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Lil Wayne Headlines 2011 Bamboozle x The Making Of Weezy’s “6 Foot, 7 Foot” Beat

Mon, Jan 3, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Headlines 2011 Bamboozle

Lil Wayne has been confirmed as one of the main performers for the 2011 Bamboozle Music Festival, which will take place at the New Meadowlands Sports Complex from April 29 to May 1, 2011. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (January 4), and you can purchase tickets from the Bamboozle website here!

After the jump, you can watch a video of Producer Bangladesh making Weezy‘s “6 Foot, 7 Foot” beat. Also, Tune will be shooting a visual for the “A Milli on Steroids” C4 single this week!

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  • R.ichii

    6′ 7 One of the hottest beats


  • V-Doe @YMCMBnation

    Gotta give Luv and respect to Cory, Bangladesh, and of corse you Mr. Carter. We’re all very excited for C4 and everything you have in store for us in 2011.

  • moe


  • Luciana

    yeah, i agree with jamal too

  • Luciana

    weeeezy, brazil still wait for you…

  • Dee

    6′ 7” is a dope ass song..

  • wtf

    I’m gonna wait for his second single (which will probably be a pop record)

    I hate pop music, but Wayne always makes the catchiest tunes (Shooter, Lollipop)

  • YungNizzy14

    MAN THIS IS THE STUPIDEST BEAT I EVER HEARD, The Carter IV is gonna 2 fuckin raw i cant wait 4 tht shit to drop YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kami

    Ummm, no. The Meadowlands and all of those other crazy sounding bands? Love ya Wayne but no. See you in Nawlins, B’more, Atlanta or B’port.

  • rory

    No. I’ll wait.

  • Quintin

    I disagree with Jamal….After carter 3 you forgot about the kobe song you forgot about no ceilings, the light it up verse from jail …The a milli beat is better than 6’7 but the 6’7 lyrics an flow is wayy better than a milli. I wish he went in on a milli like this.

  • C

    Who is the woman in the picture?

  • dot

    lyrics def are better then a milli,
    but the milli beat is much better then 6’7,
    6’7 can not get as big as a milli because a milli was an insane club hype, it could get mixxed with anything and the crowd got loose. while 6’7 is kind of soft on the beat part.

  • weezy f, great

    @jamal & the people that agreed w/ him yall crazy!! amilli doesnt hold a candel to 6 7 . amilli was a song with a hot beat, weezy feestyle rambling, and a ol de la soul hook!! BASICALLY…67 is more him thinking bout what he gonna say and mixtape weezy. and i pefer that over him doing ANYTHING!


    whaaaat? that bitch again? fuck her and…who the fuck is she?

  • 2011


  • bill613

    6FOOT 7 FOOT >>> AMILLI..

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  • YaHeard

    Wezzy killin it…….

    But he needs that Lollipop or Right Above it type song to get that million in a week

  • dot


    your right, he will need that lollipop things because that did it for c3, that is if he wants to top sales.

    i rather not have another lollipop song:P

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  • she’s the hottest girl ive eva seen ….. who the hell is she ?

  • Brian Anders

    I know why lil wayne calls himself “Weezy F Baby”
    The F also means “6″ because its the 6th letter in the alphabet
    Illuminati is taking over Wake up ppl
    but lil wayne is still the best rapper alive
    PPl Theres Illuminati Symbolism Everywhere
    Tv shows
    Obama (Fuck Him)
    Search that shit up bitches
    Nicki Minaj is strait up illuminati
    Look at drake performing Right above it
    At the end when he does the hook he says “if u aint running with i run from it motherfucher” with an eye closed

  • vocker

    @Brian Anders lol did you already say that before and ppl proved you wrong, the 666 the devils sign not ‘6’, we all wright 6 everywhere does that mean we are illuminati? no, and did you listen to his rebirth album? he is fully against them!
    and he read the hole bible, and dont forget that he said in his last letter in jail that he will never exchange anyone by god, i can ensure you that wayne is not with these ppl 😀
    thats why i respect him alot 😀

  • Weeezy

    sorry, but 6 foot 7 foot beat is annoying. Always the same fucking melodie … thats not even music. Lyrics are smart but the beat destroys that song.

  • ok first o all 6 foot 7 foot is a good ass song andi cant wait 4 da carter 4 to release cuz i juz no its gone be dope and i disagree wit jamallspencer becuz to me i think every thing weezy dus is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • uuuuuummmmmmmmmm who is dat chick wit my weezy f baby????????? ; (

  • Lil Zly

    But thats really a difficult job for weezy to do better in C4
    Coz C3 was really great. Great beats, great verse, great time, great gold fish
    If he want to make C4 better than C3
    He need better beats, better verse, better time, better gold fish

  • Allen

    In order for C4 to make that milli in a week, hes gonna need to either drop a lollipop or collaborate with the hottest people in music cause if he sticks to his Young Money Crew on the album… will still be a great album but the sales will say otherwise….

  • Weezyfan




  • I wonna go to the concert and get VIP passes to meet the god tunechi

  • USuck

    Where’s the Bill Gates video?

  • I can eather go to Miami this month and look for tunechi or wait two months to go to his concert i’ma go to Miami and never come back

  • n3rd

    i agree with allen wayne needs to make more collaborations with other artist because if it wusnt for drop the world ft eminem the rebirth albu wudve never been as successful as it was ……….he needs 2 make another song wit em .tpain …jayz and ofcourse drizzy and dat way his album wud b very successful

  • Heepnottik

    Damn i listen to this song too much! YMCMB

  • Damn i listen to this song too much! YMCMB (that illuminati shit is stupid)

  • I’m lilcwaynes biggest fan in the world I’m a nomad waynes prolly knows that I’m his craziest die hard fan that’s why one day I will b friends with him hopefully I been a die hard fan of Wayne since I was in the six grade now I’m 20 graduated high school looking to meet my idol

  • Lil Wayne has inspired me to grow dreads and get tattoos on my face and to were skinny jeans and tight shirts I’m hardcore the only way I can live with out netting this man is to get tattoos on my face and rockhard ymcmb 4life I’m waynes biggest fan in the world that girl that on google label as his biggest fan with all those ugly tattoos on her face and a tattoo of him on her ribs she’s not a big fan like me she’s a loser if ur waynes biggest fan u won’t have a Mohawk and u don’t get ur hole face ratted u get tear drop crosses and stars on ur face that what i’ma do and i’ma get a grill like him when I have 150k to spend and i’ma go b 40 still rocking dreadlocks with tattoos ever on my body smokeing mad weed and sipping lean and banging whores lol ymcmb 4 life

  • Aleckazee

    Love the beat and the song even more. One of my favorites from weezy, one of but I have many.

  • Who’s die hard fans on this page I am

  • TirenG

    let’s just agree of the the fact the beat and lyrics for amille and 6’7 are amazing and the carter 4 is going to be wayne’s best album agreed?

  • I wish all iPhones will die a slow painful death

  • Ashley

    He cute lmao

  • yup so who ever hatin can go choke on his dick!!!!!!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    WTF!!!!!!! y’all think that girl is hot????? are y’all serious

  • i kno rite for reall she ugly as fuck

  • 3 day passes to babmboozle are already on sale (:
    i already got my 3 day vip passs
    hopefully i will meet wayne!

  • Tay tay

    wayne should do his own version of start it up

  • NINO3


  • NINO3


  • Prez

    This first verse and coryz verse on a Millie where great then it died off in the lyrics department after but the beat was crazy good 6″7″ too me is a better song because it’s hard the whole way through with a decent beat to back up the lyrics. C4 will need a huge hit to get close to a million in first week. Lollipop was one of the biggest hits of the last decade. A Millie was always on in clubs. I’d say if the next hit is as good as 6″7″ first week sales could be 700,000

  • ricardo laguna

    c4 be the best album of the story many copies the first week too for exect weezy is the best rapper in the world the best man in the music industry. talking about a world way beyond all expectations weezy is the best no question looking forward tha carter 4.from venezuela

  • bknyhustle

    guess Bangs wouldn’t dare complain now that he’s been paid off his royalties and shit

  • GCS

    I think the sec song will be africa baambattaa
    yall remeber this track
    that gonna be hot if shoot this in the savanne

  • Da girls love me

  • Dat girl that tunechi is in the pic wit look good as fuck and Wayne did smash it he smashes every girls he chills with

  • Dat girl is thick she can get chea

  • Lil Wayne left arm is smaller than his right arm

  • Iluminati might b coming for me cuzz I fell like Wayne haz been sending messages to me in his last few songs that he put out since he was released from prison well he been saying females names in his songs and all the chicks names are in my life or been in my life it’s like he nos all chicks I no WTF

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  • Tell me how u love it u no we at the top and only heavens right above it we onnn meet me on the next yes I’m in the bilden u just on the list guest names and all of my riders do not give a fuck x games gun turn u boys into girls sexchange and I smoke till get Cheshire pains and I rep my game like Jesse James women are posesive and they wonna posses me I been fly so long I fell asleep on a jet ski skinny pants and some vans call me aaa get my advance in advance amen as the world spinin dance in my hands life is a beach I’m just playing in sand wake up and smell day pussy u niggus can see me but never over look me I’m on da paper and ain’t tellin were it took me I ain’t a kills but don’t push me pussy

  • sqeakyG

    Lets Play a Game….


  • Alex

    Agree with Jamal , I can’t find the touch of 6’7, I’m sure it wont be his best song of the C4 .!!!!!!!!!!!!! YMCMB

  • Jassy babe

    the lyrics to 6’7′ are amazying doesnt matter if you dont like the beat nobody can compare to how raw and amazying weezy was on this beat. lyrically wayne has grown and if you can’t see that then ur jus stupid

  • paige

    Lovvvveee uu weeezyyyyy!! So sexxyyy! Ha. But I’m confused about the amilli on steroids, someone exlpain plzz

  • yeedee

    Bitch stop playin, i do it like a king do

  • Drd

    Stfu about that illuminati bullshit. Your one gullible motherfucker if you believe in that bullshit.

  • The Kid

    Best Rapper Alive Naw Fuck That Best Rapper Ever Wayne 6 Foot 7 Foot Go Hard It’s Young Money If You Ain’t Runnin’ With It Run From It Can’t Wait C4 Gonna Be Crazy Ya Dig

  • q3c

    tha girl is so cuuuuute..

  • 10

    drd if u dont believe that illuminati is really out there. u need to get out from under the rock your living in. im not saying wayne is apart of it. but they are def. out there. who do u think runs this world. the people with money. who do u think controls the government? the people with money. so being so stupid and thinking that this world is gods place. its been taken over by rich greedy people

  • 10

    and her name is lily collins from the blind side.

  • Josh

    tell me thats not A-millie on fukin !!!!!!!!!!!! body builder!

  • weezy is mine :*:*:* only my :*:*: love you love you love you love you weezy :*:*:** love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:* really really really :*:*:*:* my life :*:*:* * love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:* * love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:* * love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:* * love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:* * love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:* * love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:*

  • always remember :*:*:* * love you more than anyone in the world.. therefore I’m so happy… love you ♥ :*:*:* :*:*:*:* love you

  • V-Doe

    A @liltunechi!! ICU

  • V-Doe @YMCMBnation

    Whats good my dude

  • Buff Nigga

    I wish my baby tony was her

  • royce

    boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! booo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he looks chocolate sorbet- ish. come on.

    wayne- what is exactly up with you?

    punching people- trickin’- come on son


  • nick

    fuck wayne he a bitch

  • Master

    Stop dickin nigga you rly on lil wayne dick chokin on his balls

  • LilWayneFan

    @Nick, fuck yu man. You a bitch, your raps prob assy as fuck
    go suck a dick Ima fuck ya mom wit a lonnnnnggggggggggggg dickkkkkk

  • nick

    bitch whats tha deal wit yo dick ridin ass….fake ass blood

  • nick

    i go to la porte high skool i bet yo bitch bitch ass aint talkin bout boxin my nigga u suck u brokeback mountain thats y millz fucked u in the ass hoe. . u got dirty teeth

  • faizan

    agree with jamal cuz 6 foot 7 aint that good

  • nathan

    i really dont like this beat…. bu the verse are sick

  • tunafish

    DROP NINO BROWN 3 SCOOB! LEEEEGO! alot of us really feel played since supposidly it was droppin in summer cmonn yo.

  • 10

    @ nick stfu no one cares where u went to hs stop tryin to sound hard on the internet. i bet yo bitch ass aint talkin about boxin my nigga. why u sayin nigga i bet ur not even black. u little spic

  • ray

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn she is gorgeous

  • kamluvzzwayne

    lol dat izzz not the girl from the blindside……….she pretty tho

  • Chantal

    woooooowww!!! that girl is sooo hot!! she has awesome hair!!!! jealoussss!!!!

  • tee

    wasn’t this the same guy complaining about wayne not paying him boy bye

  • Weeezzy knows who I am he know me he know my real name he know me he know me he know me weee onnnnnn!!!!! It’s god above fear god!!!!

  • That girl is so fine I bet her ass is so soft and round and ur pussy is so wet and juicy and hey torts are soft sorry if I’m being rude but that women is beutiful..ymcmb 4 life owwww

  • Niño brown 3 needs to drop that shit is like crack for us fans

  • She’s beautiful

  • That’s Phil Collins roughest people respect and pay homag

  • aye yo nick is you talkin bout wayne my nigga??????

  • NO!!!! ok first of all tatia or watever i love lil wayne no matter wat the fuck you say and u only sayin the same shit over and over so how is that LOVE nigga i got alot to say about MY WEEZY F BABY wen it come to LOVE ……….. so lik i already fuckij said ……I LOVE LIL WAYNE………..YOU DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEZY IS FOR ME ONLY remember dat shit and dont you forgetit!!!!!!!!!

  • ok first there is no rapper better then lil wayne and second illuminati is reall dumb ass’s and dont no body luv lil wayne more than i do so SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT SHIT……….DAMN how many times dfo i have to tell yall

  • kingquad

    u niggaz r retarted 6’7 beat is way harda den a milli’s , a milli beat was hard 2 but the base in 6’7 is fuckN nutz wayne killed diz beat like ne otha beat but i juz wanna say 6’7 beat iz harda !!!!!!

  • Shelby Starr

    fuck this picture. she needs to get off of Wayne! 🙁 i hate this picture

    and i love 6 foot 7 foot…yay.

  • ym4L

    You dont be disrespectin a beautiful woman like that.. an she seems classy and for real weezy dont even look like her type.

  • edasf

    this b*tch looks like she got herpies on her lip n shit

  • Jamie

    first of all nickk yhu dha bitch foreal qet tha fuck outta here wit all that yhu aint shyt buh a bumb asss rapper you biq as johnny mathis lookinq like a fuckinq niqqah who iss yhu foreall like i smack tha shyt outta yhu ….. and fuck that bitch on dha screen she maddd uqlyyyyyy ………. and weezy yhu are fuckinqqqq mineeee i love yuuu to death yhur so fuckinq hottt im like in love wit yhu anndd alll yhur sonqz . <3

  • Wayyyyyne

    Does anyone know what the 2nd single is called or when it’s coming out or if there’s a release date for tha Carter iv yet? But fuck ya hospital young money we the illest

  • wiz weezy

    i dont know wat niggas is talkin bout haha wayne killed 6 foot 7 foot mind so sharp fuck around and cut my head come on now who can think of some shit like that well wen ya in jail fa 8 months ya can but thats besides the point this album is gone be crazy and wayne just need to kick cory gunz out of cash money cuz that nigga is TERRIBLEEEE!!!! i dint understand a word that nigga was sayi he shouldve put gudda gudda on there but o well its gone another great year to look forward to the C4

  • weeeezyyy-e

    i liked a milli waaaay better than 6’7′, his voice is too high pitched and some of the lyrics are dumb like “bitch real Gs move in silence like lasagna” wtf? I get that the g in lasagna is silent but I still think that line is dumb and no you are wrong, a lot of rappers could have thought of that line. And on A Milli he was saying some crazy ass lines that no one could have thought of like “I don’t O U like two vowels, but I would like for yOU to pay me by the hOUr” so A Milli to me was better lyrically and had a better beat.

  • shyner

    dont all you hater bitches kno that jealousy the uqliest trait. Go ahead gurl and do the pretty gurl rock

  • hhhhhmmmmm ok weeeezyyye-e i kinda understand but wats he means by dat he means dat gangsters move wit out sound cuz they sneaky and quiet

  • ok jamie i agree with you lil wayne is mine and i love him more than you and i listen to all his songs and i also i agree about dat bytch in da pic wit wayne but lik i said wayne is mine and i dont kno how many times i gotta say dis shit but yall cant have him nomatter wat da fuck yall little girls say cuz lik i already fuckin said for da last damn time I LOVE WAYNE ADN YOU OTHER GIRLS DONT cuz wayne is MY WEEZY F BABY and DONT you FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aye yo nick you need to SDFU you juz mad cuz WAYNE A BEAST and you a PET….. hahaha lol …….ALL JOKES ASIDE you need to gone sum were wit yo big bytch ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suraj

    i can’t wait for c4. bless weezy


    If you’re feeling this beat, either give me some of what your smoking or put that ish out. I agree with Lil Zly, Weeezy, dot, and JAMAL. The 6′ 7′ beat is super weak AND annoying. What the frick is Bangladesh doing in the studio? Let me guess.. he’s letting his little daughter/niece make his beats now, is that it? Bangladesh, quit acting like a gay fish yo and get back to the Giggity Gangsta beats you USE to be known for. I mean WTF?! This track is making my Beats by Dre headphones want to go on deaf-mode. Weezy was alright, but Sober Wayne just isn’t the same. FAIL! x10

    “Tell em I play that Styrofoam like a xylophone” Lil’ Wayne



    MAYBE SHE WILL (Feat. Drake & Rick Ross)



  • 6 foot 7 foot is aa nice song i love it

  • sqeakyG

    5.Lauryn Hill

  • Cravawn

    dam man how did my nigga get so fucking gud idk but this nigga go so fucking hard ever mixtapes in any boddii song lolss on day ima be up there with him talking to him in ima be bruh I look up to yuhh !!!

  • crazitii

    Any1 know who the girl is? Shes very beautiful

  • ^ ^ ?

    wHo is this chick in a foto?

  • jay

    dunno but her eyes are crazy! i like !!!!

  • Gee3

    Haha, the girl in the picture is an old friend of mine. I think she got to spend the day with him and go to a concert.

  • tunefish

    ugly mothafuckaa

  • redrum

    @liltunechi….shut the fuck up holy shit you are the lamest nigger ive ever met in my life.

  • jay

    but he hasn’t had any concerts lately?

  • Gee3

    It was the saturday night live performance he had with eminem

  • Kadafi_213

    6 foot 7 foot alright, but im waiting for something to blow my mind, i think he should of kept bill gates for the carter 4 that is surely one of my favourites for 2010

  • 30/30

    i kiss ya girl tongue
    cuz she fun
    ya clothes r worn
    when i watch my porn
    then come to my dorm
    then eat some chocolate
    my nigga tony wrote this shit
    cuz he got small ass dick
    im the best rapper ever
    so lets go and get busy together

  • Anthony

    @liltunchi… Your a Jackass.. Don’t get Tear Drops on your face if they aint bout nuttin ya dig?! Getcha ass shot up in this bitch for no aparent reason.. as for the rest of the tats on ya head. Don’t copy Weezy F. Caint nobody pull it off but him. thats why he is who he is. Wayne.. Your a God. Done said that once and I’ll say it till I die. and yaaaa.. the dude about the F means 6.. your a jackass too. You know my closest homeboy completely STOPPED listenin to any Wayne songs because he feels that Wayne is the Devil or some shit. Don’t get me wrong there are alot of suggestive lyrics in is songs to prove that that might be the case.. like “I stand tall like a mutha fuckin 9’2 I scream mutha fuck you and whoever designed you and if you think you high then obviously you are lied to and we dont die we multiply and then we come divide you” or “Ain’t a mutha fucka deeper then me bitch dig!” and I could go on and on and on with it..But I won’t cuz I refuse to believe any of that BS. Wayne is a mad Genius and he’s doin his thing and recruiting alot of fans in the process. Those of you who sit on here and talk shit about Tunechi…Why the fuck are you on here in the first place?? If you DONT like him then DONT come to his page.. apparently you have nothing better to do. lol Loser. But anyway..6’7′ is a bad ass song..cant get enough of it and ya’ll heard that Fire Flame Spittas?? 100 million Dollas…Pocket Change Nigga!! Weezy goes hard. I’m out world.. til next time enjoy squawking over what I wrote. lol

  • Anthony

    And Nick… Homie… La Porte aint no mutha fuckin hood so stop actin like ya hard on this website talkin shit to a nigga that makes Millions more in one year then u will in your entire life witcha punk ass.. and what you a real blood???? What set home boy?? 59 BIB right here homeboy.. don’t get fucked up.

  • Anthony

    That’s a weak ass flow
    cuz you a weak ass bitch,
    Imma find ya hoe,
    and I’mma beat that bitch,
    Lil fuckin Trick
    Go suck a dick,
    My bad prolly suckin Tony’s now aintcha bitch??
    Go on somewhere else if ya wanna play queer,
    Cuz round here we raise our glass to Wayne…Cheers.

    Holla if ya’ll feel me on that one just a lil sum off the top of my head. Gotta whole collection of alot better one’s then that tho thatss fa sho.

  • sqeakyG


    You sound lame and ignorant….like a kid in 6th grade tryna fit in with the crowd…
    with them weak azz mother goose rhymes…7o7..

  • Ja-De Urban

    man yall niggas stupid,how the fuk u gonna even try to compare a milli to 6″ 7’….my nigga weezy killt it from start to finish and corey did his thing too. Weezys the best but get off his nuts talkiin bout u a die hard fan,nigga…and that nigga anthony hella cant see me in flowiin,i dont give a fuk ima get signed by young money one way or the other…..

    ima do me,and let the beat drop quick,my flow can rewind tiime liike tock tick,jumpiin over rappers,im so hop hip,that girl go down,my flow drop lips,i mean drop jaws,liike weezy no flaws,my flow forever goiin,even if press pause,but ima pause the press,liike back up a couple steps,then i make em all scatter,liike virginiia tech! hhahahaha and thats just a little thiinkin,give me longer and u alreadyy see wats gonna happen…weezy hit me up man haha i know it wont happen but shiit,at least consider it…SHOOK! Barstow Cali, im out

  • Anthony

    SqueakyG???? What kinda fuckin name is that?? oh well hoes will be hoes. lol and I could care less whatcha think about my flow…I’m not tryin to make it as a rapper and definately aint tryin to impress your bitch ass. Only havin a lil fun with the douchbag above me. And like I said that was just a lil somethin i was thinkin of at the time…but on the real…Aint no white dude around me that can flow like me. so don’t talk too much shit.

    Urban…That shit was pretty good son. I aint gonna knock it only thing I think that you could maybe change up and you aint gotta listen to me or nothin but try not to continue with the reverse thing the whole time I mean the tock tick was good and so was the hop hip but you kinda prolonged when you went into the pause the press thing. I get it it sounds pretty fresh especially virgina tech that was good haha.

    Weezy F. F. is tha Fire Flame Spitter,
    Boy Urban on the track bout to make these hoes Shiver,
    and me I’m Big Ant here to make these fools jitter,
    I’m bout to drop bombs like I’m sittin on tha shitter, ha
    Ya, Fuck with me bitch,
    Come and see how hard I can really be snitch
    We pimpin roun here turnin hoes into tricks,
    Make em bend over and suck my cliques dicks,
    Hahaha Am I tryin to hard?
    Well let me put you boys on Phonics like a Retard
    My girl here trippin sayin that was too harsh.
    But I’m just too fly, like that boy Tony Stark
    That’s Iron man hoe what the fuck you talkin bout,
    Thats enough for the night bitch ass niggas I’m out.

  • Bjoern

    This Website confuses me… There are so many Black people or nigguhs or what you People call each other commenting. I can tell from the primitive use of language. I am confused because I thought black guys only like other people whose white skin has gone dirty, making them unrespectable slaves. Isn’t lil wayne that white guy who hosts the ski cup in Michigan during winter? Why y’all discussing him on a website? And what’s up with6’7′? I thought he was real small.
    Oh well, I’m out, peace my brothers, may god be with you.

  • I <3 you Weezy …so much you mean the world to me !!! ha ha ha you can call me mrs.carter ha !

  • j-urb aka urban ^

    Ahaha….comin up in the fastlane,flow sharp liike im makin glass rain, steady blowin trees liike a hurricane, stay lifted call a nigga david blaine, liike a water leak i could flow for days, posted in the crib breathiin purple haze, liike its tiime to blaze, stuck ina daze, catch ya bitch backwards willy mays, u know my name, ima do myy thang, never ever stop liike an unmaned train, ima try my hardest liike a retard brain, and i want thiis shiit forever liike a coffee stain, oooo, forever gone liike im vacant, ima real nigga and yall just fakiin, flow so cold shiveriin and shakiin, better call the president the beast has awaken… off get at me!

  • Anthony

    I’m a microphone wrecka, Blood Gang Checka, False flaggin ass nigga’s Imma double deck ya, Bitch I’m in the game while ya’ll hoe’s playin checkas, Ya your man treat ya good but I could treat ya betta. I’m feelin insane, these demons in my brain, tellin me to fuck the world and slay everythang, But God’s got my back and won’t let me turn bad, I can’t see the flame cuz that aint where my partna’s at. I’m speakin real shit fuck if you dont like it, Weezy the Best I’m second that’s how that story’s writed, don’t try to fight it we like the blair witch project aint neva eva sited. Bitch thats copywrited so don’t even try it, you on some other shit while i’m natural science. lol Peace.

  • shy

    Really rapping on this site, lamme

  • g-quincy

    6ft 7ft rocks,its lyk 1 of d best songs evr,surely up to standard,can wait 4 another.weezy is d ting,he is definitely hip hop.



  • u cant stop Fifi cz d F is for Finisher!i just loooooooove Lil wayne,i love his lips i love his hair, his tatoos his everything.m kinda obsesd. “i neva met d bitch bt i fucked like i missed her” i so love dat part

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