year LFLS 2 Coming in June shit is ours plus m suportin Jay n Ye’s watch the throne YMCMB, Roc nation, Maybach Music N G.O.O.D Music will run dis rap/hiphop game this year bliv dat!

  • bknyhustle

    damn shits bangin but i gotta admit Plies killed it tbh, wayne as usual and ross did his thing too.

  • bknyhustle

    oh and the hook man super perfect…i kinda see ymcm repeating 2007 all over again.

  • H.A.M watch the thrown iTunes


  • [Lil Wayne]
    Bitch I’m on probation, so my nerves bad
    And they say time fly’s, well mine’s first class
    I landed in the sky, I fell from the streets
    I talk a lot of sh-t and practice what I preach
    Back from hell, cell 23, tell the warden kiss my ass
    Pockets on Monique
    Bitch I’m from the murder capital
    Hoe, I’m far from practical
    Shit happens and since I’m the shit, I’m who it happens to
    Young Money, Cash Money, blood bitch, I’m red hot
    I don’t see nobody, see nobody like a head shot
    All that bullshit is for the birds, throw some bread out
    Got it sewn up, check the thread count

  • K-Freshz

    yo T.I. would of been the perfect nigga for this shit!!!! too bad hes in jail tho……cuz i would of liked him on this shit instead of plies!!!! i mean plies is a real ass nigga but he cant rap wortha shit!!!! overall, this shit go hard tho….. and wayne had the best verse as usual!!!

  • Kadafi_213

    T-pain is annoying spoils the song

  • this track is soooooooooo hoooooooooot !!!! i like it

  • posses

    wayne’s voice is little weird, probably it was recorded right-after prison

  • they rock
    this shis is awesome

  • tunefish

    why lil wayne using thiss fknnnnn voice

  • Drew

    Back from hell, cell 23, tell the warden kiss my ass. Lmfao Wayne is killliiiinnnggg itt.

  • icey

    I already know he was gonna killed this weezy is a fucking beast and the best he’s taking over where he left off and he streak just not gonna stop thats just the obvious so all you fucking lil wayne haters fall back

  • Chazz

    weezys verse sikk
    the song itself sucks in typical whacko khaled ways

  • 40

    wane killed the verse, the rest of the song sucks!

  • bigDbandit

    good thing this got posted as soon as it came out haha

  • YM Salute

    Song tough but why does he have to use this voice? I know it’s not his real voice either cause I’ve heard him talk before and his voice is real deep and raspy like in the Drought 3 era. So that means he uses something that makes it high-pitched.

    I prefer the deep, raspy voice > high, squeaky one. But aside from his voice, it’s cool.

  • dave

    this is absolutely terrible, t-pain ruins the track, and wayne sounds terrible.

  • The return of Weezy



  • The return of Weezy


  • tune777

    Straight FUCKING dope!!!!!!! Weezy F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “they say time flys, will mine is in first class”!!!
    weezy is the best
    no one can beat this man

  • 😀

  • LilTuneChi The Best

    No rapper can ever fuck with Wayne lyrically. Look how he changed the flow of the song and made it sound so much better. Can’t wait for C4 to drop. 2 Milli first week… who agrees with me?

  • From Morocco

    Woop! …. Woop! …. F*ck The Police

  • Lil Red

    damn took long enough. goes hard tho, well wayne’s part atleast.

  • g

    you guys are a bunch of fags talking bout the man’s voice haha..thats his voice idiots..
    anyway, the songs is alright..weezy goes hard and pretty much saves the song…reminds me of the brown paper bag song..’cept brown paper bag was better..

  • that nigga wayne said im not letin young money shine no more cus if they aint hot by now they wont be it weeezy all the time h e has returned to form yall niggas better watch out for headshots

  • @WeezysSon

    wow its been a while since dj khalid put Tune in his tracks

  • rell

    Its alright but his voice sounds different now

  • YM Jerry Sloan

    to the people saying his voice isn’t high pitched, you are wrong.

    the only time Lil Wayne had a raspy voice was in 2007 and 2008 becuase of the kush and cough syrup.

    Since the Hot Boy days his voice has always been high pitched.

  • suwoop

    the engineer used to make his voice sound deeper on his old mixtapes. Now they make his voice sound like a chipmunk lol.

    shit is stupid.

  • Tammy Torres

    am a hoe so lil wayne couldn’t blame me!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY :))

  • wiggy


  • John

    Yeah my friend sounds like old lil wayne sometimes…cuz he smokes everyday. It makes your voice raspy. But lil waynes on probation so he can’t smoke…his voice is probably perfectly clear right now lol. Why would they make his voice higher??? That doesn’t even make sense lol

  • weezy wee

    does his voice smoke weed man it getting higher and higher since No Ceiling
    it’s sound like a parody of him

  • Step

    This song sucks big penis, except for the lil wayne part 😀

  • waynee


    thank you for saying that. you are all dumb. thats his real verse. in videos and stuff, his voice is deeep because he makes it that way, and from cigars!
    also if any of you were rappers you would understand why the voice is different. yall dumb

  • James Kotsopoulous


  • Cravawn

    watssup lilwaynehq my nigga lil wayne go so fucking hard on this song lolss

  • joachim0512


  • Xicano101

    Whats does pockets in Monique mean? Anyone. JW

  • Pockets on Monique mean my pockets are fat cuzz she’s fat…fans do ya even know anything bout swag that’s why i sound like that I’m swaged out I’m the only one who does it and the only one who can do it just cuzz ya voice is raspy don’t mean u sound like me u will never sound like no one will ever sound like me I’m weez f baby the f is for fantastic

  • tune777

    @Xicano101- I think he says that because his pockets are fat like Monique is

  • Brandon Crain

    Fire flame, someone to love, 6′ 7″, an now this. Wayne is on fire u cant fuk up greatness. C4 mill in the first week for sure.

  • Ricardo Laguna

    great song .from venezuela <3

  • YungNizzy14

    Not bad shit go ham and Wayne killed it, like tht chorus T-Pain shoulda spit a verse but this record was definately worth the wait YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wht up wayne how u livin? man i got a dope tat on my face it is a ice cone dat say burr in it tell me wht u think about it soo woo YOUNG MONEY and BRICK SQUAD

  • What’s popin gucci um dat tat is mad tuff I Like it

  • Ima get xxx next to my eye gimie some ideas on what I should get ratted on my face next

  • BM Junior

    Sup yall im droppin C4 in February and that is the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shit Stain

    Too bad we didnt get C4 a long time ago. instead we got a gay ass auto tune rock album that nobody bought. But Drop The World was a sick track. Prom Queen was just homo

  • Ms.Cita

    ma boy lil wayne you will not be getting that ok period!!!!!!! i all ready made you take out one tear drop don’t make me take out my belt son!!! mama loves you sweety muah!!!!!!

  • 757

    Track is fire and Weezy goes in as always!!…But is anybody else a little disappointed that Weezy has not been releasing as many songs as he usually do. I know he had to enjoy his freedom and is working on da C4 album and all but I would have thought by now every since November when he got out we would have more than 4 or 5 Weezy songs and only one was actually his song “six foot, seven foot” the rest was him featured on it “fire flame remix”, “hoes and ladies”, and now “welcome to my hood”…when is the Dedication 4 mixtape suppose to be dropping???

  • I got about 5000 songs that no one heard yet fuzz I didn’t put them out ymcmb baby I work hard

  • Jays

    i get emberrased by all of you pretending to be Lil Wayne or any other artist.. can’t you at least try to be funny or something if you are gonna pretend that youre something you arent..?

  • T.I.

    Sup yall!! Lil Wayne is the shit. I snuck my iphone up my ass into jail. it stinks really bad and its kind of nutty cause i like pay day bars. I also got a mixtape comin when i get out, its called Purple negro juice stovetop chicken grilla grill.

  • I came from the gudda lookin like my motha made it to the goal line straight out the huddle Cash money young money weedy stay loyal boy we getting money like we just found oil huh that word to my red flag I live first and leav the bull shit dead last I lay it down so hard I got a bed I just tell them to loaf it when the bread past stearing at you from the top of the game man I might drop the world if I change hands it fell good to b hear weezy in this bilden got this bitCh h rebuilt

  • T.I.

    I made it…I made it

  • Lil Fuckee

    I got crabs from Lil Twist

  • T-nick

    Ever since weezy got out of prison his voice sounds like a girl but he still kills it like always

  • Dope weezy xxx! man is it true that jay and kanye ?ham? song is a diss to birdman saying he got more money then him? o yeah ima get spinkle and a cherry on top of my ice cream cone tgt fam. brrr it getting cold in EAST ATLANTA YOUNG MONEY/BRICK SQUAD

  • yea weezy killed it plies acts the ass stoopid swag tho like fa real khaled usually n most cordially is the nigga who brings all the fuqin hits now a day swoo wooniggas blood gang

  • RomiDAtuneFAN

    whaat ??! dat izz very GoOd song !!!! we the best!!! listeeeeen

  • yall talkin about his voice is stupid but to end it his shit is really raspy if heard him in person or concert

  • ayoooo

    all of yall fake wayne, t.i., cita,& gucci have NO FUCKIN LIFE! SMFH

  • wayne cita T.I WTF is that???!?!?!?!?!?
    ppl need some life!

  • GCS

    i got mack maine in thiz bitch with me
    i got scoob doo in this bitch with me
    i got T.I. in this bitch with me
    gucci lou poppin bottles lol

    weezy is a beast

    • @GCS – He said T@ and Lucci Lou, not T.I. and Gucci Lou 😉

      They are affiliated with YMCMB.

  • Drizzy Drake

    one of my baddest women ever i called her Rhianna…but thats cuz her name is Rhianna ssshhh just don’t tell Nicki Minaj guys THANK ME LATER oh and TAKE CARE 🙂

  • Ayyeeee! Wht up wayne! Man ima drop thug motivation 103 in about a month. get a tat of that sexy white girl that was chilling wit u in da other post. and then put a tat of rapper on yo azz bc u shit on rapper chill ayeeeee!

  • Alexa

    Same fuckin beat and sound like old fuckin shits like Fed Up, I`m so hood. Dj Khaled you suck. Change somethin man!!!

  • heheelys


  • Don

    on repeat =)

  • waynee

    @Danny M

    yo man, you gotta any updates on when anythings comin out yet?

    • @waynee – “Roman’s Revenge” remix next week, and Wayne will be on Lil Twist’s next single which is dropping some time this month.

  • waynee

    @Danny M

    are you positive about the romans revenge remix next weeek?

    and the lil twist single this month?

  • GCS

    @ danny M

    oh sry i mean lucci lou xD
    who is T@ ?

  • Lil Fuckee

    prediction: we dont get Fire flame remix vid this week

    prediction: we dont get C4 this February

  • Lil Fuckee

    Weezys watching football, not recording

  • Birdman

    we got the most money.. we do the most not just watch football.. ma son is the best keep it real.. we gona drop about 20 albums this year aaaagggghhhh bridman call believe that!!!!!!!! blaaaaaaatttttttt

  • Kanye West

    I like Fish Stix…

  • Lebron James

    HEY YO GUYS, Jay Z My big Brother!!!


    IMA WIN 10 rings. I love peach rings too!!!





  • Joe Johnson

    GUYS, I am better then both of you… who cares if I dont get any rings ever… or suck in the playoffs… I get paid the most money in the nba.

    I like peachrings too lebron hehehe 🙂

  • Michael Vick

    Where my dogs at???

  • Can’t ban YM is Shit

    lil wayne better drop the light up verse in normal quality. roman’s revenge? why even give that wack beat a chance? he probably wants to redeem himself after no love and drop the world destruction. I wonder is steve wonder wondered

  • Michael Vick

    Yeah ^^ That light up verse was sick, i was hopin hed record it in the studio, But also if he dont, it makes that one recording all that dope from the situation he was in. Dog fight anyone?

  • Fuck u khaled

  • waynee

    @Danny M

    is it just lil tunechi on romans revenge remix? or is nicki and someone else on it?

  • Yung J

    thiisss website is late as shiiitttt i beeen had this songggg

  • tunefish

    which website is better ?

  • Aleeks

    Danny where is the fire flame remix video?! It was already on mtv… :S

  • Miley Cirus

    OMG like OMG i am legal of age now so like mack maine can i holla at you now boo boo????

  • Mike smith

    Wow you guys are cool calling yourself Kobe Bryant lebron James stunna gucci mane and other fagg names get a life u coons… And yes I am white trash, and I did get jumped by all 6 of u chumps but I’m still standing here screaming fuck the free world!!!!!
    Weezy 4ever “y’all” hahahahha

  • Aleeks

    Video is fireee…..

  • Michael Vick

    Where my doggy dogs at? Fire Flame Remix vid is out????!!

  • Peyton Manning

    Sup Mike, lets get together has fight some dogs at your house since and drink purple drank young negro.

  • Jmoney

    Ohh baby I’m so hood 2 Rozay!!!!

  • Cbrac

    Plies & Lil Wayne killed dis ish like alwayz…Weezy go hard wit everythang he do so it wasn’t really a suprise. Plies may not have da best verse but he tells da truth more than anybody else on da song…Honest Music Is Da Best Music

  • cleo

    Wayne is our KING

  • Mario

    WEEZY F!!!!!

  • Lil BoY

    Young money cash money blood bitch im red hot

  • Mario brice

    i like it from the french coast !!

  • ahhaha,


  • this is going on the book this jawn is so bangin an all yall who dnt like weezy holla at ur boy cuz he murdered this and the vidoe is hot

  • Joseph

    Am feelin RICKY ROSS and LILWAYNE:

  • Joseph

    DJ KHALED pls release da remix of welcome to my HOOD

  • Austin

    Hay Kadafi_213,

    u got t pain fucked up he makes this song tight n lil wayne part is da shit
    plus rick ross part is fuckin hot

  • Py Crack

    Yo my the best Khaled I love so much this song, this is the best of all universe you know. You the best. Lil Wayne’s Lirics is so hot hot hotest the second for me is Rick Ross and Plies.
    We never go stop, holla for my nigga Fat Joe, he was here in Angola with Rick Ross and Busta it was The best of all time, you dig.

    Py Crack in Angola and my fire flame nigga Acromania…………… Best always.
    Angola love you DJ Khaled

  • drecool

    i did know wht my people think about this song i love it keeping on

  • babs

    i really lyk d music.i will lyk to be u guy one knw i dnt have d opportunity to be due to environmental factors

  • babs

    i really lyk d music.i will lyk to be u guy one knw i dnt have d opportunity to be due to some environmental factors

  • babs

    i really lyk d music.i will lyk to be u guys one knw i dnt have d opportunity to be due to some environmental factors

  • this is song is live

  • this song is LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HoodBoyPoPO!

    This song is Gangstah stuff so lattinos out Or HoodBoy will PoPoPoPo! you lol…….

    TJust kiding, men i love this song but T-pain make shit the son. T-pain is bolshit in that song

  • Lil fan

    greta job bro!
    Lil wayne king of rap heel yea

  • killer

    this is the best song

  • khaled is better then u so shut the hell up they r all better then u

  • i love ur grove