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DJ Khaled – I’m On One (Feat Lil Wayne, Drake & Rick Ross) [Music Video]

Mon, Jun 27, 2011 by

Here is the official music video for DJ Khaled‘s “I’m On One” single featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross.

The visual was directed by Gil Green and the song can be found on Khaled‘s We The Best Forever album, available in stores now.

Cameos in the video can be seen by: Mack Maine, Birdman, OVO affiliates, Ace Hood, DJ Stevie J, Gunplay, and more!

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  • Yung Reezy


  • Allex B.




  • first. w.h.i.t.e.


    Fuck y’all are fast lol I’m thinking three way tie.. But Weezy killed it. It will be #1 on BET quickly

  • i see a fucking black screen and shit

  • rob

    This is a hot video! What a great place to drop it. summer 2011

  • Luc@zZz


  • teezee


  • GC

    What’s the name of the song from the new lil Wayne snippet?

  • Nak Nak

    hell ya 🙂 i was sick of lookin at ross…

  • Tommy

    this is very nice

  • Luc@zZz

    does somebody know how i can watch the BETawards online please? thnx

  • #1

    Why they blur out Wayne’s Young Money hand sign and beep out when he says Yung Moula Baby?

  • Wee’zy

    10 :'(
    XD Lol

  • Birdman should buy some gloves because in every video he’s always rubbing his hands like the’re cold 😀

  • vitorgrama


  • Nak Nak

    somebody get that nigga birdman some gortex gloves! shit!! haha the dudes hands must have bad circulation or somethin… YMCMB

  • dave

    drake put that cup down and hop off waynes dick, faggot

  • lil_tunechi813

    http://defpenradio. com/2011-bet-awards-live-stream/ @Luc@zZz

  • Blessed

    video was good, weezy killed it

  • ely_youngtune

    fuckin video player! i can’t see the video!

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    I Counted 4 Baby Hands rubs…

  • silik

    the girl with Wayne is Dhea , right??

  • yogi bear

    im glad dj khaled wasn’t yellin through the track like he usually does in his songs lol

  • http://www.digitalworldofhiphop. com/2011/06/dj- khaled-im-on-one-ft-lil-wayne-drake.html

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    NO! Birdman is always rubbing his hands because his trying to start a fire, but has no luck yet.

  • birdman palms stay itchin

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Why is the video not sync well with what they are sayin?!!! plus, when it started all the guys back there just staring, wth…i thought drake was saying how he has a cool idea for the video at this apt, unfinished apt…etc..i expected a much better content…not some dudes jst standing around!!!! gay!!! YMCMB needs a better video directors…they suck as hell. The Songs are the shits, the videos are hella bad!!

  • YM

    Deucesss haha Birdman always make cameos -.-
    Also, like Khaled is basically a cameo too! He doesn’ttt do anything haha and i expected a lil more if Wayne but yeah it was good though

  • Kaplun

    @GC where did you hear the snippet of wayne

    and why did weezy not win at the BET awards, thats how you know its some dumb award

  • GC

    @Kaplun on Facebook put a status with Lil Wayne lyrics and I looked it up on YouTube
    Check it out go on you tube and put ” lil Wayne snippet”

  • Kaplun
  • FiBbZ

    birdman, put on some gloves since u always cold, rick ross button up that shirt mane please, we dont wanna see that, and drake, disappear altogether please, you are garbage

  • Xicano101

    What does Wayne’s hat bill say?

  • Mitchell Nordstrom

    Long time coming, just made everything a good bit greater! YMCMB

  • YAppp

    @Kaplun Weezy Won A Award For The Song With Chris Brown

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Dj khaled needs to die hahaha man, such an embaressment on bet award!!!! He needs to have a silent confidence and not show off too much. Weezy was bowing respectfully, cuz he knows he is hot, but khaled is trying to force to ppl to see his hot….not at all!!

  • zeewolsk

    chick weezy is fucking sexy

  • Rell

    why was weezys “young mula baby” at 4:29 edited out?

  • Rell

    Other than that the video matches the song perfect and yall see Drake been takin them steriods haha jk

  • Jonas

    Good One

  • Yanna

    this is VEVO ??? is fuckin’ censored!

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    @Danny M : Lil Wayne’s Carter 4 Pusher Back To 29 August Again Or Still On 22 August ?

  • Yanna

    @Mazin Carter : It’s still on 22 august.

  • Wondera

    Waiting on Youtube 1080p <3

  • Good. Expected more !

  • jeab


  • Live at BET

    Weezy went in!!!!!!

  • jhb

    birdman should find something better to do than rubbing his hands togather in music videos…
    fckng retard

  • Its CeeJ!

    not feeling it. drizzy is WACK.
    if wayne “puts it down” and drizzy is left on his record label well then i just dont know cuz i feel like a kindergarden class could have produced a better 4 minute video than this bullshit.

  • Its CeeJ!

    wayne fell off hard, kanye’s last cd is garenteed to be better than c4, idc how good the songs are at this point he ruined it.


    if wayne drop sorry for the wait or d4 one of this mxtapes is his voice high maybe d4 it is he recorded d4 Q1 of 2010??

  • man fuck the video its cool but where the damn mixtape i keep hearin fuckin snippets now where the mixtape at????

  • Its CeeJ!

    yea what kind of record label releases a music video 2 months after the song and release snippets” of songs from a free mixtape. wack!

  • so craze .weezy still killlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


    @its CeeJ kiss eminems butthole ?? what a world now only dickhead on the site is only for fans not for fakes… 2012 i hope fuckin ppl

  • Kaplun

    he deserved the best rapper award last night not kanye, thats why i dont respect BET

  • Its CeeJ!

    its called hiphop! not pophop who tha fuck call themselves the best rapper alive then 4 cd’s later call themselves tunafish? howtolove killed c4 not me….

  • Its CeeJ!

    kanye got the cred he deserved last night

  • Its CeeJ!

    kanye got the cred he deserved last night he cd WAS off the hook, waynes c4 is like the last harry potter movie… all hiype but we already read the books…

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    @Its CeeJ, y u rushing to talk ahead of time before even listening to the whole album…its like the saying…a person before his fall talks a lot…don’t set yourself for failure…and if you are that disappointed already, go get a life.

  • im worth a mil bitch

    Sorry For The Wait mixtape is coming out in 2015.

  • im worth a mil bitch

    @Its CeeJ



  • Rvz

    What is designated through the “one” ?

  • Its CeeJ!


  • The hat Wayne is rockin is by REBEL8. check it out.

  • djbreezy

    lol at dj khaled drinkin a four loko.. and wayne does say ‘young moula baby’ at 4:29.. its not edited??

  • Daknite

    Why do they beep out the young money sign in the first one?

  • realmuthafucker

    fuck all you wayne haters sayin wayne fell off……you wasnt sayin that when lolipop was out… you wanna hate on how to love…..thats a good ass song that no other rapper can pull off…..fuck outta here…..wayne is a lyrical beast right now…..get a dictionary….pussies

  • love

    who is the t.w.o. hat made by

  • AA



    @Its CeeJ go somewhere else with ure hate always kidwithnolifw wayne is making stacks while u sitting behind ure cp hating without making any penny so smd lifeless friendless and wifeless jerk

  • ad214

    drake dress like he dont have a million dollar deal

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    friendless and wifeless and not making no money and sitting behind a computer screen all day? well no i know what u are, but what am i?

  • Lrnz

    men… what a shame… poor, dj khaled.

  • miyo

    Birdman rubs his hands meaning his “cold” “cool”

  • Carrie~~~~

    Absolutely amazing. Every single song that comes out seems to awaken me a little more. I’m grateful for the talent, There are not words… Amazing, amazing, amazing.

  • Carrie~~~~

    what tongue is on the bill of the hat?

  • John

    is that dhea with wayne?

  • shorty

    rick ross should keep his shirt closed..he has saggy puppies

  • danny you should ban@ Its CeeJ motha fucka he clearly is a retard! and doesn’t get enough attention from mummy loseeeeeeer! come on here just 2 cuss wayne!

  • lil wayne is the best ! that easy !

  • shina

    i luv u guys u make it happen?

  • Young20

    Well i feel like the more ass i keep getting the more i start to smell like ass so ive decided to take a shower 6 times a day.

  • Rɑmeesa

    Dutayyyy Songg♥̲ <333333. All yu weirdos shurrup wats the point commenting if yuu dnt like iht, they spend all dayNnight writing songs, appreciate iht or dnt listen 2 ihhttt!!!! SadddTymeeZz '

  • A MAC

    i too agree that i’m glad Khaled wasn’t yellin throughout this. it was a nice relief hearing his vocals masked when he was saying “Now Put Em Up!!!”

    Drake drinking that drink now that Wayne can’t. Shit, i’m smoking for Wayne.

  • lexi

    styrophome cup like lil wayne?



    LIL WAYNE just set the track on fyaah! birdman rub his hands to show that he got the mula. . . . jus so simple

  • mj

    dj khaled really needs to STFU!!


    can someone tell me wat it says under lil waynes hat…….message me on facebook the answer……Amir Wockaflockawayne Simmons

  • julaye4321

    who is the girl with lil wayne ?? WHATS HER NAME!

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