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Video: Behind The Scenes Of DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One”

Wed, Jun 1, 2011 by

In the video above, you can watch some behind the scenes footage from DJ Khaled‘s “I’m On One” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross. The visual was shot in Miami over Memorial Day Weekend, and is directed by Gil Green. You can view some photos from the video shoot here, and also view some more behind the scenes footage after the jump!

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  • first

  • lilweeezyyyaus



    Im One ONE!!! haha

  • love weezy!!

  • Holy shit, Drake’s house is nice.

  • Adam

    “Wayne:Fresh off of frolickin on the beach u understand me yo Mack: HENNNNNNN” I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD LOLOL

  • dave

    why is it called dj khaleds song when he doesnt even have a verse ?

  • Spencer

    “Self made” monkey ass little bitch has to copy the real talk rick ross.
    far from self made.

  • lol at weezy when he starts talking, the vid is gonna be crazy


    waaaaynne soo sexxy love himm <3

  • JEAN


  • … IM ON ONE

  • Tommy

    i am in love with the girl next to rick ross, what is her name?

  • Tanzania lil wayne fans

    The reason why he live next door to me, ain’t the reason why I live next door to him…………..I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. O lord please don’t let me be misunderstood.

  • walk around this shitty town called vero beach… fuck everybody, i need to hit miami and get me a hottie.

  • invader zim

    dis should be drake song for his take care album

  • Loyalty

    I walk around the club fuck everybody…this my shit!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    its so funny how dj khaled is standig under a umbrella in the rain

  • Weezy92

    wayne looks high as fuck haha. whos the girl next to wayne and the girl in tha car with ross?

    • @Tommy and @Weezy92 – The girl in the car with Ross is Dollicia Bryan, she was in the “Got Money” music video too.

  • mikey

    Does Dumbass Khaled know how to say anything besides ” we da best” “we number 1”?? fucking dumbass he doesnt deserve to be in YMCMB wayne and baby you gotta do something about him…hes bringing the label down…his records will never go platinum.

  • #Reply


  • #Reply


  • Real_G

    This Song Gne Reach at least #5 on Tha Billboards Hot 100 and will be #1 in rap/hip-hop for multiple weeks str8

  • stanli swagg

    yes its me again and yhu can suck on that bitches ……..just follow me and twitter and lets see how its goes…..@Tha_Real_Stanli…..ask for a follow back so i kno you aint a groupie…l8t

  • JC

    Yo 6 days till tech nine feat weezy – fuck food!

  • John Rozay

    What was the sonq at 6:02 !!!!!!!!!!!

    #Someone reply please.

  • JC

    Just a crazy guess but I think it’s I’m on one by dj khaled rick ross drake and Wayne smh

  • @Danny M are we gonna get Wayne verse on the inkredible remix

  • junie

    yo i hate lookin at the comments and seeing negative shit i mean dam niggas never got something good or reasonable to say i mean its a fan site be a fan

  • junie

    he proli was talkin bout the other video

  • yung_money

    Danny M or anybody else know if c4 still dropping this month???? if so they doing a piss poor job of promoting it i even went to fye (music store) to reserve a copy and they ain’t even sure if it’s releasing wuts da word on that ????

  • CeEj

    I wanna see the actual music videos get released with the songs, it would probably make them better. And a mixtape!?

  • CeEj

    after c4 ofcourse…. :/


    no spam its his “I AM STILL MUSIC TOUR” tickets not all of his spots but some so if you live here go buy them

  • Beast

    Check this Lil Wayne Remix on that Bill Gates!!

  • fuck food is out lil wayne fucked it up

  • jacob4u54

    fuck food is out full !!

  • domo

    Fuckk FOOD!Post It!


  • gc

    yo i just downloaded the fuck food joint!!!! its sick πŸ™‚

  • weezy

    fuck food is incredible!!!!!!!! check it out!

  • gc

    Fuck Food 4:56 Tech N9ne ft. Lil Wayne & T-Pain 100

  • CeEj

    ^i’m callin b.s aaaaaaaannnnnddd wayne goffy cuz this aint his joint. this is drake or chaled or someone else’s bs song

  • Waynehead

    Fuck Food is out Wayne was a fucking beast

  • nice video πŸ™‚ i can’t wait for the music video to drop:)

  • wayne snapped on fuck food

  • Kaplun

    wow fuck food is amazing, sooo pumped for c4

    2 million in a week, lets make it happen

  • Nak Nak

    fuck food is FUCKIN INSANE!!!!!! HOLY FUCK! TECH AND WAYNE ARE POPPIN OFF!!!!!!! AHHHHHH! i want c4 to be just like this!!! YMCMB

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    I would pay anything ANYTHING to spend one day with Wayne, Baby & Drake. Fuck. That would be crazy!

    When Khaled is just standing alone looking at the city talking about his “dream” (to constantly scream his name and We the BESSSST) he looks like such a terrorist lol

  • Converse

    Piece of shit website! why tha fuk is a bever teeth crumpet eating tea sipping british faggot running an american rapstar website?

    o my bad i forgot Gay kingdom have crappy music aka grime smh and o yeah ?fuk food is dope

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    converse who tha fuck r u????? get outa here bitchass oldnigga wearin shoe nigga

  • @Danny M wheres the fuck food at its fire?

  • Converse

    @cj Who tha fuck are you stupid ass nigga! Speak english u sound like u dropout of pre school. Cockroch looking bastard now hop back on?danny crumpet eating dick faggot!

  • Wayne-Train

    food is fucking sick damn..

  • fcukobama

    Ron Paul is the only answer!! Youtube “the obama deception”

  • fcukobama
  • President

    Fuck food is indeed crazy and has been out for hours now WTF! You can say alot of things about what Wayne puts out with wack artists but on his album and big collabs he brings fire every time. Tech kills it as well. All 6’s and 7’s is going to be an incredible album as is c4.

  • Gosha
  • Skux

    Do yall get what Wayne ment? He was seen with a girl so that he can have the tabloids speaking and now he is going to release How to Love. Fucken Genius!

  • druskey F. Crazy

    Ayye.. Correct me if im wrong.. But when WAYNES part come on.. And it turns all grey in tha vid…Was he throwin up illuminati?..

  • zTunechi-

    Fukin LMAO, Notice How The Whole Atmosphere And Mood Changes When Weezy Starts To Talk, Fuk Lol LMFAO.
    C4 Leggooooo

  • M.Lawson

    – Fuck It I’m On One, But When Does The Video Come Out. I’m Tired Of Waiting #OnTheReal ♥ ! *

  • i thought drake was a blood to not mad or anything its just odd him blue wayne red and ive heard drake say su-woo alot lol

  • ewt

    whos the girl lil wayne sings to?

  • dee

    who is the girl behind dj khaled holding an umbrella

  • LouisianimaL337

    whos the girl holdin da umbrella for khaled/ she on the bus scene too

  • Rafael

    whos the girl lil wayne sings to?

    • Anthony

      Idk but she’s bomb AF

  • Saw123

    she is Dollicia Bryan